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 Pour Regarder la Lune, Tagged: Open
ROXANE LALONDE Sam They/Them PST Offline
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fandom Homestuck
age Forty-one
occupation Astrophysiscist
species Human
prefers She/Her
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love is a dangerous game

The first time Roxane had seen an eclipse, she had been seven years old.

Hiding from their parents, though her brother had always had more freedom than she did, the twins had absconded to the roof. As the home they lived in (a term that she used loosely, even now) was yet another way of their parents’ to show that they were better than everyone else because of their money and bloodlines was huge even by the standards of a manor, they had always had quite some time to themselves. After all, their tutors were more-or-less on the twins’ side, s were most of the servants, so their parents wouldn’t even know they were ‘missing’ for a few hours yet. Circumstances aside, Roxane could remember that she had been crying, though about what she had long forgotten. René had done is best to comfort her, but her attention had been quickly stolen by a darkening of the sky. She hadn’t known then that lunar eclipses came in two different types, hadn’t even known that they were watching an eclipse until her twin had told her, but the memory would always remain with her.

That had been the moment when she realized that she loved the night sky, beyond simply thinking that the stars were cool and the constellations interesting to learn. It might have been an altogether odd thought for a child that wasn’t even quite eight years old, but she had had it all the same, and it had been what spawned her lifetime love of astrology, astronomy, and astrophysics. From that night on, her casual interest had quickly morphed into a voracious need to know everything that she could know about the night sky. She had devoured any and every book that she could find related to stars, planets, or space in general. Looking for information on eclipses as a starting point, she had learned that the one she and René had witnessed had been specifically a penumbral eclipse, where the moon only passed through the Earth's outer shadow, rather than its’ total shadow. For her next birthday, less than two months after that night, she had begged her aunt for a telescope.

As for the eclipses that happened here in Elysian, Roxane had found a strange fondness for them. They were total lunar eclipses, or as near to what stood for one in this world as she could gather. They also held their own sort of illumination, one that was fairly strong, something that was rather distinct from those on Earth. In short, she found them fascinating, but her work usually kept her from studying them closely. After all, astrophysics wasn’t the study of the positions or motions in space of heavily bodies, but the study of their nature. Usually, she was too busy studying the sun, other stars, galaxies, extrasolar planets, the interstellar medium, and the cosmic microwave background, to even think about eclipses. (She also studied the emissions of the aforementioned heavenly bodies – luminosity, density, temperature, and chemical composition – across all parts of the electromagnetic spectrum, but that wasn’t relevant just then.)

For now, however, she was enjoying the eclipse itself, perched on a fountain.

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DEACON Cascade she/her Pacific Offline
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fandom Fallout 4
age Forty-Three
occupation Odd Jobber
species Human
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Deacon never did have the privilege of getting to see an eclipse with his own two eyes. During his time in what remained of the Commonwealth, such a phenomenon never did pass by. He would easily wager that he knew more about eclipses than the average wastelander, though. He found a couple of books in surprisingly decent shape that educated him on the topic, but firsthand experience in witnessing an eclipse cast a shadow on the Earth was something he didn't have. To have that kind of opportunity now was exciting. For once, Deacon could claim that he saw an eclipse and it wouldn't be a lie.

If Deacon were to be honest (which was quite rare), it felt refreshing to be able to go out and do something like watch the eclipse. So much of his life had previously been dedicated to simply surviving and dedicating himself to his work. The few holidays that lasted after the destruction of the old world offered an occasional break from everything happening in his life, but he rarely got to actually go out and see anything noteworthy. Espionage work meant he had to go out and about all over the Commonwealth, but it always felt as though he never got a chance to stop and look at the sky for more than a minute. He couldn't appreciate the stars and the planets and the little astral things that made the universe tick. Not until he was torn away from the radioactive environment he once called home and tossed into Elysion. With the sudden change in settings, he found that he could stop and appreciate such things.

He also found that part of him actually missed the Commonwealth. Strange, considering how much he disliked it, yet he couldn't help but look back on it fondly at times. It was a hell of a lot easier to get away with lying there, considering he could make up most anything on the spot and the average wastelander would believe it. He had to put a little more thought into what he said in Elysion. If given the option, however, he would never go back to live there in a million years, but he wouldn't mind returning just one more time to see what happened in his absence.

Such an event seemed unlikely to occur, so he was happy to settle for Elysion.

Pushing his sunglasses up further onto the bridge of his nose, his feet click-clacked along the ground as he searched for a good spot to watch the eclipse unfold. His attention was pulled to a woman who made her perch on a fountain, and then he decided to ask for a little advice on where the best place would be to view the eclipse. "I take it these are your front row seats to check out the moon show?" he started off. "But seriously, do you know if this is a good spot to see the eclipse tonight, or should I keep looking?"

# 500 words | ROXANE LALONDE | hope you don't mind me stealing this! <3

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