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Posted by: lauz Jul 19 2016, 05:55 PM
member directory
lets keep track of everyone
this code make look a little complicated at first, but we're doing it really simple this time. you can edit your own posts so you can add and subtract characters as you make/delete them. in order to color your character's name, you should be able to see what we did, but if you can't, here's what you do. find <usergroup2> and </usergroup2> inside the code to add more characters and change that to just the name of your group: capitol2, terminus2, halcyon2, pandora2, zephyr2, cascata2, vesper2 or wayfarer2. make sure to change both of those codes from usergroup2 to your group's name the 2 at the end is very important. that's the only customization you need to do! copy and paste that entire snippet of code as many times as you have characters, obviously. it starts with two <BR> tags and ends with a </div> tag.
whisk away your heartsigh

[dohtml]<center><div id="gen1"><div class="gent">

your alias here

</div><div class="gent2"><i class="fa fa-heart"></i>whisk away your heartsigh</div><div class="genw5"><div class="genw2">

you can write some stuff about yourself here if you like. please also give us any contact information you want to give us! this can be really simple, or you can write a paragraph, whatever you'd like.

</div><div class="direct">

<BR><BR><img src="" /> <div class="md"><usergroup2>





</div></div><div class="gent3"><i class="fa fa-star"></i>

timezone • pronouns • birthday


Posted by: LAUZ Jul 21 2016, 09:34 AM
whisk away your heartsigh
look lauz never knows what to write about herself, but here i am! site mom and head admin and i love you all. i'm 29 years old, living on long island in new york, and i am a big loser tbh. feel free to contact me through skype or discord (munakatareisi_ for skype, pls tell me who you are, and LAUZ ღゝ◡╹)ノ♡#6112 for discord) and if you want to find me on tumblr, i am. but the URL changes sometimes though, i'll edit it whenever it does. i do also have a twitter though i rarely use it, you can find that don't be afraid to come to me for anything (✿´ ꒳ ` )
adachi tohrupersona 4

akaashi keijihaikyuu!!

dwight fairfielddead by daylight

gabriel reyesoverwatch


han juminmystic messenger

kagari shuuseipsycho-pass

keithvoltron: legendary defender

kuroko tetsuyakuroko no basuke

levi ackermanattack on titan

munakata reisik project

munechika mikazukitouken ranbu

neptune vasiliasrwby

nitori aiichiroufree!

noagranblue fantasy

oikawa tooruhaikyuu!!

otabek altinyuri!!! on ice


roy mustangfullmetal alchemist

tsukishima keihaikyuu!!

vinsmoke sanjione piece
est • she/her • may 24th

Posted by: CHRISTINE Jul 21 2016, 10:38 AM
whisk away your heartsigh
hi there! i'm christine! i'm super bad at filling these things out and lauz knows that but makes me do them anyways. =/ i'm a hufflepuff and i love harry potter and i love art and music and im a big nerd so if you ever wanna talk to me feel free to add me on my skype: ohmaichristine! i just graduated with my masters in fine art and i wanna do a lot of painting and stuff and teach, and i really just like a lot of things? i'm not great at knowing animes but im trying to learn more of them in my free time, its a process, but otherwise i love a lot of different shows like game of thrones and vikings and i can talk about television or movies forever tbh. dont get me started.

dick grayson dc comics

hakutaku hoozuki no reitetsu

iwaizumi hajime haikyuu!!

kise ryouta kuroko no basuke

kogitsunemaru touken ranbu

shigino kisumi free!

shimada hanzo overwatch

suoh mikoto k project
est • she/her • december 17th

Posted by: BRE Jul 21 2016, 05:35 PM
whisk away your heartsigh
hi i'm bre! i'm 23 and working full-time at a job that's not in my degree field, but what's life lol. i enjoy my work, but working at a dog boarding facility isn't what i want to be doing with my bs in earth & environmental science with a minor in marine science lol. i want to eventually go into research or consulting work, but tbh i'm not picky at all. i'm really big into a lot of things; reading, writing, playing video/board games, music, sports. like you name it i've probably done it tbh. feel free to hit me up on my skype, discord, and ps4 accounts, if you'd like them please pm me for them!
bokuto koutarouhaikyuu!!

david kingdead by daylight

erwin smithattack on titan

f. scott fitzgeraldbungou stray dogs

jean havocfullmetal alchemist

jean-jacques leroyyuri!!! on ice

jesse mccreeoverwatch

kagami taigakuroko no basuke

kotomine kireifate/

noh-varrmarvel comics

noizdrammatical murder

ryu hyunmystic messenger

sun wukongrwby

takashi shiroganevoltron: legendary defender

terushima yuujihaikyuu!!
est (gmt-5) • she/her • september 6

Posted by: VAL Jul 26 2016, 05:01 PM
whisk away your heartsigh
I’m the absolute Worst at intros so this is it: (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

anna dead by daylight

felicia hardy marvel comics

meg thomas dead by daylight
PST • she/her • June 28

Posted by: EFF Aug 1 2016, 07:11 PM
whisk away your heartsigh
i suck, i hate writing persona blurbs on myself. i am like not interesting at all. but if you want to get to know me let me know. my aim is effisthebestest so contact me on there i am literally on there like 24/7 right now so. <3

aomine daiki kuroko no basket

blake belladonna rwby

keeler starfighter

five drakengard

kuroo tetsurou haikyuu!!

camilla fire emblem

yamazaki sousuke free !! eternal summer

roronoa zoro one piece
pst • she + her • 01/28

Posted by: WINTER SCHNEE Jan 9 2017, 01:02 AM
whisk away your heartsigh
BONJOUR ~ ٩(๑❛ᴗ❛๑)۶ heyoo i'm vi, 22, hail from canadia, currently finishing up my degree at uni! when i'm not studying, i spend my free time binge watching dramas/animes, playing video games, hanging out with my dogs, and of course, rping! i love to chat so feel free to hit me up via PMs, or skype (just ask!)

Winter Schnee RWBY
MST • She/Her • March 15th

Posted by: LANCE Jan 16 2017, 01:23 PM
whisk away your heartsigh
hello my name's amanda! i'm really not all that exciting tbh. i'm 30 years old and i live in portland, oregon. i don't do too much except work, raise my puppy, and rp. i have a skype but as that is my real full name i will only give it out via pm. i have a discord too: minajoyce#6675. i also have a tumblr it's kind of a hot mess but you can follow it if you want xd. i can be shy and reserved in rl until i get to know someone-but i can also be super goofy and expressive too and i often reference musicals /sing often. i think i'm overall pretty friendly, and def a huge nerd so yes. i was on here before and am hoping to stick around longer this time!

axel kingdom hearts

bolin the legend of korra

lance voltron: legendary defenders

zuko avatar the last airbender
pst • she/her • march 15

Posted by: SHIROGANE NAOTO Jan 1 2018, 01:32 PM
whisk away your heartsigh
hi guys!! i'm a twenty year old student from the uk, and i'm going for an undergrad in japanese studies with the hope to get a masters in translation! i really like history, so that's my main focus as well as the language in the degree. i'm a bit of a weeb on the side and i'm really into vocaloid, but other than that you can talk to me about basically anything. you can mostly find me on discord at hanny#1506, but i also have skype! i can't wait to get plotting with everyone <3

fushimi saruhiko k project

lillie pokemon

mikazuki augus mobile suit gundam: iron-blooded orphans

shirogane naoto persona 4
gmt • she/her • september 17th

Posted by: PROMPTO ARGENTUM Feb 16 2018, 05:24 PM
whisk away your heartsigh
I'm not entirely sure how I should start this, but this is my second round here. I took a little break from it all and I guess now I'm ready to come back. I'm a pretty chill person for the most part, and completely open for brainstorming and friendships. I'm 29 years old right now, living in Puerto Rico, with a job as a deli cashier that takes up the majority of my time. However, that doesn't mean I will always be busy considering I'm pretty much always online one way or another. My Discord is momo#0627 where you can reach me for any potential ideas we can share and work together on.

Prompto Argentum Final Fantasy XV
ast • her/she • sept 8

Posted by: SHIMADA GENJI Mar 2 2018, 01:04 AM
whisk away your heartsigh
hey! i was part of heartsigh before, I just took a hiatus and now I am looking forward to being back with new muses! i am about to be 25; a lover of graphic design, gaming, writing, reading and cosplaying. i am into many different anime series and games as well! i'll make a new intro shortly, but that's just a little about me. c:

I can be reached through PMs and discord for quicker plotting or just casual chatting!
Please PM me if you'd like to get on discord!

shimada genji overwatch
central • feminine • apr 12

Posted by: NAKAHARA CHUUYA Mar 9 2018, 02:00 PM
whisk away your heartsigh
i'm teddy, i'm 25 years old and a french fry! i love cats and candy, and i have a discord that you can ask via PM if you like! i'm actually very nice but shy so do not hesitate talking to me! sometimes i talk too much too.

nakahara chuuya bungou stray dogs
gmt+1 • he/his • feb 9

Posted by: KAMISHIRO RIZE Mar 10 2018, 04:01 PM
whisk away your heartsigh
hi. it's me. again. the name is bekah. i'm 28 years old and i'm from the netherlands. i tend to vanish in a puff off smoke. i have no control over it. sorry. ♥

kamishiro rize tokyo ghoul

mikasa ackerman attack on titan
gmt +1 • she & her • november 19th

Posted by: SLAINE TROYARD Mar 21 2018, 08:59 PM
whisk away your heartsigh
Hello! I'm Silence, but the name is a lie. I make a lot of noise and often come in shrieking or screaming about something. I have a lot of feelings about my Good Bois (watch me collect all the bois) so please, please talk to me about them and everything. I'm always down to chat and plot and whatever!

discord: silence#8683 // skype: xx.silence // pm: this account!

Slaine Troyard Aldnoah.Zero

Totsuka Tatara K Project

Dazai Osamu Bungou Stray Dogs
eastern • she/her/hers • july 23

Posted by: TAKAMAKI ANN Mar 31 2018, 08:05 PM
whisk away your heartsigh

I'm your local music nerd, studying to be an opera singer. I am a soprano coloratura, and more often than not I will geek out over classical music and composers. I do love all kinds of music though, because really at the heart of it, I am just a music nerd. I also study American history! I have dabbled in and out of roleplay since I was about eleven or so and can usually be found roleplaying on tumblr and discord if not on the forum. I am a big fan of video games and would like to get into streaming as well. I love a lot of RPGs and VNs. I am a big fan of otome games too, and I play a lot of FFXIV. Hhhh, basically if you ever want to chat, hit me up and we can figure out a suitable medium, though I prefer discord!

TAKAMAKI ANN persona 5
OLIVIA fire emblem: awakening
SONG HANA (D.VA) overwatch
ROBIN fire emblem: awakening
CARDIA BECKFORD code: realize
KAMUI fire emblem: fates
EST • SHE/HER • july 11th

Posted by: VASH THE STAMPEDE May 1 2018, 01:55 PM
whisk away your heartsigh
Hi! I'm Taxi - 26 year old University Senior. I love anime, especially classics, but all sorts otherwise. You can contact me through PM or through Discord: Taxi#7299 - feel free to talk to me, I'm very shy, but I'm also very easy going!

lupin iii lupin iii

vash the stampede trigun (maximum)
cst • they/them • february 9

Posted by: CLOUD STRIFE May 2 2018, 10:15 PM
whisk away your heartsigh
hey, y'all! i'm catherine - a 23-going-on-12 year old who loves video games, writing, and most importantly and most relatably, cats. i've been rping for quite some time now and you've likely seen me around before on other sites. not much else to say other than i'm happy to be here! feel free to pm me if you would like to contact me by discord or skype!

cloud strife final fantasy

chrom fire emblem: awakening
us pst • she/her • may 24

Posted by: PHOSPHOPHYLLITE May 17 2018, 06:36 AM
whisk away your heartsigh
Hello! My name is Alcove. I'm a 20 years old medical student. I am from Australia, so I will be using British spelling and be online at odd times. I love cats a lot and am always happy to see photographs of your furry feline friends!

I use skype and discord. To ask for them, PM this account, or catch me in the cbox!

Phosphophyllite Houseki No Kuni

Cooro +anima

Xayah League of Legends
acst • she/her • 1st Jan

Posted by: REISEN May 20 2018, 12:48 PM
whisk away your heartsigh
yo, i'm absurd. i'm doing a bunch of exams right now so i cant guarantee that i will be on loads in the coming weeks, but that will only be for short while. when i'm done this sentence will be removed. other than that i like writing, reading, anime and video games and i'm a bit of a history and english nerd. i'm always worried that i'm bugging people when i request to rp so it will be better if we talk about it in chat and then i'll post in your shipper. like just say 'no i'm up for it' and then i'll be like 'thank god i know i'm not bugging you', and then i'll stop over analysing it. but yeah, just pm me or find me on discord. i look forward to rping here!


reisen touhou project
BST • she/her • October 21st

Posted by: RED May 23 2018, 12:30 AM
whisk away your heartsigh
i'm shark! i also go by my real name, eli, if you'd prefer to call me that. i'm from washington state and have a job that drains me so here's to hoping i can keep up with you fine folks. please hit me up if you want to roleplay because i'm down for it. you can ask me for my discord if you want to as well!

red pokemon
PST • he/him • oct 28

Posted by: SORA May 27 2018, 10:51 AM
whisk away your heartsigh
(´・ω・`) henlo

Sora Kingdom Hearts

Uzumaki Naruto Naruto

Katara Avatar: The Last Airbender
cst • she/her • sept 2nd

Posted by: ZACK FAIR Jun 19 2018, 05:13 PM
whisk away your heartsigh
hey everyone! i'm a 29 year old with too many animals in my life. seriously I live with too many at home and work at an animal shelter it's just constant. i spend my evenings online so i'm always online really so just hit me up with whatever.

zack fair final fantasy 7

kim ji hyun mystic messenger
pacific • she/her • sept. 12th

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