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Posted by: ARTHUR PENDRAGON Dec 14 2017, 04:06 AM
in dark and light they will know of the joy of creation

the surreal landscape of twilight was perfect. it was the marriage between day and night, the same as the dawn, and in the twilight, his partner ruled. the sky had been painted and streaked orange and pink, yellow sunshine fronds dipping into neon colors. when night came, arthur slept, when day came, his dark god...well, to be fair, his dark god rarely ever slept. arthur hadn't been born in this position, he'd been created out of a need for balance and order in this world. he didn't always exist and then, one day, he did. raised by the creatures of light, he'd been warned over basking in the darkness for too long. perhaps he hadn't been fully and adequately warned about the dark god or arthur wouldn't have tried to strike up a friendship. or whatever it was that he tried to do. as far as he was concerned, it would be beneficial for them to work together, since they lived in the same world. he didn't think that the so-called dark god wanted to ruin the world they lived in, since he lived here too, but he certainly wasn't pleased by arthur's appearance and his new title of solar queen.

high in the clouds, arthur perched on a quartz throne inside the marble pantheon created in his honor. open windows all around let the light in and, when darkness rolled along, his servants closed the slats to block out the darkness, and the large, circular skylight was covered. lights were lit all around to keep whatever superstitions at bay. arthur didn't keep his relationship with the dark god a secret and no one let him forget that he shouldn't be involved with the older ruler. however, arthur knew a lot about him that no one else did, including the fact he was kind and generous and he'd do anything that arthur asked. that one was kind of a surprise, not to mention it'd taken a long time for them to get there. he honestly wasn't sure how they got to that point, when their innocent start to a friendship turned into all of this. sometimes he wondered if he wasn't really made to keep the dark god in check, to provide balance to his slightly unstable life, rather than just balance the world.

waiting patiently was incredibly difficult. arthur was excitable and bubbly, far too anxious to wait for his dark god to come collect him. he'd been warned so often that the man had ulterior motives and, honestly, if he wanted to do away with the solar queen, said solar queen wouldn't protest. he'd let it happen, even if he should have more respect for his own life. but they'd created so many wonderful things together, bound creations of dark and light--dragons, they'd made dragons together. both helpful and feral, sure, but light can't exist without dark (and vice versa, of course). he didn't think that his dark god had any terrible plans for him, but honestly, arthur wasn't scared. he couldn't be, not when he knew how sweet and caring the other could be. then again, he'd only been slightly intimidated the first few times, but after that he just felt a strange sort of kinship. a bird gently singing by his throne went quiet suddenly, and arthur's eyes flicked up towards the entrance where everyone else was now falling silent. hopping immediately from his throne, full of bright smiles and elegant movements, he hastily trotted towards the main entryway and out into the main courtyard.

he'd been dismounting from his dark ride when arthur greeted him, smiling gently, hands clasped. the creature the dark god rode would be otherwise labeled as 'grotesque' in its terrifying quality. thick bat-like wings, a strangely lithe body that was far, far more powerful than it looked, and a long tail tipped in spikes that poisoned. its legs were powerful and built for fighting, while its maw long and covered in rows of gnashing sharp teeth. it caught sight of the queen, however, and bowed its head towards him. the solar queen chuckled and reached out both hands, gently fussing over the animal's sleek head. the sound it made was inhuman and ghastly, but arthur knew it to be pleased; all around it the animal seemed to make slight glitches in the air. honestly, he'd always been fascinated by it. "are we going somewhere today?" he asked, idly glancing towards the prying eyes of some of his servants.

OPEN + so basically, arthur here is known as the 'solar queen'; aka ruler of the daytime and all things "good" but also things like energy from the sun and other magical stuff like that. the 'dark god' is someone that formerly opposed him, came to destroy the solar queen, but wound up basically falling for arthur's sweetness and charm and how good he is. he's not renouncing his world of darkness, but yanno, he loves the lil solar queen, so they work together a lot! they've created a lot of fantastical items, some that harm, others that help, but the dark god lives in a world of darkness and starry skies and stuff. ok anyway i just want some feels and feelsy porn obvs

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