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Posted by: BLAKE BELLADONNA Jun 26 2017, 09:47 AM

being a lightening elemental was hard for blake even now in her adulthood, growing up it had been worse though. when she was younger she had had little to no control over when she would send out a charge and shock someone when they touched her or when she touched them. she couldn't control how strong it would be either. if anyone tried to scare her from behind and grabbed her shoulders it was likely they would have been sent flying because of the shock that she would have produced. but now that she was older it was easily contained for the most part. she had better control over it now and would only give off the most minimal of charges if someone touched her and she wasn't paying attention or trying to stop it from happening, it would be like having walked on a rug with woolly socks and then touching people.

well at least that was usually what it was like. but sometimes when blake was tired she had less control. lately she hadn't been getting much sleep. the past two days she had pulled double shifts, and for a nurse that meant that she had worked pretty much the whole last forty-eight hours. there had been brief moments in which blake had been able to sleep, and she just had to make it through this morning, after lunch she was off. but she had felt as though she were walking around in a daze up until lunch and when she had been in line trying to get a meal so that she could eat and then finally go to sleep, now whether she did that in one of the hospital lounge rooms or went all the way home depended on whether or not she started dozing through her meal.

she didn't even make it that far though, because as she stood in line someone brushed her, the dark haired, golden eyed lightening elemental turned to the rather breath taking security guard and her eyes widened because she knew that she had shocked them accidentally. "no, no it's fine, i'm sorry if i shocked you", blake said. she went back to getting her food, but when she was bumped the second time a moment later and the guard basically moaned, it caught blake's attention. she could not remember the last time she had had a good orgasm because when she was in the throws of things she lost control of her powers sometimes and people couldn't handle that. but this guard seemed to like the shock, blake could see it it in the flush of their cheeks and the sound of their voice.

suddenly blake wasn't so worried about food and a meal, she could think of something better, and what she was thinking of was worth the loss of sleep and might actually give her some energy, or put her into a really nice sleep. she looked around, her tray in her hands because she didn't think to put it down as she went to find the gorgeous person from before and sat down at the table with her, but she had to make sure of something first. "hi, i just wanted to make sure you were okay", blake said as she reached out and touched them on their arm. she needed to make sure that her theory was right, that they were in fact turned on by being shocked.

reopening this one too, though the original concept wasn't mine, i'm really into the idea so someone do this with me. guy or girl idc.

Posted by: MEG THOMAS Apr 4 2018, 06:17 PM

superlove promise you'll never change

meg never would have guessed that she would end up as a guard at a hospital. she wasn't exactly the most menacing of humans due to her petite build, but she had the speed and endurance to help her get wherever she needed to. it was the beginning of her twenty-four hour shift that she was working in the emergency room, so her work was fast-paced for the most part, as she helped ensure that the patients were safe and assisted the nurses and doctors in whatever else they needed to be done. the fast-paced work was nice, as it helped the time go by faster and before she knew it, it was lunch. meg could tell that she was at least a little bit tired, just from lack of sleep the night before. the food would be nice, as it would reenergize her to keep her going for the next twenty or so hours that she had until she was off.

as she had been one of the last guards to clock in that day, she was naturally one of the last people to get lunch, along with the nurses that were nearing the end of their twenty-four and forty-eight hour shifts. meg didn't mind it, but she didn't know a whole lot of people at this hospital specifically as she had been transferred here by her company only a few weeks ago. maybe she could make a few friends today or something like that. that would always be nice, even though she did have no clue as to if or when she would be transferred again.

the redhead grabbed a tray containing a sandwich, apple, and a chocolate chip cookie from the cafeteria, looking around the room for an empty spot. unluckily, the only ones were at a lone table in the back corner of the small room. as she turned to move in that direction, meg accidentally bumped into a nurse. as she did, an electric shock transferred from the nurse to her, almost causing her to drop her tray of food, not out of shock but because it just felt so good. "i'm so sorry; it's not your fault at all. i bumped into you." as she readjusted her tray so nothing was precariously perched, the woman bumped into her again. this time, she wasn't prepared at all as the electric shock hit her body, causing her to let out a soft moan.

blushing a bright red immediately after she realized what happened, meg managed to make awkward eye contact with the nurse before scurrying off to the empty table, forcing herself to focus on eating her lunch. she had a feeling that this wouldn't be the case as she realized that the nurse from earlier had joined her. "oh, hi there! i'm alright-" meg would have continued, but the nurse touched her arm, making her emit yet another moan, slightly louder than the time before. she looked at the nurse embarrassed at her response, not quite sure what to say to her.

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