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Posted by: MUNAKATA REISI Oct 3 2017, 05:41 AM

you know my name.

whether or not the MI6 agent knew that he was, indeed, also an agent, reisi didn't particularly care as long as his mission wasn't completely compromised. making sure that his identity remained a secret to the agent wasn't really his job anyway. his job was to get close enough to his companion to garner his trust and, then, exchange whatever information about their combined case as was at all possible. then, reisi's main directive, was to get that information back to his superiors. yes, it was surely double-crossing, but that was the name of the game sometimes; they had the same goal in the end. reisi himself was a sleeper agent serving on the highest rungs of france's DGSE--or direction générale de la sécurité extérieure; essentially, the equivalent of britain's MI6. it put him right on par with the agent he was tasked with tailing and keeping tabs on, it was why the other agent continuously saw him at the fancy functions all over london. reisi posed himself as a man of nobility and some wealth, and while that was not altogether untrue, he obviously couldn't let his cover be blown by being too forward and presumptuous. however, he was also a master at being flirtatious and charming, had captured the other's attention for long enough to get his name and to give his in turn. now that he had the hooks in play, all he had to do was carefully reel in his catch.

it was not without its pitfalls, he soon realized, as it proved harder to get to the agent than previously anticipated. it seemed he had a knack for getting himself into some trouble and reisi wasn't about to blow his cover to help him get out of it. at least, not obviously. he'd made sure to be conveniently wherever the other agent was and made sure to interject himself when he felt like things were not going as smoothly as they should. all part of the plan in getting said agent to trust him and sooner, rather than later, it looked like it'd finally worked. at a rather lavish party, full of questionable individuals, reisi had found himself being handed a glass of champagne by someone he hadn't recognized. he'd accepted, with grace and charm, and perhaps a little bit of naivety. he'd had it almost up to his lips before their easy conversation was being interrupted by the agent he'd been tailing the entire week. there was a hand at the small of his back, an affectionate there you are, love, and the glass was taken away, set onto the bar. he had been confused at first, but as they turned away from the other man, and he glanced up under his thick lashes to his companion, he was quickly filled in.

"ah, drugged, you say?" he asked, blinking curiously. well, it would have been impossible for him to have known that. rohypnol was surprisingly colorless and odorless, and he wouldn't have had any idea he was drinking it. despite being an agent of france's government. they couldn't quite train you to detect that. casually linking his arm with the other agent's, he stuck to his side until they were out from the midst of the party, wherein he turned to carefully smooth out the other's suit jacket. "you know, monsieur," he purred, tilting his head to the side coquettishly. "i've been trying to get your undivided attention for a week now. have i finally gotten it?" like a cat slowly closing in on a bird, reisi looked towards the sparkling hotel just a few blocks down. his intentions were so plainly obvious as his hand lingered at the bottom hem of the jacket, fingers just subtly dipping to run along the top of the silver belt buckle. "perhaps i could interest you in my undivided attention, mon cher?"

open + so reisi is beautiful and half french, half japanese. this is some secret agent stuff and reisi is an absolute slut in this universe. so please be captivated by him (◡‿◡✿)

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