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Posted by: DWIGHT FAIRFIELD Nov 14 2017, 05:45 PM

saviors and saints devils and heathens alike

this place had turned into hell on earth. there were dead bodies everywhere he tried to turn, everywhere he tried to run to. how had things gotten so terrible so fast? there wasn't anywhere dwight could go that variants weren't trying to talk to him, molest him, or kill him--at this point, he wasn't sure which one was worse. he hadn't even been so involved in the inner workings and the terrible things murkoff was doing to these people. he was just a nurse! he was just around to check on all the patients, to survey how they were after the morphogenic engine had taken effect. he'd voice his opinions and his concerns, but no one had cared and he'd been told to just do his job and shut up, lest he not have a job anymore. this was a high paying job and he really needed it, especially after his father had disappeared, leaving him with a house and bills to pay.

each wrong turn resulted in variants trying to ruin him and he'd gotten so close to being pushed to the floor and strangled after he'd been recognized as a medical staff. from there he'd shed his uniform top and fumbled to find clothes that would help him blend in. he had one line of defense and it was the scalpel he'd held tightly in his hands up until the moment he'd broken it in the hand of a variant that tried to grope him. he hadn't given up hope of getting out, not quite yet, but there was also one particular patient that had his eye set on him and he wasn't giving up. it was hours worth of running on top of no food and barely any water. he was exhausted beyond belief, he wanted to lay down and sleep, but that was a luxury he could not afford right now.

the sharp smell of blood was thicker in some areas than others. he'd managed to escape the infirmary in tact, but he'd barely made his way out of the male ward before he was being accosted more than once. running and hiding were the only options and the brunette made good use of the lockers and beds. he'd slid underneath a bed for twenty minutes, taking a quick nap, before the sound of chains had roused him and sent him into a panic. it was pitch black everywhere and the only saving grace was the night vision on his cell phone, but even then, that was going to wear out soon and he'd be thrust into darkness. he turned off everything that wasn't vital and only used it when he needed it. his screen was cracked now as he held it in his trembling fingers.

if he made it out of this alive he was going to become a religious man, that was for sure.

the next hour was spent scrambling around for a way to get out while avoiding perilous leaps and variants with pipes and shivs. not to mention, the one variant that really, really wanted to get his hands on him. the other was a special case and dwight had been the assistant to his primary care doctor while he was here. he was a great candidate for the morphogenic engine but he had yet to go through the trial. that being said, he wondered just what it was that had driven the other insane--minor exposure, maybe. they did do it in small doses for the patients with the most potential. but he made dwight uncomfortable, gave him a creeping feeling up his spine; he was scarier than all the others because he was still so normal.

he was being chased now, scrambling across the tiled floor as someone called after him. he'd cut his arm trying to crawl through a window between an office and the hallway, and it was stinging like crazy. a nightmare, he wanted this to just be a nightmare. he wanted to wake up at home after a night of too many horror movies and be in his bed. how could this be happening? and what the fuck was the walrider? he was just a nurse, he didn't know about any of this! almost tripping on some debris, he slammed a door shut behind him. a room full of lockers, perfect; most of them didn't bother testing all the lockers in a room. a slam on the door made him jump, his heart in his throat. selecting a locker at random, he threw it open and stuffed himself inside, hand immediately going over his mouth to stifle his breathing.

tears stung hot in his eyes and he shut them tightly, hearing the door slamming open. go away, go away, go away. it was a mantra in his head as he tried to count his breathing to calm himself. a few lockers jostled on the other side of the room, someone muttered something, a curse, and then steps padding away. his relief would surely be short-lived.

if you don't know outlast, please acquaint yourself. i guess its easier if you do know outlast. this is open for a guy because heh, mount massive only has male patients and staff. so obviously, going to be some kind of non-con/dub-con elements here, because, well, you know me!!!

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