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Posted by: MIKAZUKI AUGUS Apr 15th 2018 06:50PM

whisk away your heartsigh

mikazuki augus

i'll never become a fool without a goal in mind

the basics

full name mikazuki augus
age 18
occupation farmhand
species human
pronouns he/him
usergroup zephyr
fandom mobile suit gundam: iron-blooded orphans

the powers

due to a system called the alaya-vijnana system that he receieved implants for three times (the highest number ever sustained by someone and lived), mika was granted incredible spatial awareness which allowed him to pilot the gundam barbatos, a mobile suit requiring high amount of skill to pilot. mika was one of the most experienced and skilled pilots in his group, which was one of the highest factors allowing him to pilot the barbatos. his piloting skills, and his ruthlessness in battle, earned him the nickname "devil" not only amongst tekkadan, but also amongst their enemies.

mika also possesses high combat skills, specialising in close combat in and out of the barbatos, and has no qualms about killing people whether it's for his own survival or the survival of those that he cares about. until he lost functionality in the entire right side of his body due to after-effects of his pushing his own alaya-vijnana system to grant the barbatos its full power, he was a capable fighter long before that, and even when he lost the functionality of his right eye and one arm.

the canon

end of ibo

(spoilers) after he dies.

there are dead in front of you, and you do not find it in yourself to feel remorse.


they do not deserve so much as the blink of an eye.


cold metal wrapped around your fingers. cold metal connected to your back, your neck, your spine, your very being trapped inside a system connecting you to a giant machine that fights and destroys and kills.


he has given you life, and your life belongs to him.

he has given you life. you have had no other reason but him.


you are not prideful. you have no pride to speak of, and you never will.

instead, you are made up of cold, calculated, wrath.



"what should i do next, orga?"


your parents were gone. you don't remember how, or why, but there are hushed whispers of death and murder. that is where you begin. that is where you will continue. you are whisked away to an orphanage and you never hear their names spoken again.


your best friend is in the form of a dark-skinned boy with wacky hair. you save his life when you are children, when a man tries to kill you both.

at the same time a gun is fired in one world of yourself, a knife is thrust in another.


"what should I do next, orga?"

a toothy grin.

"we find somewhere where we both belong, of course. we need to get far away from here, mika."

a quizzical look.

"what is that place like?"

a shrug, a flustered look.

"I dunno, but we'll find it."


you follow to the ends of the earth.


a small girl on the streets struggling for food. you ask a bakery owner to give whatever food she could to you with whatever money you had to feed her. she takes the girl in and gives her a job. she is forever indebted to you.

(atra mixta. small, fluffy hair. eyes that held nothing but love. atra. her name is atra.)

your bracelets are connections. a clumsy friendship bracelet made by a child who loves you. you don't really notice that for a while, but you treasure that bracelet with all of your heart.


you're drafted into a military security company, and implanted with the alaya-vijnana system that allows you to drive the mobile workers. you already make history from a young age with you being implanted three times, and orga twice, and surviving. that's already a feat no one else could make.

he makes friends within your sector. you follow him. they become friends.

one day, you stage a coup - and take over.

you want to become respectable members of society. you want to become kings.


she teaches you to read and write. a girl wanting to change the world, fighting for peace. a girl that, after you stage the coup, after you change the name of the company to something that signifies something more of your own, you are given care of.

she tries her best to understand the world that she has come to. you do not hate her for not understanding. you just find it amusing.

you take her to the farm where your atra works, with sisters of one of your friends. you teach her that things are not as easy where you have come from, that your friend's salary helps pay for the farm.

you tell her you'd like to own a farm one day. it's a much more simple life.

(kudelia aina bernstein. big eyes and innocent face, smiling. her name is kudelia.)

you, and her, and her; you are meant to be together. unified by the bracelets on your wrists.


your group grows, you become fluent in reading and writing, and you start to make an impact in the world.

you have allies and friends, companies working together to make ends meet and to make sure that you all survive.


the turbines are an interesting addition to your group, but you all work well together. the girls are interesting.

the blood oath made between orga and naze interests you, and you see your name written for the first time. three moons.

as naze said - you are all a family.


(you are all nothing more than debris, after all. scattered about in time and space, left to survive by yourselves.)

your friends die to suits of steel and weapons, you find yourself fighting more people, but if that's what he wants you to do, then that's okay. you fight to the death for all of them.

biscuit dies and orga is heartbroken. you had no chance to save him - you were not there. you are angry.

shino dies trying to end it all, but she manages to stop him, and you can do nothing as one of your oldest friends is lost to the destuction of space.

some of the turbines are murdered in cold blood. you see akihiro change after the death of lafter - is that what love is like?

eventually you cannot walk without being connected to the suit. you wake up without the feeling of cables and wires in your neck, and the feeling of not having them starts to become foreign.

(sometimes you wonder when you are going to die.)


you and atra make a baby. you don't think anything of it. that would be one of the last times you see her before everyone has to escape.

orga dies while he's away trying to make connections, make amends, to lead you all to the place you were meant to go - your connection of eons means you feel it.

what do i do next, orga?

you didn't get to say goodbye.


the final showdown with mcgillis, with the purple-haired fuck that nearly killed biscuit's sister, with that damned blonde woman who had been the cause of shino's death.

the final showdown saw the rest of them get away to a new, safer world, for them to be safe, for atra to be able to raise your child and for kudelia to take care of them all. you and akihiro stay behind, two war machines with determination of steel and wrath of the devil, to ensure their safety.

even when akihiro finally falls, you are still standing.

"tekkadan no akuma."

the devil of tekkadan is truly what you become in that final moment. even as you give up everything your body holds to give the barbatos whatever power you can, for you to continue to clash swords with julieta as they try their best to fell you, your will to save everyone, your will to fulfill what would be orga's last wish, keeps you alive until the crucial moment for them to get away.

they make it.

as her reginlaze's sword comes crashing down towards the barbatos' neck, your vision turns black. you're sitting back to back with orga.

finally, you both can go home.


you wake up, sprawled on the floor in some strange new place that wasn't earth and that wasn't the blood-stained fields of mars. it's bright and you squint as someone offers to help you up, but you can't even lift your arm.

so even after death - or was this death? - you still had lost all of your body functions. this was going to be interesting without hush or someone to carry you around.

this person makes a face and helps lug your deadweight body to a hospital where they can get you a wheelchair - odd technology, this - and you are given a brochure so you can choose where to live. you're immediately drawn to zephyr, with its countryside aura and the chance of you being able to fulfill the dream you didn't quite get to make with everyone else.

you're in no way capable of being able to own your own farm yet, but a kindly old man allows you to work for him in the fields, mostly just tending to the crops in whatever way you can.

after death, it's certainly a more peaceful life. you feel empty without orga, or atra, or kudelia, or anyone else that you were used to - the man always comments about how deadpan you always seem, but there is no way for you to summon any kind of joy or emotion from the pits of your body. you hoped to find orga here, since this seems to be the place to come after death, but there has been nothing. no wacky hair or dark skin or mischievous smile that always reminded you of that day when you were a child.


it's a peaceful life, a peaceful two years, but it's devoid of anything worth caring for.


mika isn't an average human. he's actually from mars, for a start, and enhanced with a system that makes his senses and his fighting ability a lot stronger than an average human, although now he's crippled beyond repair and in a wheelchair. he's had a... uh... interesting life, being an orphan, and then being drafted into a military security company with his childhood best friend, leading to a coup, taking over, and following said best friend to the ends of the earth. he learned to pilot the gundam barbatos, an essentially giant fighting robot, that was the cause of him losing the ability to walk due to the alaya-vijnana system that allowed him to pilot it. tekkadan, as their company became known, made a lot of enemies and some friends throughout the series, but after they put their trust in the wrong person they brought a lot of people down on them, and a lot of mika's friends died, including his childhood friend. in helping them get away, mika and another friend lost their lives defending their exit route until they all got away. now mika's been a farmhand in zephyr for around two years and he's pretty much dead inside because everything he actually cared about is gone, he can't walk, and he doesn't have the energy to find anything else to care about. (spoiler alert, he has a son who's the spitting image of him that he's never met kthx.)


he's known for being monotone and deadpan, and mika doesn't really make the effort to be friends with anyone. he's tolerant for the most part, so if you're lucky you might be acquaintances with him. other than that, he doesn't really bother unless you persist with him (example: kudelia), and then he might start paying attention to you if you leave an impact on him. other than that he's just like "eh."


so mika has a temper, and he will pick a fight with anyone if they manage to set him off (he nearly choked gaelio to death at one point because he nearly hit one of biscuit's sisters with his car), and even though he's in a wheelchair and can only use one arm he'll still manage to break a bone (enhanced strength and all that). he probably hasn't made many enemies here because he mostly keeps to himself, but if he sees something or someone doing something he doesn't like, you'll probably be on his shitlist, even if that means turbo-boosting his wheelchair into the back of your knees.


mika being mika, he has no interest in romance at this moment. he was fully dedicated to his relationship with atra and kudelia in the ibo universe (in the mika-way), and it's doubtful that he'll be looking at anyone else anymore, if at all, because he's just dead inside and all that. he's kind of married to his vegetables rn.

the player

alias levia
timezone gmt
pronouns she/her
mature content sure



Posted by: LAUZ May 9th 2018 07:03PM
whisk away your heartsigh
congratulations on being accepted and welcome to heartsigh! now that you've been accepted you should definitely go,, and! make sure that your mini profile is also filled out properly. once you're done all that, maybe you'll want to so we can learn all about you! we're so excited to have you ❤
welcome to the site

Posted by: MUNECHIKA MIKAZUKI May 19th 2018 09:41PM
i think mostly mikazuki's husband calls him mika, idk how many other people do, so there may not be a LOT of confusion at least! but my sword boy is used to all sorts of people and i think he'd handle mika just fine!!! i mean, look at kogitsunemaru, he's a fox, he's a mess. jk he's not that bad but he had to deal with a few swords that are all uncouth and shit as well, and he's dealt with the young swords, and basically he's everyone's grandpa, so let him be ur grandpa, mika =/ HE'D BE SO DELIGHTED THO. TO SEE SOMEONE WITH THE SAME NAME!!!! but ur right, mika does look kind of pretentious, but he's also so soft and smiley and gentle, and i think that really comes through in his mannerisms and overall way he handles himself and others; plus apparently people in zephyr love him--idk that became canon lol--and he's pretty popular and he's just a sweet, sarcastic boi. my sword boy goes everywhere in zephyr! he's running it the best he can, so he wants to connect to everyone, and he used to have to do chores back home anyway, so he's done some farming he's just, uhm....bad at it. he never really had to do any work, he's used to being pampered, but he's always determined to work hard! he just sucks. but he visits everywhere in zephyr, he likes to meet people, and explore, so he'd absolutely visit any farms that are around!

Posted by: MUNECHIKA MIKAZUKI Jun 1st 2018 01:32PM
them rounding up dumb pink slimes seems like a great opportunity to get them to interact xD a quick post from each of us then i can come in and post with a horde of pink slimes for the mikas to deal with, i love it! give me a little bit of time and i can do this for us, i have to eat and stuff first, and finish admin work and bleh >>

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