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Posted by: CROW Dec 8 2017, 05:34 PM
enjoy like violence break the silence
before elysion, all crow had ever known were the ruins left behind by humanity and all the things that came with it. loneliness, a lack of understanding, too many questions with no real answers. combined with his memory loss, crow was practically thrown into the world with no idea about anything, but that didn't mean that he hadn't adapted fairly quickly. he had no idea about the world before or what even happened to it to put it into a state of disrepair and a very blatant lack of a population, but having everything to himself seemed a lot more fun than he imagined what the old world might have been before its inevitable demise. going wherever he pleased and claiming whatever he wanted as his fit the kind of lifestyle he would ultimately have after spending a while on his on, and he had gotten good at it too. to the point where he was still able to sneak into places that were locked up or pick up whatever he wanted to take with him. just the other day he had managed to pick up some money that was just lying around without an owner around to do anything about it. money, though, wasn't very important to crow in the long run. he couldn't eat like humans could, and with his ability to go anywhere at any given time without having to go through someone else, he didn't really need to pay to go anywhere either. he supposed that, in a weird kind of way, being a robot had its advantages. still didn't mean he would trade it all to be human, but whatever.

all that being said, and even with years in elysion being under his belt, crow still felt that urge to go out and increase his collection with newer shiny things to add to his growing collection. and outfit, to be honest. and while the ruins in halcyon weren't exactly the type of place he was used to, his scavenging senses were ringing all kinds of alarm bells whenever he thought about the place. hardly anyone ever went there, making it a perfect spot to go about as he pleased without the potential of anyone making him leave, and it sure was old enough to fit the bill of places that time had forgotten about to a perfect t. there were no abandoned amusement parks or anything like that, something that would have reminded him of a home he was more than sure that he would never see again, but it was decent for a place no one lived in anymore. it was strange for him to think about how nobody bothered to come by here for much of anything, not even to just look around for a bit. especially with so many people around, someone had to have thought of it before him? all he'd ever heard about the ruins before he'd gone to them for the first time was about how they were haunted (he was used to that) or how they were dangerous (used to that) or probably invested with things that would attack him if given the chance (used to that too). nothing anybody could say really convinced him into not going, and he wasn't the type to listen a lot of the time anyway.

tossing something over his head, crow appraised with the item beforehand a simple, "junk," before moving onto the next item to be found probably some thirty feet away from him. over and over again, he ended up picking something up from the ground only to not like it in the slightest, either not shiny enough for him or not cool enough to keep around. it was all junk so far, and crow was beginning to feel a little irradiated by the whole thing. swaying on his feet and eyes rolling, crow let out, "junk, junk, junk. it's all junk." rubbing at the back of his head, he grumbled, "didn't this place used to have interesting stuff before? don't tell me i've picked it all up already." he probably hadn't even been through a portion of the ruins, much less anything more than half, so he was skeptical of that at best. "nah, there's no way, right?" only his own voice met him no matter what he said, and crow couldn't help but kick at the ground a little, considering packing up and moving onto someplace else. it wasn't close to nighttime yet - not that he had to go to bed anyway - and that itch to keep looking for something, anything had yet to be scratched to the point where he was satisfied. huffing a sigh, crow said to himself, "might as well keep looking, i guess." he stepped over some debris as he walked forward once more, turning into him doing small jumps over some slightly bigger, more broken rocks the further he went. he was so bored. bored, bored, bored. he was going to die - again - of boredom if something didn't happen soon.

open bc he needs friends and maybe a scavenging buddy bye

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