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Posted by: TOGAMI BYAKUYA Dec 7 2017, 07:42 PM
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it was bordering on pathetic.with another day of being watched at nearly every hour, byakuya was laying in bed with his eyes closed, the headache he'd had from hours ago still causing a right hell in his skull. there was no way he was going to get to sleep any time soon with this thing pounded at his brain like he owed it money, but he was also much too tired to try and distract himself from it either. turning over onto his head, byakuya placed his hand over top his pillow, vaguely feeling the hard mass hidden underneath it. as soon as the assassination attempts had begun to escalate, byakuya had taken to sleeping with a gun in his bed, just in case since he wasn't in the business of ruling out a possible night execution, helped by the fact that he was a very light sleeper to start with and someone would practically have to be floating in midair from him not to hear them. killing someone in self-defense wasn't too much of an issue for him; in his mind, the assassin had already made their choice once they picked him as a target, and they were about to find out that they had picked the wrong person to try and kill. as if he was going to go down quietly. speaking of quietly, though, and it was probably because byakuya was trying his best to go to sleep, but he could faintly, just ever so slightly, hear the door to his balcony open. it was always locked as far as he knew since he never really had a reason to go out there, preferring to stay inside and relax rather than sit out in the sun or anything like that. he stayed immobile for a moment longer, waiting to hear anything else that would tell him that someone was breaking in. he didn't to wait too long for it; his floor wasn't entirely covered in carpet so the intruder's footsteps were still audible, even if they did try their best to hide them. byakuya was tempted to roll his eyes, but they were still closed so he opted for a different reaction, choosing instead to slip his hand underneath his pillow slowly and reach for his gun. he'd have maybe a couple seconds at best to get the drop on whoever was in his room, and he took it without hesitating. he pulled out the gun at the same time as he sat up in bed, pointing it towards the intruder, finger already ready at the trigger. he could end this all now, get back his peace and quiet for good, with just one movement of his finger. and he planned to end it all tonight in one way or another. "you're not very good at your job, are you?" he asked. byakuya never could resist a for anyone and basically what it says on the tin oops. this could just be a normal hey i'm trying to kill you thing or a m/romance oh also i was hired to kill you kinda thing i'm not picky. togami is stupid and takes way too many calculated risks anyway rip.

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