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Posted by: F. SCOTT FITZGERALD Dec 13 2017, 06:58 PM
truth hurts but secrets kill
if there was one thing about being a business man had taught fitzgerald about working with other people, it was that they seldom agreed upon things. that had been the case today as well as he'd sat in the cascata representative's office and argued the basis of this or that as they had to do in preparation of to the upcoming mayor's meeting before the winter gala. it was overall pointless and they'd wind up rehashing the subjects again at the mayor's meeting anyways, so it was mostly just a formality in the long run. the delivery of some papers, a signature here and there and then he was done. but by the end of it, he'd had a large enough headache that he didn't want to travel home right away. plus, cascata was known for it's famous relaxing hot springs - surely that would do to easy his mind and his muscles. while he knew that he'd told his staff he'd be home at a certain time, they were used to him breaking the schedule and returning hours later than planned, though this time it was for a very different reason.

with a soft sigh, he wrapped the warmed towel around his waist, feeling the cooler air nipping at his bare skin as he left his private changing room. that's what was nice about the hot springs, they catered to both public and private parties. so he might have wanted to bathe with others, but this time he wanted to enjoy his own hot spring and relax with only his mind for company. the corridor to the hot spring was supposed to be reserved for whichever guest was connected to that spring, a few doors lead off to other access areas where staff and other guests could walk through, but when it was rented out, no one but staff was supposed to be allowed back there. for the privacy of the guest as well as making sure that things weren't stolen from rooms like they occasionally were in the more public sections. his head was down in his phone, responding to various texts and emails, his hand holding his towel in place as he walked towards the private pool.

the blonde was so involved with his phone that he didn't hear the sound of another person walking, at least not until they ran right into him and his phone clattered to the ground with a noise that rang louder than anything else in the area. with a furious look on his face, he looked up at the unfortunate person that ran into him. "this is a private area, what are you doing here." it wasn't posed as a question, it was a demand that required a reply. he knew his haughty expression was one that screamed of someone that felt like they were above the other people in the rooms, it was partially true at this moment. francis was certain that this person was in the wrong, that this was all the other person's fault since this was his privately rented hot spring and there shouldn't have been anyone in the walkway or at the spring itself (which he was doubtful it would be empty if he was running into someone on the walkway that was labelled as private).

@open so basically fitz just got out of some very long representative meetings with cascata's representative and he's Exhausted. and now this happens, he's just. done. feel free to be a bystander who cuts in or the poor soul who is facing his wrath!

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