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Posted by: LANCE Aug 10 2017, 01:41 PM
lance honestly was glad that shiro was back. though he was fully supportive of keith becoming the black lion and had adapted to the other man's leadership style; he had still missed shiro. they all had. though he doubted any of them missed shiro the way he and keith both had. it wasn't just because shiro was so good at keeping lance and keith from going to far with their banter...but it was just so more. he belonged there with them in a way lance didn't dare try to explain. becoming keith's right-hand man (literally and figuratively) has changed the relationship between himself and the previously red paladin. they actually worked really well together and lance of all people became the anchor that keith needed to keep him grounded. it didn't escape lance's notice that no one else could quite talk keith off a ledge when shiro was gone. things between himself and keith had grown and changed and lance was seeing things in a new light. then the black lion found shiro after a week of floating in space all alone.

how he survived was a miracle...let alone not having gone crazy. lance had never seen shiro look so beaten and he hadn't blamed shiro for just wanting to sleep after he had been fed and given some water. lance would be flat out lying if he said it didn't sting when shiro didn't seem to want to see anyone else except for keith. but the two of them had always had a very special relationship. once shiro had emerged from his rest...there was an awkward moment of trying to figure out their team. for some reason the black lion hadn't responded to shiro though...perhaps because it was just too soon. lance knew that someday shiro would command the black lion again-and that keith would want red back it was just a matter of time. lance also knew that piloting the blue lion meant a lot to allura and he couldn't take that away from her. so it would leave lance without a lion. without a place or. without a reason to continue to be apart of the team. all of these worries built up and lance swallowed his pride and went to keith. he would never just leave the team without consulting someone first and for some reason he didn't feel as comfortable bothering shiro with his feelings.

lance didn't really blame keith for his response. the red paladin wasn't always great with certain interactions. he even cracked a joke about it which was surprising and it had helped. but keith didn't say what lance really needed to hear. he didn't say "we need you, you idiot". he didn't say i need you, you idiot; a small voice in his mind reminded him. lance gave a groan as he rubbed his face as the castle landed. "i'm going to get some air!" he called as he stepped out. the planet they had landed on was beautiful with all sorts of crazy plants and insects flying around. lance followed some drooping trees that reminded him of weeping willows to what looked like a lagoon. he knew better then to get too close. but it reminded him of home and hot summers with his family. an ache in his chest formed. lance isn't someone who normally dwells on sad things. but he just felt so incredibly....heavy. he blinked as he squinted; making out a figure in the distance. he couldn't tell if it was one of the others or a stranger. "uhh...hiya!" he put on a smile that didn't quite come off as easy as it normally did. "looking good out there eh?" he winked and turned back to the lagoon. just because he wasn't quite feeling himself didn't mean he wouldn't try to make a pass at whomever was coming towards him.

this contains spoilers for the new season of voltron so please don't read it if you don't want to be spoiled. (though i may have mixed up some events lol i just have so many feels). have some angsty lance that just needs all the love (and maybe a punch in the shoulder for being dumb rofl). i did keep the board canon threesome stuff in there if you squint def lance is having feelings for his boys and he's like ????? about it. like shut up, dude. i wouldn't say no to one or both boys coming to tell lance that he's dumb and they love him too but this really is open to anyone! maybe a super positive person it's hard to have a sad face around? idk it's au, let's have some fun ehhh?!!

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