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Posted by: TERUSHIMA YUUJI Feb 7 2018, 08:56 PM

whisk away your heartsigh

terushima yuuji

Tick-tock on the clock But the party don't stop, no

the basics

full name terushima yuuji
age seventeen
occupation lifeguard
species human
pronouns he/him
usergroup cascata
fandom haikyuu!!

the powers

he's a closet dork who hides behind a punk face and attitude. he's a spastic volleyball player and that transfers into his personality too.

the canon

uhm current canon? or whenever the last time johzenji was in the series - i believe that's after the game with karasuno!
An automated voice tells the boy that the interviewer is running late. It mentions that the clipboard on the back of the door is for his file and contains the interview questions. The voice tells him that he can begin writing his own answers down until the interviewer arrives.

The blonde stands up, striding to the door to lift out the folder containing the questions. "Oh, is this going to be like a test? I hate tests!" Terushima whines as he plops back down into the chair he had been sitting in. "They're just no fun and I love having fun!" He frowns, uncapping the pen and sticking the cap between his lips to chew on it - a habit he has had since middle school.

He glances down at the first question, rolling his eyes at what seemed obvious given that his name had been printed onto the folder already.

The captain presses his pen to the paper firmly, making sure that all the marks are crisp and even - something that is rather unusual for the rambunctious teen. Though his mother made sure to instill in him a need for clear handwriting so that no one could find fault in it and discredit him. They could discredit him for a lot of other things, he made that pretty clear in most of his actions.

Removing his pen from the paper, it reads 照島 遊児, which he had translated next to it saying Terushima Yuuji since he wasn't certain if the interviewer would know kanji or not. And he doesn't want to be know as Mr. Scribbly Name! He hadn't even liked the name Mr. Close Cropped Hair that Shrimpy had called him.

He pauses for a second before poking his tongue out and writing again, pulling away a few seconds later having added what each of his names meant. It now looked like -
照島 遊児 Terushima Yuuji
(shining island) (playful child)

The answer to this question came easily to him, quickly writing his reply down. I'm the captain of the boy's volleyball team at Johzenji! His tongue still poking out between his teeth, though he was swishing it back and forth, the movement accompanied with the soft click of metal on enamel. I'm also the ace.... kind of. We haven't really decided on one since we change positions while we play, though I'm usually a wing spiker.

He pauses for a second, considers crossing out the last part that he'd just added, considering it too much information for a simple question. In the end, he decided to leave it, figuring it was better to write more than to not write enough.

I typically spike and write with my right hand. He writes the answer down, the care taken to write his name still apparent in his strokes. Yuuji thinks that he could have written either answer down since he's been practicing spiking with his left hand, but he assumed they were talking about the overall dominant hand. While part of being on the Johzenji volleyball team was rather easy, it also meant having a great flexibility in the way that things were done - they didn't want to lose a point if a set was tossed too far and a spiker's dominant hand couldn't reach it.

Here, the blonde lets out a cough, looking up at the door wondering if the interviewer was coming any time soon. This question was a little bit personal for the boy, but he didn't know he was allowed to skip questions, so he ducked his head back down, clucking to himself as he wrote down his reply. Usually I start with my hair since that's the first thing people notice about me! Terushima wasn't sure if there was a right or wrong reply to this questions since there was no one here to guide him, so he went with what he felt was wanted.

At this question, the boy was becoming rather restless, the only thing he had to occupy his mind at the moment were these questions and they weren't nearly enough. At least in a classroom he'd have the other students to help create a distraction or he had the teacher's voices to catch his attention. Here in this room, it was just him and the paper. And the annoying ticking of the clock in the corner. God, that is going to get on his nerves.

It's this thing called a wiener pan. It's basically like a sausage sitting in between a piece of rolled bread, but not a hot dog! Does that make sense? Whatever. It's really really good! If he had been talking, it would've been clear how animated he'd become about describing the food item that had slowly become his favorite thing to eat.

The blonde frowns at the paper, his nightstand didn't have a drawer, it was simply just a stand with a lamp on it. I have a tissue box on my night stand. Nothing inside it though... nothing can go inside it. Terushima finally writes down that as his reply to the first part of the question before reading the last part.

His trash can? Usually papers filled with doodles or new volleyball plays to try instead of homework. It wasn't often that the boy actually did his assignments before class, they just weren't something he found fun and so he put them off. Though he didn't put them off long enough that he wouldn't pass, his mother would kill him for that and he was definitely a 'momma's boy'. The wing spiker wouldn't risk angering his mother for the sake of looking... cool.

Ah this is easy! He wrote down quickly, bring the cap back up to his mouth to chew it again. Hana yelled at us yesterday during the game, she really got us to buckle down and play for real instead of just playing for fun. I'm really going to miss her next year, it won't be the same! Terushima writes on the first line, moving onto the next line for the second person, creating a list of people instead of writing it all in one paragraph.

Takeharu is the team's setter and one of my best friends. Kazuma is my other best friend, he's the team's middle blocker! The three of us are the bestest friends ever! The blonde smiles at the thought of his friends despite the fact that he knew he wouldn't be able to see them for a bit, something about this new place he was in. He still wasn't really sure what was going on. He'd been ushered off the train and into this room and told to wait.

I think I also talked to the Karasuno captain too... Daiki? He's looks very serious, he's a third year, I'm sure you've seen him before! And then the other one is that Shrimpy! The one who called me Mr. Close Cropped Hair. My hair isn't close cropped, it's styled! And it's good for playing volleyball, it doesn't get in the way like that ace from their team. Yuuji finishes answering the question, remembering the game yesterday and how defeated he still feels.


Yuuji had just read the question when the door opens, startling him and causing the pen cap to fall from between his lips where he'd been worrying it between his teeth. A dark haired woman walks in, apologizing for running over, hoping that he hadn't been inconvenienced.

"Oh it's okay! I got a few of the questions done, the robot voice told me to go ahead and start, I hope that's alright!" The boy replies, standing up and waiting for her to take a seat before settling down in his again. "Here's the questions." He smiles at her, passing the folder over with the page open to the page he'd been working on when she came in.

She accepted the folder being offered to her, glancing through his answers quickly to make sure he'd answered it to their need. Approving the answers he'd given her, she repeats the first question he'd left blank, the same one he had just read when she came in.

"Johzenji is in the Miyagi Prefecture of Japan!" The volleyball player replies easily, before continuing on with his answer. "I miss it more because I miss my friends and playing volleyball. Someone mentioned the school here has volleyball, but I don't think it'll really be the same. It was just so intense in Japan and I loved that competitive side of the sport where I could still have fun with my friends as well." He finishes, waving his hands beside his head in excitement. Volleyball was always something the blonde would talk about, no matter the situation.

He couldn't get any words out before he starts giggling at the question. "Well Kazu-chan doesn't like me reminding him of this, but in middle school I thought Kazuma was a girl and that she was really cute! He ended up smacking me when I tried to tell him he was cute." Terushima barely manages to complete the words without laughing in between them.

"It started a friendship that's lasted since then though, so I won't complain. Just don't tell him I told you that!!!" The blonde adds quickly, a look of what most would describe as fear making an appearance in his eyes. Though, he doesn't fear Bobata, it's the fear of having a ball spiked into his face at a practice that keeps him from bringing it up most times.

The rather excitable male deflated a bit at this question, though it was only noticeable for a few moments before his head snapped up, a finger pointing in the air, playing the moment off as if he'd been thinking. "I tried to get Glasses-chan to give me her number so we could go on a date! She was very cute, but very shy. I don't think she could've handled hanging out with me for a long time so it's okay!" Yuuji answers, failing to mention that he hasn't actually done anything sexual just yet. The most action he's ever gotten besides an innocent kiss from little five year old girl next door, was from a volleyball to the crotch. He swore that day to always keep his hands ready to receive a ball whenever he was on the court.

"I just told you I tried to ask out Glasses-chan from Karasuno, why would I do that if I was dating, huh?" The wing spiker replies, perplexed by the question. It was likely noticeable to the woman by now that the action of toying with his tongue and piercing was another habit the male had to keep himself from anxiously tapping his feet or fingers which most people found annoying. Instead he often rolled the piercing over his teeth or flicked it against the enamel, often still to the annoyance of those around him.

His eyebrows pop up in surprise at this question, knowing the hidden meaning behind it. Terushima immediately knew his answer to it, it'd be obvious to anyone who watched him during a volleyball game what his opinion on this matter was. However, he wasn't in a game and he had to give an answer soon before the lady repeated it again.

"Always half-full! There's always a chance to turn things around, especially when you're having fun." He finally speaks, the phrase getting louder and louder until the last word, fun, is practically yelled at the interviewer. It was almost a motto of his that if he wasn't having fun, he wouldn't do it. Everything he did was simply for the sake of being fun.

"Can I be a volleyball player?!" He asks quickly, knowing that it would be an easy thing to accomplish given the fact that he has several uniforms and volleyball outfits to wear. When the woman tells him no, it doesn't count, he pauses a second to think about what he'd want to be.

"Ohhhhhh!!!!!" He exclaims, bouncing up into his chair, an answer coming to him as he'd thought. "A biker! I've totally got the look down, just need some leather. Though I think I have a leather jacket in my closet already.." The blonde answers, his mind already wandering to thinking of more ideas for this costume despite the fact that Halloween isn't for another several months.

"Haru-chan calls me a raccoon a lot! Well, not a raccoon, really. The pokemon raccoon, what's it called?" Terushima pauses, a finger tapping on his chin as he thinks, sounding the name out and waiting for one to spark his memory. "Racoony? Zooraccoon? Ziggycoon? I don't know, I'm not the best with names if you've noticed. Everyone gets a nick- ZIGZAGOON!" He interrupts himself to give the name of the animal he was mentioning earlier, picking back up his previous train of thought and forgetting the other. "Take-kun calls me that because my hair reminds him of the raccoon pokemon and he says I can be kind of sneaky. I'm never sneaky though!" He doesn't mention that he often hides his emotions from people that aren't close to him. Takeharu, Kazuma, and a few others from the team are one of the few that really know the Terushima beneath the shining exterior.

Instead of answering the question, Yuuji simply stands up and plops his foot on to the table, a smacking sound accompanying the movement. It was pretty clear, at least to him, that he was wearing volleyball shoes. He had to wear them so often for practices and games that it just became a habit for him to wear them all the time - no matter what. Though, he'd hate to admit that they were terrible in the rain and he couldn't count how many times he'd slipped and slid across the school floors on rainy days because of his need for familiarity with his shoes. It was even worse now with his job in Cascata as a lifeguard, his shoes hardly making it easy to keep his balance at work on the slicker floors of the locker room and poolside.

Confusion lights across his face for a moment, surprised that the questions moved from something like shoes to something serious like his family. It's not that he minds talking about his family, it's just that he hadn't expected it. But he was a Johzenji volleyball player, he was adaptable, he was prepared for anything. Easily composing himself again, Terushima begins to answer the question. "It's just me, my mom, and my dad. I got lucky enough to be an only child. I'm my parents' pride and joy of course!" He chuckles at his own joke before continuing.

"My mom is really nice, she's a teacher and she's always helping me try to focus on my school work. But it's just so boring, it's hard to pay attention in class. I like making her happy though, so I try to do my best even if it's not always that good." It's clear from the way he talks about his mother that she's very important to him and that he holds her up highly in his mind. "My father isn't home that much since he travels for work, but he always takes care to bring me little trinkets from each place he goes. It's really nice of him. At least I know he's thinking about me!" The blonde concludes his response to the question, not wanting to add anything else in case it ends up making him feel home sick which is something he doesn't want to think about right now.

"Weiner pan! I answered that earlier, but I think it was one that I had to write down." He offers an explanation to the woman who seemed rather shocked by his sudden reply to question. "My mother also really enjoys traditional Japanese dishes, so we have those a lot which normally have some rice dish included. And sushi, my dad would do anything for sushi. Me too actually." The blonde continues, barely pausing in his speech as he spoke.

The blonde waits patiently for the interviewer to read the list of choices, being unfamiliar with the game she had brought up. The name was familiar, but he had never actually played it before so he wasn't sure what each of the pieces stood for if anything. "A racecar of course~ The answer comes out in a sing song like tone, one the boy was fond of using when he was teasing people. "It goes whoosh and zroom and really fast! That's got to be fun." Terushima adds on to his answer, hand movements following the words he described the car to make.

"There's this song I like that goes like this," The captain begins humming, his head bobbing back and forth to the beat, the amount of time he spent humming clearly showing how much he likes that song. It's a rather upbeat, funky tune - what could likely be called pop if someone who knew music was asked. But as it stands, Yuuji doesn't really know the genre of the music, often finding music with a strong beat to keep him going through the day and often to listen to during practices or runs.

"Losing to Shrimpy-kun and Karasuno! Even with Hana-chan's wise words, we still lost. We didn't realize that we could have fun and still try until almost the end of the game." The blonde becomes quieter than normal, fidgeting less than he had been throughout the whole interview. It's easy to tell that this loss still affects his behavior. "I'm going to miss Hana-chan." The words slip out before he realizes that he's said them in his disheartened moment, sitting in silence again until the next question is asked.

"If Kazu-chan was here, he'd tell you that I'm always laughing!" And that was the truth. The teenager was rarely ever serious, not even after obtaining the title of team captain recently. Being serious literally wasn't in his name. His parents had been on the right track when they'd named him playful child because that's what he was. Playful. "I think a better question would be what doesn't make me laugh." He clucks his tongue at the end of the sentence as if to say that that should have been obvious from the starter.

"Though spiders don't make me laugh, not even close. They're creepy looking! Terushima adds on after a pause, forgetting that most insects and creepy crawlies were best kept alone. He absolutely loathed them and would often make his friends kill them (including Hana-chan, even if he was supposed to protect her from bad things).

The tongue was poking out between his lips again as he thought. Choosing a superpower was no easy feat and he couldn't just say one on a whim! "I think I'd like to fly! Then I could go wherever I want to and not have to worry about traffic or oceans." Terushima doesn't mention that this decision was also influenced by that pesky crow team, Karasuno. He wishes he could fly like them, a calm, daunting presence that can conquer all in their presence. Johzenji was no match. Sure, they played a good game but in a battle of the air, only those that can truly fly can win.

"I'm the bull! Aries I think? Or is it Taurus? I don't know!" He grins, basically shouting the answer at the woman, only for her to correct him and say that he's actually the ram based on his birthdate, not the bull. Barely embarrassed by this revelation, he replies back, "Well I was close, right? I got the Aries part down!" The blonde waves a hand at her as if to say it was no big deal as she moved on the next question.

"A rematch with Karasuno, including their third years again! I know we can beat them if we played them once more." The confidence in his voice apparent in the way it was echoed in his eyes, a look of steely determination there. The woman shook her head at him, saying that wasn't really an aspiration since it was something that could, hypothetically be achieved tomorrow.

"I guess then..." Yuuji pauses, taking a moment to think it through future and come up with a 'better' answer despite thinking that his previous one should have been accepted. "I would like to do something helpful after school. I don't want to be left wondering what to do when I graduate and I think I might want to be a teacher or coach or something." He finally answers, the interviewer shocked by his answer since he hadn't really displayed any characteristics of a good teacher so far. Except this answer seemed to be a serious one from the boy after he'd given it a bit to really think about it.

"Tea!" The pierced boy answers quickly with a smile. "My mom makes me a chamomile tea every morning before a game. It's sort of a routine now and by drinking it, I know I need to focus to have fun and win." Terushima continues describing his choice, a fond look on his face as he mentions the routine he shares with his mother.

The woman stands up and begins to walk towards the door, not saying anything to the boy. He watches her for a moment before jumping out of his chair and asking, "Hey, hey, is this over?" The spiker's eyebrows raised in hope, finally he could leave and have some fun. Interviews, he decides, are boring. He doesn't want to become popular like Shiratorizawa if it means more boring interviews and less time spending time on the court and having fun with his friends.

Receiving a nod as the woman steps out, the Johzenji captain smiles and lets out a shout of joy. He could leave and explore this strange new world now and he couldn't wait to start. Though it was clear that his first steps toward the door are hesitant, this time worrying the inside of his cheek instead of messing with his piercing. A noticeable swallowing sound heard as he shakes his head slightly, puts on a smile and steps out - his typical demeanor whenever he faces something new. Approach it with a grin and a good attitude and good things will follow. It was all he could do when he was here alone.


okayyy so this is terushima, he's from haikyuu, the volleyball anime. he's from the johzenji team and they're known for their crazy moves and spastic plays. one game against them will never be the same as another game. they're constantly changing things ups and trying new things and that's something that terushima has adopted to his own life as well. he's always been rather playful, always looking to have fun in everything he does. yuuji is constantly laughing and looking to make other people happy as well. he's not been in elysion long, just enough to get himself situated as a lifeguard at marlin cove and a small studio apartment to live in. he's missing his friends a lot, but he has faith that he'll see them again and make new friends in the mean time! terushima hides behind this mask of being loud and out there and almost has this 'bad boy' image that he gives off, but really he's sweet and friendly and is actually really soft too.


this child lives to make friends, he's very energetic and is constantly approaching people. he collects friends like other people might collect spare change. terushima is not picky about who he's friends with as long as they like him and enjoy his company. he loves making people laugh and people who can make him laugh. he was always a class clown when he could get away with it. i feel like he's matured a bit since coming here since he has a job where he is making sure people don't die, but i think he's maintained his playful nature still. most of his friends will likely be other sports/athletic people since he's constantly on the move and gets really fidgety when he's not moving. someone buy him a fidget spinner so he chills out lol.


terushima is very random and very playful. not everyone can keep up with his pace and often times, people dislike him for that. he also has a very bad idea of personal space or keeping things to himself, so he's constantly in people's space and sharing things he likely shouldn't be sharing. i don't really see him having any like... mortal enemies, but i definitely think some people will think he's annoying and not want to be around him. plus he flirts a lot, so that's likely to get him some enemies as well rip.


terushima is pretty pan/demisexual. he doesn't really have a preference on gender and prefers people that he can connect with emotionally. since he forms emotional bonds rather quickly, he ends up falling for a lot of people really fast and pretty hard too. he's never been intimate with someone before besides a quick, platonic kiss every now and then with friends/family. he's also only dated like.. two people so he's very inexperienced in romance despite how he portrays himself. he's constantly flirting with people, hitting on them and trying to lighten the mood. since he does flirt so much, it's rather hard to tell when he's seriously flirting with someone or not, but he does try to make it more obvious. so he's not really gonna be intimate with someone he's not dating, but be prepared for all the flirting he does and how he will get awkward and flustered if he's flirted back with. most of my ships with terushima involving haikyuu characters are rarepairs and i'd love to do terudai (terushima and daichi) if possible! i'm also okay with cross-ships! i'll likely be putting up a request with more information about terudai, but other than that, au's are always good to me!

the player

alias bre
timezone est
pronouns she/her
mature content absolutely


ask about triggers beforehand, but usually nothing! love this lizard prince.

Posted by: LAUZ Feb 7 2018, 09:22 PM
whisk away your heartsigh
congratulations on being accepted and welcome to heartsigh! now that you've been accepted you should definitely go,, and! make sure that your mini profile is also filled out properly. once you're done all that, maybe you'll want to so we can learn all about you! we're so excited to have you ❤
welcome to the site

Posted by: NITORI AIICHIROU Feb 22 2018, 03:24 AM
nitori + teru
don't be jealous, teru =/ listen its ok, he'll do it all better and nitori will teach him all the Things and it'll be great. also i already told you that nitori is like already gay as fuck for him just immediately. he's in it to win it!!! lmfao really tho, nitori is THE soft boy aesthetic but he's also neurotic and has been known to try and be what people want from him and i really don't want him to do that with teru, but he might wind up doing that anyway and not realize that he's trying to be something he thinks teru is gonna want. some ideal Dream Boy that doesn't exist. nitori gonna need to feel his way through it but uhm y'all can also fite me on this crackship i love it.

Posted by: AKAASHI KEIJI Feb 22 2018, 04:08 AM
akaashi + teru
doesn't he suffer enough. honestly. akaashi does like being a mom tho, so i can't guarantee he won't actually soak this shit right up and go into this new Mom Mode he's fallen into. he likes taking care of people, even if he's uh...blunt about it >> i mean he won't be the most subtle mom there is, and he tells it like it is, so he'd constantly tell teru to calm down and relax and shit. tbh i had the very charming notion of teru coming over and he and akaashi cooking together; idk how teru is with cooking, but uh...akaashi teaching him how to cook something really good for nitori tbh >> teru, u want some romance tips??????? come ask ur new Mom, he's got some tips for u. also need some sex advice????? he's........less inclined to give that advice but if.....he has to he will.

Posted by: OIKAWA TOORU Feb 22 2018, 04:38 AM
oikawa + teru
its oikawa-san to u, nerd. but gross, captains sticking together is my aesthetic. oikawa's a really bad influence when it comes to doing reckless shit, and when iwa-chan doesn't have off work and oikawa is laying around being bored, you can be guaranteed that he's going to be looking for something to do and it is gonna be reckless. ok well not always, but. so he'd still try and be really charming and Cool around teru, but he'd still also be fake as fuck, so it'd be a real shocker if teru was to see iwa and oikawa together and see how real oikawa is with his boyfriend. but you know him, he'll be all shitty and yanno...himself. or eh, what he thinks people wanna see from him, so really whatever teru wants him to be for that matter. he sucks, sorry. but i DO think it'd be sweet for teru to see him and iwa being comfortable and affectionate, just one of those spied on little stolen moments, just to see that side of oikawa too.

Posted by: TSUKISHIMA KEI Feb 22 2018, 04:52 AM
tsukki + teru
tsukki is ALREADY exhausted. honestly, idk how he's gonna survive around all these really hype boys; he's already got kuroo and boku and sometimes oikawa when he sees him tho he'd like not to and now teru too??? he's gonna die. you don't have to assume when it comes to tsukki, cause you know 10/10 times that he's going to annoy tsukki. everything annoys him. i'm gonna share with you that nitori would be intimidated as fuck by this 6'3" disinterested looking beanpole. he'd keep as close to teru as humanly possible even while trying to be nice to tsukki. but in the long run tsukki is gonna need to figure out how to function around kuroo and his friends, but he's so amazingly guarded i don't know if he can ever let that guard down. like, its hard enough with kuroo and he's got it bad for him so'd take time, but i don't think he'd ever be friendly, per se. the most teru would likely get from him is disinterest and tsukki would prolly learn to hold his tongue. bitching is one of his favorite things though, so if you can find some common ground to complain to him about, then that might be a starting point. tbh bonus points if u complain about kuroo, cause i mean tsukki loves him but uh....he's got....a lot to say.....about his habits and personality overall L O L i also think that, like with oikawa and iwa, it'd be nice for teru to see those rare moments where tsukki looks just very genuinely happy in kuroo's presence, catches him leaning into kuroo or reaching for his hand or something--but actually call him on that just AW at him cause he'll get tsundere again super fast and idk its funny to me >>

Posted by: LANCE Mar 8 2018, 11:27 PM
teru + lance
SORRY I'M SO SLOW. ummm i don't see why these two high energy balls wouldn't get along?? i mean especially if teru talks to lance about how awesome space fighting is cause lance really misses it but is also happy to have his bois. i kinda see these two goofing around. maybe going to a comiccon together? is teru that extra cause we know lance is am i right? anyways idk what else to say other then i luv ur cutie and think he and my #1 cutie will make cute and funnay fransss (sorry i suck why do u like me)

Posted by: YAMAZAKI SOUSUKE May 1 2018, 02:03 PM
souskue + teru
so since nitori is one of the only people in elysion that sou knows and these two are/will be a thing, i figure that they should know one another. the only thought that comes to mind for them meeting is sou going to the cove and maybe just sitting under the water holding his breath, but teru thinks he's drowning and tries to save him because that would be hilarious, sou just glaring at him like, let go pls. xD idk. but anyway, teru is the kind of guy that sou seems to gravitate towards even when he isn't trying to, loud and energetic, talkative and friendly. he doesn't know how he manages to make friends like that seeing as he's got resting bitch face, but i think after he gets use to how "up" teru is he would like him and they could be friends.

Posted by: AKAASHI KEIJI May 1 2018, 04:13 PM
akaashi + teru
i mean akaashi has kuroo too, he gotta deal with kuroo AND oikawa so like =/ now teru too? unbelievable. but also akaashi just constantly telling him to be quiet when he starts saying dumb shit just 'terushima-san, stop talking.' but yeah i figured he was likely not a cook and nitori isn't great himself, but he can definitely make some traditional japanese dinners like his mom taught him. but man nitori would eat that shit right up if teru cooked for him! and akaashi would be very proud cause he ALSO likes playing matchmaker as you know. also don't....ask for sex tips, akaashi is like boy idfk what does he like??????? but lmfao can you imagine the things akaashi COULD suggest....all with a super fucking blank face? LIKE THE MOST BLASÉ EXPRESSION AND TONE WHILE HE'S ASKING REALLY PERSONAL SHIT ABOUT THEIR SEX LIFE. l o l teru gonna p much regret that he asked.

Posted by: YAMAZAKI SOUSUKE Jun 13 2018, 12:19 AM
souskue + teru
sou will totally understand that teru doesn't have a good perception of him, and he will get why, like understand it, but that in no way means that he will like it. in fact i think with all the backlash he's gonna get from teru and nitori he is going to wind up kind of irritated despite understanding their reasoning. because the sousuke that dated nitori isn't him. he knows as much about this world as the next person, and while he knows seeing someone you care about and thought you lost, again can be rough, feelings are going to be felt, he doesn't think he can be blamed for what went down. and he doesn't think kisumi can be blamed either seeing as he was left as well and is also hurt. it's like very hypocritical in a way to say that nitori can move on but kisumi can't, even if it is with a version of sou, because this sou, isn't nitori's sou. besides it's not like sou came to elysion with the intention too woo kisumi, them getting together will just be something that happened. so basically i agree, they won't be friendly, unless things are forgiven, and while underneath his stoic demeanor, sou is a nice guy, he still isn't the type to beg for forgiveness especially for transgressions 'he' didn't commit. so this could be hella drama in the long run, but at the same time the kind sou let's roll right off his shoulders.

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