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Posted by: BLAKE LANGERMANN Nov 26 2017, 03:15 AM

when the sky falls down.

the skies had grown dark over the hours that he'd been sitting atop the tallest rocks while ocean waves raged around him. born of the water, rough waves, chilling rain, none of those things bothered him. overhead some thunder rolled as the wind picked up, ruffling his dark hair to and fro. a storm was settling in and blake couldn't say he wasn't calmed by it. despite the tumultuous nature of these waters during a storm, his island was generally well protected. the trees inland were strong and sheltered his home, not to mention, they hid it from anyone that might happen to stumble upon this island. not that anyone did because it was hidden from any maps, entirely uncharted and somewhat small; personal. it wasn't really how he liked it, seeing as how he really preferred being around groups of people. sometimes far too social to be considered something deadly and dangerous.

it wasn't like a siren to live on their own, but blake was always considered a really special case. alright, well, he was an outcast. there were no two ways about it, he was an outlier when it came to sirens. by nature, all sirens wanted to lure sailors to their deaths; predatory creatures at the top of the food chain. some sirens devoured these sailors, some sirens mated with them and then drowned them, some sirens just wanted to kill. it was very rare for a siren to want to befriend humans or even keep them for long periods of time. the sirens that did were usually cast out from whatever large groups they were a part of. blake had been cast out of his for more than one reason. loving a human had been the first and refusing to uphold tradition had been the second. as such, it was voted he be banished from his former tribe.

its how he wound up on this island, claimed as his own. frankly, he wasn't lonely, he was just disappointed. annoyed that he was cast aside because he didn't hold onto dated traditions of an immortal species that would be around long after humans. why not change and grow? more than that, he hated to know that the last human he'd bothered to get close to, the only human he got close to, had wound up being lured by another siren and drowned because it was against some unspoken set of rules of the tribe. bitter. it'd left him bitter more than anything else. even if he hadn't been exiled, blake liked to think he would have left anyway. it was better for him on his own, honestly. when the urge came to sing, as it usually did, he could do so without worrying that he was going to be luring anyone into something they'd ultimately be disappointed in. even though he really wanted to be around humans, it was particularly dangerous for him, just because of his naturally alluring aura. he didn't really want to start luring subconsciously.

the fine silk of his robe caught the breeze and drifted around him; heh, he had to be the only siren with a sense of modesty. ridiculous. the smell of a storm on the breeze comforted him as he took a breath and pitched his voice to sea. haunting and beautiful, that's how his voice had been described before. blake wasn't sure he agreed. so many of his siren sisters had prettier songs than he did, but because a siren's song came from their heart, it was a general reflection of the siren that sang it. in the end, his song was merely just sad. it carried the same way on the breeze that any other song did and, when the rain started to fall and the wind started to howl, it echoed him. the storm wasn't bad, but it created something of a counterpoint to the melancholy way he lifted his voice to match, staring bleakly out across the foggy waters.

open + alright so blake here is a very calm little siren, but he's very sad because he's an outcast since he doesn't wanna hurt people. so a storm is brewing and i'm figuring a fishing boat, maybe a pirate ship, winds up trying to take shelter here. basically, it gonna get steamy kids ;D blake's a good boy and needs a not crazy thread for once lol. be good to him.

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