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Posted by: KUROKO TETSUYA Oct 3 2017, 05:56 PM

loving like we've been kept captive.

like anyone else, kuroko had his good days and his bad. he was one of two kindergarten teachers here and their classes were decently small, but big enough to where he had to have eyes in the back of his head. kuroko liked kids, he liked teaching, but never really wanted to start a family of his own. he'd known that for many years, even when he was younger, and that didn't really seem to appeal to most people. everyone got confused as to why he wouldn't want his own children. maybe it'd be different once you fall in love, they said, but he could count how many times he'd been in love before on one hand and how many times he'd thought about starting families with them on none. it wasn't as if commitment was his issue, but there was something very nice about being able to give children back to their parents at the end of the day. he didn't doubt he'd be a great father, but all the same, it was really nice to go home to just a dog and no screaming children.

speaking of which. blue eyes shot over immediately to the crying child that was holding a broken crayon in her little fingers. wiping his hands down on his apron, kuroko approached slowly, very aware that the other kids were staring at the girl with the bright pink hair and grey eyes full of big tears. crouching, kuroko smiled at her, put a hand atop her head. after getting the details, between huge sniffles, kuroko chuckled at her and took the broken crayon. taking her hand, he put his finger to his lips and lead her off towards his desk. "i have something, if you promise to take really good care of them." now intensely, laser focused, the girl nodded her head emphatically and hopped along. gone were her tears, replaced by the desire to know just what her sensei had for her. "this can be our little secret, ok?" again she nodded as he pulled up one of the plastic tables and set out some paper on it. leaving her to sit down, kuroko dug through his drawers for a box of sparkling crayons that he'd gotten but had yet to use on anything important. what was more important than making sure she was smiling, right?

holding them out to her, he sat on the ground at the table and popped open the box. her eyes were huge as saucers when she saw they had glitter in them, and kuroko couldn't have been happier. he smiled softly; she, indeed, kept her word, and held them like they were precious things. kuroko watched her for a few minutes before he got up to head around the room. some kids called him over to look at their drawings, others ran to him with pages in their hands, shoving them at him because they were for him. he'd amassed such a huge collection of drawings that, honestly, he didn't know what to do with them. a lot were in a book in the drawer of his desk, some he took home. he'd keep them all, probably even long after these children moved on from him.

the bell that sounded was something like a reverie for him and he clapped his hands together. with everything left at tables, he made sure everyone grabbed everything from their cubbies and affixed a few light jackets just right, before heading out to greet parents and make sure all their children got to them safely. counting each child out the door, one was missing, and kuroko turned around to see the little pink princess still at the table, meticulously putting away his special, sparkly crayons. chuckling, he trotted over to her, wiggling his fingers at her. "time to go, princess," he chirped. a little shocked when she insisted that he pick her up, kuroko did so without trouble, holding onto her as she thanked him and held a picture for him and one for her dad.

once outside, he stood amongst everyone else, waving to parents and older siblings as they picked up their children. still holding onto the little girl, he studied the drawing she'd made for him, smiling thoughtfully. she was probably one of the most talented kids in the class; though he shouldn't make that judgment, they were only five, after all. she was still rambling when her father came onto the scene, and kuroko almost didn't notice him at first. looking up, he had to double-take, turning her in his direction. "ah look, there's daddy," he sing-songed, carefully setting her down.

open + so. cute school teacher has a crush on hot single dad? yes. hot single dad has a thing for cute school teacher? yes. please give me cute boys eventually confessing ;;

Posted by: HERCULES Jan 19 2018, 01:07 PM
#pandorathread {width: 350px;} .pandorathread1 {background-color: #f5f5f5; border: 1px solid #e0e0e0; padding: 10px;} .pandorathread2 {background-color: #fbfbfb; border: 1px solid #e0e0e0; padding: 10px;} .pandorathread3 {padding: 40px; background-color: #222; border-bottom: 10px solid #7984c5;} .pandorathread3 img {width: 100px; height: 100px; padding: 10px; background-color: #fbfbfb; border: 20px solid #7984c5; border-radius: 360px;} .pandorathread4 {margin: 30px; font: 11px tahoma; color: #222; text-align: justify; line-height: 103%!important;} .pandorathread4 b {color: #7984c5; font-size: 12px;} .pandorathread4 i {color: #7984c5;} .pandorathread5 {border-top: 5px solid #7984c5; color: #fff; text-align: justify; padding: 10px; font: 9px cousine; text-transform: uppercase; background-color: #222;}hercules gasped as he looked up at the clock. crap, he was running late! normally, he was so good at making sure that he’d be there to pick up his little girl on time! he took a deep breath, and finished the last bit of paperwork he had left and then hurried out the door. he knew these sorts of things were forgivable for a single dad who had to work a full time job, which wasn’t anything he was passionate for as well as part-time at the job he actually wanted in life but sadly wouldn’t provide the finances needed to give his daughter everything she could have wanted in life. he was certainly a busy guy, and even though he had help from a few of his friends from college-he still had moments where something fell through the cracks-just this was the first time he lost track when it had to do with his daughter. hercules had never been very organized and if it weren’t for his old coach that he still had a great relationship; he may have fallen flat on his face. see his daughter named rei; had been dropped at his door quite unexpectedly when she was a toddler. hercules never knew that rei’s mother had been pregnant; he would have been there immediately. the two had broken up sometime after they slept together and hercules had sworn that they were careful. but obviously, they weren’t careful enough as rei was there.still, why rei’s mom never thought to tell hercules until he read a note explaining that rei’s mother was very ill and that she thought it was best if she were raised by her father then in some group home. honestly, hercules had panicked because he didn’t know anything about raising children. at the time he had been working his dream job as a fitness instructor and it was barely enough to get him by each month. he even thought briefly about disregarding rei’s mother’s wishes...but then he held her for the first time and that was it. rei almost immediately had her big beefy dad wrapped around her little finger. the two of them were two peas in a pod really. both friendly and curious, both a little clumsy, both had the same goofy grin. he was pretty sure that rei was smarter than he was though, she seemed to soak in new information quite quickly and had been speaking better than most children her age, but she was still young obviously. hercules tried not to see her see when he obviously had too much on his plate. but there were moments when at least other people around him saw him in the half-hasard sate that he was in hercules lived within walking distance of work, school, and home he almost never drove unless the weather was sevre in either direction and even had a special insurance to cover him. right now, he wish he had a car because even when he was running he knew he’d still be looking at a pouting princess rei when he got there. he slowed to a stop turning a cute shade of red as he realized that her teacher, kuroko was there too. hercules made a quick and possibly impossible attempt to fix his hair which was now puffing up everywhere thanks to all those thick curls. he gave a rather awkward grin to both of them and opened his arms to receive rei and easily lifted her up despite the fact that he was breathing heavily from running. “daddy, you’re late.” she said, but didn’t seem too upset about the matter. “i know sweetie, i’m really sorry. daddy lost track of time.” he said with a pout of his own, which would certainly match rei’s if she were to pout too. rie may look like her mom in a lot of ways, but her expressions were all her dad. ”i made you a picture!” she said, pushing forward a sparkly picture of a face with blue sparkly eyes, and a mass of orange curls for hair. “oh it’s lovely. and look, this hair matches mine right now. how did you know?” rei giggled and shrugged. “that’s how your hair always looks, daddy.”hercules made a face and shook his head, looking now at kuroko. “kids are painfully honest sometimes. thank you so much for making sure she was safe. i hope it wasn’t too much a bother. i try keep on top of everything, especially her but today just wasn’t working.” hercules said with a genuine smile, his heart fluttering a little bit. KUROKO TETSUYA super cute!!!

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