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Posted by: GILGAMESH Jun 27 2017, 04:10 AM
aresto momentum
ask anyone else and they'd tell you that the astronomy tower was completely off limits save for during class. ask someone that knew better and they'd tell you that there was absolutely a way to get there without being seen, as well, there was a whole pecking order when it came to who was allowed there on any given night. first years knew nothing, they were told it was forbidden to enter the tower unless you were having class there, but ask any seventh year and they'd tell you that was a load of shit. it was, however, just a well-kept secret because of the sorts of things that went on here. like a whole secret society, it was a hush-hush set of whispers about scheduling and avoiding being there the same time as anyone else. not everyone knew, or wanted, to be involved in anything that could happen up there--from the innocent to the indecent--but every seventh year knew about it. perhaps unfortunately for most, gil likes to monopolize on the tower and the privacy it could grant him and the boy he'd been involved with since he was thirteen. they were a force to be reckoned with and one of the most notable power couples that hogwarts had ever seen. dare gilgamesh say, they were at the top of the food chain; him and his head boy. obviously there were perks to dating the head boy, especially when you were a prefect yourself. so not only were they a couple that had stood the test of time, they were also a dangerous combination of authority figures.

leaning against an outer railing, gil looked up at the stars dotting the darkened sky. he liked astronomy, learning about the stars, and the various heroes immortalized in them. many people saw him, a slytherin from a pureblood family, as someone that wouldn't dare care about something as trivial as muggle studies. however, he'd read quite a lot on the subject of constellations and their muggle legends as well as how they connected to the constellations only witches and wizards would know about and had named. humming softly to himself, he bit into the apple he'd brought, pilfered from the kitchens--though that was probably the wrong word, he was allowed in there and the house elves didn't mind seeing him--as he watched the sparkle of the stars and the breeze as it rustled through the trees. from here he could see all around the school and the quidditch pitch beyond. ah, that would be a romantic date night, wouldn't it? he'd never found himself fond of the idea of dating before and far be it for him, as arrogant and prideful as he was, to admit that he enjoyed it, but he did. perhaps it was just because he'd found the right person to pique his interest. blanching a little at the very thought of being that openly sentimental, gil straightened back up and licked his lips.

angling his head towards the hint of sound, soft as it was, and above the owls hooting in the distance, he tensed for a fraction of a second. being caught here was not really his idea of a good time and merlin forbid the caretaker come up here. he wasn't in the mood to have to explain to filch why he was here when he shouldn't be, and also forbid it be mrs. norris. who knew what sort of connection they really had, and it was entirely possible she would tattle in some way. he wasn't at all convinced that they didn't have some weird, unholy bond. hand sliding to his wand in his pocket, gil glanced towards the small set-up he'd brought here via the assistance of accio and a suitcase, thought it'd be a shame if the blankets and pillows were completely wasted. the more he thought about it the more awkward he started to feel about it, though it wasn't the first time they'd done this. they'd sleep here until a few hours before sunrise, then head back to their respective common rooms and spend the rest of the time there until breakfast. a little tense, he stood perfectly still until the shadowed figure came into view and dropped the dark hood from his head. breathing out a sigh of relief, he stood tall and pressed one hand to his hip, the other bringing the apple to his lips again.

"you're late," he muttered after swallowing the bit of fruit; he tried to sound put out, which he was actually not. he knew that it was sometimes a chore to find the time to get up here on those nights they wanted to spend together. gil's lips quirked into an impish grin as he moved further into the room, meeting his boyfriend halfway, and next to the mess of blankets he'd amassed. the blonde tilted into him, the look in his eyes purely devious and cat-like, especially as he brought the apple up, the red of its skin resting against the curve of his lips. it was done to keep his boyfriend from leaning to kiss him, for he moved it aside in the next moment, licking his lips. "how do you intend to make it up to me?"

open this wasn't how i meant for this to go, but whatever. anyway, i love slytherins and hufflepuffs, but slytherins and gryffindors are A+ too, but gil really likes the boys that are more rough and tough. and cause i told pro i was going to do it: "bottoms need not apply"; that's gil's job ;D i'm sorry for the joke ok

Posted by: OKIKURUMI Mar 3 2018, 10:55 PM
Seven years ago, he would not have envisioned himself to be one of the students at the top. Not because he is a slacker or a drop out; Oki had always been very focused in his work and had a genuine interest in learning, like many young witches and wizards. In particular, he was very interested in herbology and the earth. His family is a tribe many consider to be eccentric folks, living as more traditional, forest-dwelling witches and wizards. They have a strong fascination for the earth, working with plants and sometimes magical beasts. They are all skilled animagus, and Oki as well had quickly learned to become animagus within his first year. With Professor McGonagall's teachings and assistance, he was able to shift into a fully-fledged wolf like his patronus.

The wolf is not always a good sign, surrounded by darkness and misconceptions to many others. Some would say it is no different than taking the form of the Grim, of death itself. Some say it's like being infected with lycanthropy, without the unbalanced savagery. It is, however, considered to be the sign of a warrior, to which Oki is proud of. He considers himself to have the strength of a fighter, and has always had a competitive spirit in his years at Hogwarts. Like the wolf, he has a heart full of fiery passion; a caring heart, though he hides it behind a mask.

His caring heart and strong emotional side had been hidden away, until Gilgamesh coaxed it out of him. When the girls would look at him a certain way and he would take a couple of them dancing, he always felt different. It felt much like he was trying to fit in, at times. Gil was handsome and beautiful in his own way, and he was just like him. Not in the way of looks; Oki didn't consider himself to be of vain character. Although, Gil seems to be satisfied with his youthful face and the strength brimming in his muscles. They both liked each other.

Within his first year did he find he rather enjoyed Gil's company over a pretty girl's. He found himself developing feelings for the other boy, and as they grew closer, he felt more confident in himself. They sat together in classes, had begun to work together despite being from different houses. The professors and headmaster encouraged students to meet and make friends regardless of houses, and Oki soon found he did not care about how different they were.

He is not particularly a star student, and not every head boy and head girl is. There are some accomplishments under his belt, such as being closely involved with the herbology classes, passing them with flying colors and mastering his use of ice magic. He was more interested in learning to fight with a sword and practice fighting than he was in Quidditch, and his skillful use of the blade was noted to be excellent. His professors have said he has a notably good heart beneath the reckless and temperamental facade, the strength and tenacity of the wolf, and is protective of his fellow students. Particularly protective of his fellow Gryffindors. His loyalty, focus, willpower and strength of heart had earned him the spot of head boy.

Oki is not particular to abusing his role or being a domineering head boy; interested mostly in the safety of his fellow students. When the headmaster told him he would also be in charge of the prefects, and learning that Gil had become a prefect, his initial reaction was surprise. The wise headmaster was not ignorant to his relationship, and coyly told him not to abuse his position too much just because the head boy and prefects would not be monitored like children anymore. Naturally, he used it as an opportunity to meet his boyfriend in secluded places.

To his pleasant surprise, their relationship had developed into a strong one and they were a force to be reckoned with. People did not judge them as he thought they would. He has been with him since their first year, and their relationship has developed as they have grown older. With becoming young adults, comes young adult interests. They have not grown less romantic in any way, but there is a stronger passion and an interest to know each other more intimately. He is always eager to know him more intimately, and Gil does quite like to be coyly kittenish at times. It's enough to make him hungry for him, but it never ceases to amuse him and make his passion for him burn hotter.

The astronomy tower is a place with a mystical feeling. It makes him excited because of what the place means, but it is also romantic in a way. He has no reference for why it is romantic, but he just enjoys the prospect of viewing the stars and constellations with the boy he's been seeing for five years now. It's almost astonishing to think he'd been seeing him for so long, but unlike some young adults his age, he has not been tempted to leave Gil for anyone else. There has been no temptations, perhaps because he is not as driven by the traits of people that make them desirable when he is already seeing someone.

What gives him away is the gentle click-click of claws. A burly wolf steps out of the shadows, the points of his ears pricked forward, pink tongue brushing his nose as he scents the air. Gil smells sweet; a mix of his own natural scent, and perhaps something to make him smell more desirable. Not that he isn't desirable enough. He also very clearly smells the sweet fruit on his tongue, crunching between his white teeth. How he would like to taste the fruit on his tongue and lips. The wolf changes shape at that point, becoming his cloaked form; tall and broad-shouldered.

Oki's hood crumples and his mane of thick hair feathers around his shoulders. It's not tangled and unruly, just long and thick. He takes care to maintain it so he does not look like a wild man, and when it is clean, it is actually soft and smooth. Natural crimson sprouts from the center of his head, spilling into dark indigo hues. His wolf form is a dark indigo with thick crimson fur sprouting out of the head and down the back and cream-colored markings. His eyes are unnaturally scarlet, much like Gil's, and they peer out at him from between his locks as he brushes them away. The Gryffindor wears clothes different from their traditional robes beneath the cloak; a dark, contemporary tunic with long collars, unbuttoned past his collarbones to reveal a hint of his chest. A fang necklace is nestled against the dark skin there.

Gilgamesh is about as breathtaking as a siren. While he may not be singing to seduce him, his youthfully attractive face and golden hair is enough to make him venture closer. He had not smelled Filch or his bad-tempered cat, thankfully. He doesn't want to deal with anyone disrupting them, and thankfully most of the seventh years are respectful of each other's desire to be here for a certain occasion on certain nights. This is their night and he fully intends to spend all of it with his boyfriend. The slytherin's simper is full of promises, and he can see the dull shine of juice from biting into the plump apple. His heart always, without fail, pumps harder when he hasn't seen him for a moment. Oki would think after being together for a considerable amount of time, he would be accustomed to him and not feel like he was thirteen again. No, his chest tightens and his heart thumps, blood rushing both north and south as he feels their proximity close.

Too tempting, and easily driven by how handsome he is, Oki starts to dip his head somewhat. They are about the same height, there is not much adjusting needed. However, he should have guessed Gil would tease him by softly pressing his lips to the apple instead. He's just slightly jealous, but something warmer tingles in his chest; exhilarated by the notion of being made to wait. If he can't have his lips, that's fine. His gaze cuts to the empty suitcase and the thick, cozy blankets and pillows. A thin brow arches somewhat, eyes practically lighting up with delight for a moment.

"Mm. It looks like you already set everything up, how could I possibly outdo what you have already put together?" His naturally deep tone rises to an amused pitch, soft brown lips tugging into a smirk. Make it up to him? He is not particularly well-versed in romance, Gil has been his only relationship ever. However, he has been eager to learn more about how to please his lover. He has given Gil many different trinkets at this point, handwoven most of them. Oki is the type of lover to give materialistic gifts, and he wonders if there is a place during their freetime where he could take him on a date outside of the school grounds.

His fingers just begin to graze his lover's robes, the pads of his fingers starting to slowly rub against the thin material around his arms. It's almost as exciting as bare skin, and in many ways, it is the same. It's denying himself the feeling of his lover's lips, his skin, that is almost as exciting. "What is it you want?" His fingers slide over Gil's hand then, gently turning the apple so he may lick the juicy bite he had taken out of it. Gil has changed him in many ways, and giving him more confidence in their relationship is one of them.


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aresto momentum
his dating this boy had been an adjustment for not only himself but his parents and friends as well. gilgamesh had been popular from the very moment he arrived, with his charming grin, his general aesthetic, and the fact he knew how to make people like him. did he like half of the people around him? no, not particularly. it was in his nature, his family's nature, to be the type of people that surrounded themselves with others that may, eventually, be of use to them. gil did not skimp on that detail and he did his best to befriend almost everyone he saw because, one day, it may be useful. one day he might need the assistance of that huge, bumbling oaf of a hufflepuff that could use charms better than anyone else he knew; with the exception of himself. as far as schooling went, he was expected to perform to the best standards, to get top marks in everything he could. not that he'd suffer many consequences, but seeing as how gil was so overwhelmingly arrogant, he was very confident in his intelligence, and he worked outrageously hard to get to where he was. where his parents would have wanted him to aim for head boy, he took a slightly different approach to that.

he got the head boy, that was absolutely certain, but definitely not in the capacity his parents had expected. being prefect was enough for him, being at the top three highest marking students in all of hogwarts was enough for him, he didn't really need anything other than that. his parents were on the better end of madly in love with their only child and as long as he performed, he could pretty much do what he wanted. in part, they felt like his relationship with the boy he met his first year had been some manner of rebellion; perhaps they'd done him wrong somewhere, maybe they weren't around enough—both aurors, how 'around' could they be?—or maybe they just hadn't given him enough love and attention as a child. gil had known he had his parents wrapped around his finger from the moment he was born and he was not lacking for anything at home, his relationship was simply something that happened.

it had started very simply, maybe too easily in gil's case, who just happened to have a knack for figuring people out; too smart for his own good, some professors said. gil's own reputation within the dating world had been profound—he was not afraid to go for the things he wanted, in any aspect of his life, and he was known to be almost too indulgent when it came to the attention of those around him. be it girl or boy, the idea never really mattered, and he'd dare anyone to try and hassle him about it now that his reputation was so great. unlike a few of the slytherins he knew of the same caliber as himself, he was more than interested in meeting people in all the houses, found that rivalries were pretty dumb in the long run when they were all here to learn and make something of themselves. having friends was just an added social concept and, frankly, the more people he had around him, the more attention he could garner.

people had been wary of oki at first, because he seemed strange to them, and frankly, gil was always up for a challenge. he'd since learned that he came from a very different walk of life than gilgamesh had, than most of the other students here, and that was interesting on its own. it was definitely not the first time he'd taken a genuine interest in someone, and he kept his close friends very close, but he liked to think he'd allowed oki this honor of becoming close enough to him to be able to see beneath all his charm and grace. had he been able to predict the future adequately, he wouldn't have immediately put them together. not in the way they were, at least. gil wouldn't have wanted to see where their relationship would take them anyway, he'd far prefer the way things happened naturally, and how very slowly he realized that, perhaps, he could easily settle. it didn't stop him from being wildly popular, from flirting with everyone he saw for a while, at least for the first year they were feeling out their interest in a relationship that went beyond friends. flirting was natural for gilgamesh, but he was vastly more aware of what he did and when he did it now, as he'd rather not make oki question the depth of his loyalty.

however, and there is one flaw that gilgamesh usually does his best to hide; a general embarrassment when it came to speaking the truth of his feelings. it wasn't as if his parents didn't spill 'i love you' from their lips like wine from a bottle, but that was his parents, and he was meant to love them. he'd never, in his life, had a crush on any of his fellow students, but simply loved the idea of the adoration they'd given him through the years. how he'd even managed to snag a long-term, dedicated lover was beyond him, as by all accounts, gil didn't really seem the type to most. he and oki had both had to learn the art of opening up and gil fully hated feeling at all vulnerable, which was how he always felt when his affectionate gestures were called out. brows drawing a bit, lips cut into a small pout, he felt flustered quite suddenly. which was really a shame, because he was going for sultry, and that clearly had gotten lost along the way. no matter, he could get it back. it was something like a game now, a very careful dance back and forth between this give and take. he liked that most about this relationship, because while others might try and take some kind of control over the generally unruly and arrogant gilgamesh, it was a very even balance between them. he surmised that many would have tried to tame oki as well, which was surely not his intention, because where would the fun be in that? they were, the more he thought about it, quite a startlingly good match.

red eyes dropped lazily to watch fingers slide over his robes, close, but not at all close enough to touching him the way he wanted. however, he still felt the heady weight of anticipation crawl into his stomach as though it belonged there. not one to actually give in so easily, his lips quirked into an impish little smirk as he hummed in the back of his throat, as though he were contemplating the question. the actual touch to his skin is electric and he parts his lips, breath catching in his throat. they'd been together for years already now and every single time they managed to make it feel like it was the first time sharing intimacy all over again. he loved that feeling. gil did not try and pull his hand away, but he did reach forward, eyes falling to the fang around the other's neck. careful to barely even just brush oki's skin, he hooked one finger into the band it hung from, and gently tugged. he made absolutely sure that they were as close as could be while not fully touching, leaning so he could share breathing space, his cat-like eyes hooded. "there are only so many hours before morning," he purred, cocking his head to press inwards, lips moving against oki's as he spoke. there was too much gil wanted, it would take too long to recount them all. "i desperately want you."

OKIKURUMI who lets me do gil replies ever, he never shuts up what the heck. but i'm actually dying, gil's so lame.

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Many had thought Oki cheated his way into earning the title. He is not a traditional head boy, by any means, but meets the requirements. His academic achievements made him stand out for one, as well as his strong desire to protect and stand up for his friends. The Headmaster must have seen something within him, perhaps the makings of a good leader. Oki is the type to be tenacious and fierce like a wolf, when it comes down to it, but he takes his rank with pride and offers his aid when possible. It is not his desire to abuse what he was given, though sometimes he thinks Gilgamesh would have been more suitable. His boyfriend, intelligent and charismatic as he is, would have surely enjoyed basking in the pride and honor of such a position. Nevertheless, Oki is able to use it as a way to tease him when they can revel in more easygoing times besides monitoring the student body or helping the newcomers.

His tribe is proud of him for his hard work. When he told them he was seeing a boy, his parents’ only disappointment was that he would not provide them with grandchildren in the future. That sort of serious talk is not something a teenager wants to hear, and he’d grown upset by their comments, venting to Gilgamesh about hos ridiculous it was. However, they thought perhaps they had been too demanding about what they wanted for their son’s future, and decided more children was not the most important. They came to accept his choices, and he had told his parents more about him as their relationship became more serious. He wants to introduce Gilgamesh to the family, just to settle how serious their relationship is. Perhaps they can do so during the holiday; visiting one family, and then the other.

He finds it endearing to see how thoughtful his proud and cocky boyfriend can be. Better yet, how flustered he becomes when his affectionate gestures are openly appreciated. Oki has seen him grow uncomfortable at opening up more, perhaps feeling some sense of vulnerability. Gilgamesh had been one of the charismatic, flirtatious boys who’d drawn in so many admirers. He is not oblivious to how desirable the golden-haired, intelligent and charismatic prefect has been since their first year. He may still not be accustomed to being in an affectionate relationship, and Oki has outright told him before that they can split up if he'd rather find someone else. As much as it pains him to think about splitting up, he is possessive, and has not been in a relationship before. Gilgamesh is beautiful, desirable, and flirtatious, and Oki is soft on him. But it is no secret how aggressive he can be if someone tries to openly flirt with Gilgamesh.

He watches his lover’s expression turn from an impish simper, eyes ablaze with sultry promises, to a brief pout. It makes him smirk in turn, a small noise like a huff and a chuckle rolling from his throat. Often times does he still find himself reflecting on how they happened to work out so well. The way they meshed was rather natural, though he feels he was also drawn to his energy. Gilgamesh is full of life.

The way Gilgamesh toys with him, even if he’s just barely starting, always does make him heat up. The heat rises from his chest and spreads to his neck and face, breath hitching gently as he is urged closer by the strong, though nimble tug of his finger. The faint flavor of sweet apple juice lingers on his lips as his lover purrs close to his mouth, practically touching. His tongue brushes his own lips, close enough to barely grazing the other’s mouth as they linger close. While his boyfriend may have the will to be more patient, making a game out of not acting on the impulse to touch him just yet, Oki is sometimes the brazen one. While he revels in the feeling of just barely balancing on not fully touching, lips lingering close without indulging, there is a point where he aches and hungers. His calloused fingers gently rub the fabric of his arms again, and then his strong shoulders. Without a doubt, this is always exciting to him. He doesn’t see how other students could grow bored with their relationships; he is always thrilled to have Gilgamesh close to him, especially like this. Gradually, the pads of his fingers move to the seams of his cloak, where he can push the fabric off of his shoulders.

“Is that so?” His deep voice rumbles, reaching a more intimately graveled tone; enticed. “I can remedy that. I wouldn’t be here for any other reason but to be with you.” It may sound corny coming out of his mouth, but at least Gilgamesh can take some smug satisfaction in knowing he speaks the truth. Oki is a very straightforward young man; he has no reason to act otherwise. One palm slides over his shoulder and down, because he simply cannot stop himself from touching him; finger and thumb caressing the nipple beneath the fabric of his clothing. Dipping his head forward, the moist heat of his mouth encases his boyfriend’s ear before Gilgamesh can keep him away much longer. “I’ll take you up on spending every hour of the evening with you.” He will then feel a light pinch as eyeteeth close around his ear.

GILGAMESH | gil it's ok, you can be as lame as you want and oki will still want you

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aresto momentum
gil knew that a lot of his peers were not in agreement over the decision that oki should be head boy. frankly, none of them really knew him as well as gil did, for very obvious reasons, and he thought oki was perfect for it. there were a few people that were pretty deserving of the spot, himself included, but he didn't really want it. he knew himself well enough to know that he'd take advantage of the position way, way too often. not that he didn't take some advantage of his own prefect position, as well as oki's head boy status, but he knew it'd be even worse if the roles were reversed. his boyfriend liked to tease about it and gilgamesh chose to ignore that; his pride was sometimes a fragile thing but coming from oki it was usually alright. anyone else would get the promise fo a curse being placed on them, and that went for anything people heckled him about—grades especially, because he knew he was third best in the school, but he was still one of the best and that's how he consoled himself. being an only child, pampered and spoiled, did not really prepare him for anyone being better than he was. he and oki were not so similar, but they weren't so unalike that it was too difficult to get along. oki had a sense of camaraderie and while he was kind of the strong silent type that appeared to not be very good at connecting with others. in that regard, that's one of the reasons why people thought gil would make a better head boy, however, he saw all the things about oki that most didn't. they were both prideful and strong in their own ways, and oki would do anything he could for the greater good. gil, well, he wasn't so entirely sure he'd be that pragmatic. people, as a whole, were not important to gil, the people that mattered were those closest to him, but he would definitely do anything he could for them at the very least. oki was someone to be admired and, though gil wouldn't really say it in so many words, he did quite admire his boyfriend.

he thought about it sometimes, all those things that had drawn him to oki in the first place. gil wouldn't want to admit this either, but he hadn't quite meant to get this close initially. he'd wanted to feel the other boy out, had been generally curious about him and the fact he was culturally different; gil himself came from money, from a sense of aristocracy, especially because his parents were aurors. oki seemed far simpler than all that and it had intrigued him, because above all his need for attention and adoration, he did also quite enjoy learning all he could. whatever it was about the other boy that stuck with him, he wasn't entirely sure, but something had and it had drawn him back every single time. at first it was daunting, because it was something gil was unfamiliar with, when they finally breached that line from friends to something else. his parents were great role models as far as love was concerned and he hadn't been worried that he wouldn't be good at this, but he also knew he wasn't entirely the poster child for romantic gestures. he could count on one hand how often his parents told him they loved him in the last five years and all gil's notions were based on material offerings—what could he buy someone to show them that he cared. it was how he'd been shown affection when he was younger, so that was just automatically how he tried to show it when they first started dating. gilgamesh was all about the grand faire and everything he did was with pride, pomp, and circumstance. he'd learned to be more subtle and he'd learned to be more genuine. at this stage of their relationship, he was unafraid to openly show his devotion in public, but it had taken some time to get there. little things like this, however, were maybe a bit harder, because he really had to put his mind to it.

one thing that he knew he was quite good at, and it was really just natural, was his penchant for the teasing build-up. there was something absolutely thrilling in it for him, to know that he could goad in such a way that would, eventually, make that need to finally indulge even stronger. knowing that he was wanted was, possibly, the biggest turn on for him. not that the rest of it wasn't as good, because frankly he was just so indulgent to begin with that all of it was good; from those moments where they flit around one another with teasing brushes and words, to the times where they absolutely could not. best of all was that he never once felt like there was any off-kilter balance of power. gil did a lot of introspection on the subject of their relationship, mostly when he was alone and before falling asleep at night, but he thought about how many people believed himself to be controlling and manipulative, and that wasn't untrue, but there had never been a real point in their relationship where he felt like he'd been controlling. in that same breath, he never felt like he was at all powerless either, save for those moments perhaps where he asked for it in one way or another, but he never truly felt like he was trying to be controlled. all in all, he was honestly infatuated. there were no other words for it, why just being so close and not even touching could have his heart beating wildly. he absolutely loved his time spent with his boyfriend and other than a few of his best friends, he spent all of said extra time with oki to begin with. he was actually so incandescently happy, he was entirely convinced that they would be together for an incredibly long time. well, if he had any say in it, of course, because he knew that there were times oki had explicitly stated that gil was free to find someone else. thankfully, gil was equally as vocal and he had promptly assured him he was being incredibly stupid. he hoped that he did enough to show oki that he was as happy as he felt, if not, he'd seriously need to step up his game.

the apple still lingered in his fingers, his grip on it waning, but not actually wanting to let it drop to the floor yet. he'd forgo using it as a taunting device anymore, since he was far, far more interested in what oki was doing with his fingers. gil only had one hand of his own right now, but he shifted his weight, allowed the animagus to ease his cloak down with absolutely no care to the fact it fluttered at their feet. he cocked his head slightly, a bit of an amused quirk of his lips—he didn't mind clichés like he thought he might. in fact, they were rather more endearing than he anticipated, but he supposed that could also just be his company. in those moments where they're slow and meticulous, all about gentle brushes and the tease of words, gil found himself almost hyper-sensitive, found that things felt like they were more than usual. he wasn't sure how he felt about that, but this was definitely one of those moments, where the purr of words and the heat of breath against his skin had him slightly tipping backwards as if to try and extend this game of cat and mouse. sometimes he lasted longer than others. all at once his breath hitched, words spoken directly into his ear drawing an involuntary shiver, gil lightly dug his teeth into his lower lip. the sentiment surely added an extra layer on top of the growing need he already had; it was as filthy as it was romantic. by the time his boyfriend's teeth grazed at his ear, gil had found his hard-pressed resolve faltering, and the apple fell from his hand with a dull thud against the wooden floor. that hand came to oki's shoulder, the other lightly pressed at his chest as he turned his head slightly out of his reach. gil was quick, however, to dip his own head, seeking out oki's lips for the kiss he'd denied him earlier.

OKIKURUMI this just in, gil and i are both gay. more on this story @ 11. this is also the longest he's gone without actually speaking words i'm floored.

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The teasing is worth seeing Gilgamesh’s flustered face, and it’s never anything more than an innocent, sometimes suggestive means to tease them for their ranks. ‘If the head boy is in charge of the prefects, then I expect to find you patrolling the corridor by the Potions class. There are some rebellious second years needing to be sorted out.’ That’s usually the case, but sometimes, it’s just a way to corner his boyfriend so they can snog for a moment. Oki knows Gilgamesh is great in anything he puts his mind to. Arrogant as he may be, he is proud of him, and he encourages him. In the public eye, he doesn’t need encouragement. However, he knows how taxing it can be on a student to constantly be expected to perform at their best. He encourages Gil to confide in him if he needs to speak about anything. He’s not worried he needs much encouragement, regardless. He is there for him whenever he needs him, and it has only made their relationship stronger.

Their chemistry was strange at the beginning. Oki was perhaps a little infatuated with the handsome and overconfident, charismatic boy. He shined bright, and he was the type who reveled in attention, the type Oki would not expect himself to become attracted to. But he grew to know him better, and found he wasn’t quite as self-centered as he thought. At the beginning, he thought of all the stereotypical things that came with Gilgamesh being a full-blood from an aristocratic background. However, those stereotypes had long been stamped down. Gil would never bother to keep up such a charade, if it had been for his own gain. He just wasn’t that petty, as much as he enjoys the attention. Oki could see he was better than that and had some dignity. Better yet, he was glad to find Gilgamesh to be genuinely happy with their relationship. As was he, finding they meshed surprisingly well. Neither of them had any desire to fight for power, nor did they have any hidden motives in mind. He could see Gil genuinely try to make their relationship into something lasting, and it was by no means one-sided. He, too, enjoyed spoiling his boyfriend at times by giving him gifts. In his tribe, it was considered to be special when a man gave his lover an engraved dagger. He had given Gil an enchanted dagger, one that glowed a brilliant silver-blue color, engraved by his own hand.

Mouths meld together, and he reciprocates with barely contained passion. This is the best outcome of being made to endure teasing build-up, his boyfriend’s resolve finally breaking, the apple dropping from his hand and tasting him. “Mnh…” Heat sears in his face when their lips meet, but not from embarrassment. Gil causes him to heat up in ways he’d never before imagined he could. It reaches his face, his neck, the heat caresses his stomach, it burns pleasantly in his loins. The gentle hand on his chest, as light as it is, makes his flesh tingle. Oki’s fingers search for those golden blonde strands.

Soft. Always so soft. The backs of his nails glide up his neck, through his hair and against his scalp. Gently, letting the pads of his fingers feel and slide through his soft hair, he just cannot fathom how soft and perfect his hair is. Softer yet, is his skin. Gil takes such care of his body, and he adores how soft and handsome he is. He tastes sweet. The lingering taste of apple on his lips, sweet and subtle, and the gesture is not brief if he can help it. His lips yearn for the warm, plush feel of his lover’s mouth, but he tries to be slow. Nothing satisfying ever comes out of being too fast, too brazen. With a soft sigh, he parts to gaze into his eyes. He is searching for the same fire that begins to burn within his own body, but does not doubt it is there.

“Gil, I … want you.” The hand caressing his chest slips to find the seam of his shirt, seeking out his flesh. The warm, slightly calloused pads of his fingers glide against his warm skin. Beneath his hand, he can feel his boyfriend’s chest dip with each breath and quiver with a sharp hitch of breath. His mouth, yearning to taste him again, fervently seeks out his lips once more. At the same time, he moves closer, as close as he can be, while his palm slips around to press against the small of Gil’s back.

GILGAMESH | oki gay as fuck too. also he'll be making some kind of noise before long, i guarantee it. 👀

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truth be told, gil was pretty sure that oki actually enjoyed those moments where he could boss his boyfriend around. though, perhaps, "boss" was not really the proper term, since he'd never really seen oki boss anyone around in his life. he wasn't quite that type of person, unlike gilgamesh, who would boss anyone around, given the chance. fortunately, gil's own means of getting people to do what he wanted them to was done mostly through cunning means. far be it from him to believe that oki didn't have his own subtle ways of manipulating his slytherin companion, but if the gryffindor was getting the better of him, gil was none the wiser. he didn't mind, either. if oki could get him to do something he had initially not planned on via sneaky methods, that was all the more attractive. he could appreciate that far more than perhaps any simpering or outright obnoxious manner of getting the blonde to do what he wanted. thankfully, their wants oftentimes aligned and gilgamesh made his his general goal to be pretty agreeable; he never really liked to argue anyway. his parents did not argue, they actually talked out their problems, and gil thought that was a good way to be, so any issues that arose, he was surely vocal with them. he figured this was, in part, why they had stood through the test of ephemeral teenage romance.

gil doesn't always give in first. in fact, he prides himself on being as much of a tease as he possibly can be. not for any reason other than he just likes to see how much oki can come to want whatever it is that he was offering. he delights in driving oki high enough to the point where he's finished with gil's subtle antics and refuses to participate in their back and forth anymore and, when he's the one to cave under the weight of what he wants, he's sure his boyfriend chalks it up as a personal win. the point of tonight, however, was this very thing entirely; spending time in each other's company and gilgamesh had little time for his usual coquettish nature. it could have been much worse and gil could have easily denied him continuously, but that was never really his game either because, frankly, he enjoyed their intimacy way too much to make himself wait too long for it. he shudders the smallest amount, just a little tremor that makes his pulse stutter, when the other's hand presses through his hair. whether it was the gentle rake of fingers or the act of grabbing a fistful, gil had a certain fondness for having his hair played with. he is nothing but pliant and eager, as always, and he can taste both the heat of oki's mouth and the brief hint of the crispness of apple leftover. he could, probably, spend an eternity kissing; he found that out very early. to think that he would be content to simply do that was a shock.

he has no words for a brief moment, lets the weight of the sentiment linger. he likes to hear it and, yes, he likes to hear that anyone wants him for any reason, but the sound of it is far better in this context. he doesn't answer, only lets the quirk of his lip and the sharp, pointed nature of his gaze speak for him. a stroke to his ego, but he is not unwilling to stroke it back. there's little chance to do as such, not when his lips are being claimed again, and this time he makes a quiet noise which is swallowed by oki's own mouth. fingers finally get their way into his shirt and he doesn't really remember unbuttoning it, but surely oki must have since he was touching skin directly. unabashedly, even as he tips into oki, lightly bites down on his lower lip, he drops his hands to start fully unbuttoning his shirt; he's got the buttons undone and barely shrugs his shoulders when his boyfriend's hand is at his back and he's being pulled forward. a low chuckle from his throat and gil finally finishes brushing off his shirt, since it seems oki is so intent on touching him immediately. gil was a fan of being patient, for the most part, and while being quick and easy was one thing, it was definitely fun to take your time. seeing as how they planned to be here all night, he wasn't really concerned over how fast this first round went. even still, it was going to stop him from going slowly himself.

"well, it is lucky i am here for you, then," he breathes, warm against the other's lips when he breaks apart long enough to get the words out. long past the point of giving him issues, now that he knows how oki's clothes work, its far easier to try and divest him of them. however, gil pauses and does not; instead, he disentangles himself, runs a hand through his hair. "but how do you want me? that's the real question," his grin is all impish charm, deviousness behind an angelic face. gilgamesh decides for himself when he moves away and towards the soft little nest he'd set up, spinning on his heel he sets himself down and lounges—half-dressed and in no way shy about it either, mostly because he knows what kind of picture he makes with a lightly craned neck, legs crossed over one another, and amusement in his cat-like eyes.

OKIKURUMI well he's making noise again but i mean like n.....not the way u meant it l o l

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