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Posted by: GILGAMESH Jun 27 2017, 04:10 AM
aresto momentum
ask anyone else and they'd tell you that the astronomy tower was completely off limits save for during class. ask someone that knew better and they'd tell you that there was absolutely a way to get there without being seen, as well, there was a whole pecking order when it came to who was allowed there on any given night. first years knew nothing, they were told it was forbidden to enter the tower unless you were having class there, but ask any seventh year and they'd tell you that was a load of shit. it was, however, just a well-kept secret because of the sorts of things that went on here. like a whole secret society, it was a hush-hush set of whispers about scheduling and avoiding being there the same time as anyone else. not everyone knew, or wanted, to be involved in anything that could happen up there--from the innocent to the indecent--but every seventh year knew about it. perhaps unfortunately for most, gil likes to monopolize on the tower and the privacy it could grant him and the boy he'd been involved with since he was thirteen. they were a force to be reckoned with and one of the most notable power couples that hogwarts had ever seen. dare gilgamesh say, they were at the top of the food chain; him and his head boy. obviously there were perks to dating the head boy, especially when you were a prefect yourself. so not only were they a couple that had stood the test of time, they were also a dangerous combination of authority figures.

leaning against an outer railing, gil looked up at the stars dotting the darkened sky. he liked astronomy, learning about the stars, and the various heroes immortalized in them. many people saw him, a slytherin from a pureblood family, as someone that wouldn't dare care about something as trivial as muggle studies. however, he'd read quite a lot on the subject of constellations and their muggle legends as well as how they connected to the constellations only witches and wizards would know about and had named. humming softly to himself, he bit into the apple he'd brought, pilfered from the kitchens--though that was probably the wrong word, he was allowed in there and the house elves didn't mind seeing him--as he watched the sparkle of the stars and the breeze as it rustled through the trees. from here he could see all around the school and the quidditch pitch beyond. ah, that would be a romantic date night, wouldn't it? he'd never found himself fond of the idea of dating before and far be it for him, as arrogant and prideful as he was, to admit that he enjoyed it, but he did. perhaps it was just because he'd found the right person to pique his interest. blanching a little at the very thought of being that openly sentimental, gil straightened back up and licked his lips.

angling his head towards the hint of sound, soft as it was, and above the owls hooting in the distance, he tensed for a fraction of a second. being caught here was not really his idea of a good time and merlin forbid the caretaker come up here. he wasn't in the mood to have to explain to filch why he was here when he shouldn't be, and also forbid it be mrs. norris. who knew what sort of connection they really had, and it was entirely possible she would tattle in some way. he wasn't at all convinced that they didn't have some weird, unholy bond. hand sliding to his wand in his pocket, gil glanced towards the small set-up he'd brought here via the assistance of accio and a suitcase, thought it'd be a shame if the blankets and pillows were completely wasted. the more he thought about it the more awkward he started to feel about it, though it wasn't the first time they'd done this. they'd sleep here until a few hours before sunrise, then head back to their respective common rooms and spend the rest of the time there until breakfast. a little tense, he stood perfectly still until the shadowed figure came into view and dropped the dark hood from his head. breathing out a sigh of relief, he stood tall and pressed one hand to his hip, the other bringing the apple to his lips again.

"you're late," he muttered after swallowing the bit of fruit; he tried to sound put out, which he was actually not. he knew that it was sometimes a chore to find the time to get up here on those nights they wanted to spend together. gil's lips quirked into an impish grin as he moved further into the room, meeting his boyfriend halfway, and next to the mess of blankets he'd amassed. the blonde tilted into him, the look in his eyes purely devious and cat-like, especially as he brought the apple up, the red of its skin resting against the curve of his lips. it was done to keep his boyfriend from leaning to kiss him, for he moved it aside in the next moment, licking his lips. "how do you intend to make it up to me?"

open this wasn't how i meant for this to go, but whatever. anyway, i love slytherins and hufflepuffs, but slytherins and gryffindors are A+ too, but gil really likes the boys that are more rough and tough. and cause i told pro i was going to do it: "bottoms need not apply"; that's gil's job ;D i'm sorry for the joke ok

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