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Posted by: CLOUD STRIFE Apr 30th 2018 06:14AM

whisk away your heartsigh

cloud strife

DON'T YOU WORRY CHILD; see heaven's got a plan for you

the basics

full name cloud strife
age 21 years old
occupation mercenary
species mako-enhanced human
pronouns he/him
usergroup wayfarer
fandom final fantasy vii

the powers

cloud strife's abilities usually depend upon the materia that he has equipped as well as, well, his equipment. the default that he will be given is the ultima weapon blade, which deals maximum damage the less hurt that cloud is, a few basic magic materia that he has equipped to it which allow him to cast spells such as lightning and ice, mystile armor, and a ribbon accessory, which protects him from most ailments such as confusion and poison.

because cloud is mako-enhanced and contains JENOVA cells, he also has superhuman strength in his repertoire. this leads to a greater amount of endurance compared to the average human. he's not invincible, though, and this boost in strength just puts him above fellow humans, not other supernatural beings; but it is why he managed to survive being stabbed straight through the chest and some other injuries that, for other humans, would be fatal.

on top of that, cloud also has the ability to utilize limit breaks, which are special, extra-powerful attacks that he can use when he sustains enough damage. his strongest, omnislash, is his signature limit break, and hits fifteen times.

the canon

cloud is from the end of final fantasy vii, but before the events of advent children - meaning that the geostigma hasn't affected him yet and cloud also did not settle for delivery serviceman.


will contain some suicide ideation and death.


that's what you believed yourself to be.

an ex-SOLDIER, at any rate - because you're not dumb. the corruption that the company breeds is what creates organizations like AVALANCHE, the one that you'd been invited to and agreed to work for in order to receive pay. and you make it clear, yes, that's all you're there for; you don't give a damn about Barret's virtue-signaling, you couldn't care less about the planet's inevitable heat-death that'll happen years after you're around, and right now you need something to support yourself and if terrorist work is what needs to be done to earn that, then whatever. why look both ways before crossing the street when your rescue lies at the other end?

that's what you convince yourself of, anyway. no spinelessness and a deep craving to prove yourself to long-time friend Tifa Lockhart would be the cause of that, because you were in SOLDIER, and you were First Class. the look she'd given you when you came off the train (did you? did you come off a train?) had obviously been a beseeching one, and you're nothing if not a helpful guy for a girl who needs it.

maybe, in hindsight, you should've said no to that request, the way it goes down later. but hey, leave it to Sephiroth to complicate things; he always did, after all.

you feel compelled, as you had as a boy, to follow Sephiroth once you'd heard word of him again; but it's not the admiration that you used when he was a world famous First Class SOLDIER, but instead a deep-seated vitriol existing due to the disaster he'd wrought about everything you'd ever cared about. what goes from simply being paid as a terrorist turns into a search and destroy mission, but you're hardly about to complain about that, and while Barret preaches his typical environmentalist crap, you're here to exact the revenge that had been years in the making.

(reunion, reunion. you're going to follow sephiroth in an attempt at a reunion.)

your journey in an attempt to follow brought you to new locations that you'd never dreamed of going to as a child, brought you new friends that you never thought you'd make. you didn't care, you repeatedly told yourself. told yourself, obsessed even, over the idea that you would be chasing Sephiroth, that you would enact vengeance against him. you were better than those attachments. you were ex-SOLDIER; and right now, all that mattered was taking Sephiroth down.

you'd try to convince yourself of that, in the wake of a certain Aerith Gainsborough, a girl you'd find in the slums, made you laugh...and you don't remember the last time you had. you'd try to convince yourself of that as you can't help but remark that Barret looks like a bear wearing a marshmallow in that stupid sailor suit of his. you'd try to convince yourself of that when you look upon the statue of Nanaki's father, to convince yourself of that when you listen to Vincent's tales of woe like you would that of the most kindred of spirits, to convince yourself of that when you get your materia stolen by Yuffie but you can't help but not be mad at her at the end of it, to convince yourself of that when the sting of betrayal hits you hard when Cait Sith sells you out. when Cid practically makes you jump out of your skin.

the smell of the flower that you'd bought for one gil. the first fortune that Cait Sith told you. the way that Barret cried when Dyne fell. the way you, Aerith, and Tifa threatened Don Corneo as he tried to creep on you. the Observatory that Nanaki brought you to, with the bright stars and the planets revolving around each other. Vincent's intense love for Lucretia (that would touch upon a part of you that wanted to love still). the offer Cid made you, and the way he laughed when you made well of the plane crashing.

when you remember all of this in clearer detail than you do where you're going, sometimes.

it becomes a little harder to convince yourself of that when Aerith is struck, falls, and you can still hear her voice in your head, asking you if you're jealous, saying that you look cute 'Miss Cloud', and Sephiroth, like every single damn time, is to blame.

it becomes harder, but it reminds you of why you wanted to convince yourself of that in the first place.


that's what he tried to make you.

it should've tipped you off, more, made you more suspicious, the way that Tifa seemed evasive when talking to you. it should've stood out even more when you saw Nibelheim intact. it should've especially hit you when you visited Gongaga, when you met two people who were parents of a First Class SOLDIER. how Sephiroth seemed to know where you were, how he seemed to fixate on you to the same degree you fixated on him.

you didn't think about it, because you played into the hatred he likely wanted to feed off of. after seeing your village burn, after knowing, knowing your mother hadn't escaped, how could you not feel that way? how could you not feel that your life's purpose had to be to put him back down, when you were sure before you'd already done it upon your first confrontation with him? those five years ago - when he lashed out, when he snapped and went crazy, and when you fought him to defend Tifa.

it really should've tipped you off when she didn't remember you being there at all.

you'd built yourself so strongly around this identity of the ex-SOLDIER, of the calm and collected, of the tough and the brave and the one to have accomplished so much in his life. but Sephiroth whispered in your ear, he whispered words that you did not want to hear but as the words continued on, the more it made sense of everything else.

'i want to'

she'd said that to you before Sephiroth took her away from you. Aerith knew the entire time.

when you were in the pyramid that Aerith located, you'd found the Meteor Materia that Sephiroth appeared to be looking for...and then you gave it to him. but Aerith never seemed upset with you about that. Barret told you to quit moping after you literally lost control of your body. and then, not long after that, she was gone.

you could've used that strength. you could have.

but for you, it was starting to become apparent that you should face who you really are. and when you see Tifa again, it becomes apparent to you that she is not your long time friend, and neither are you hers. you are, and always will be, effectively strangers.

you tell them that you're sorry. you tell them that you're sorry that you couldn't be the real Cloud that Tifa remembered from Nibelheim. you tell them that you're a clone of Sephiroth, and the purpose of the REUNION is to help Sephiroth become a god. you will unleash the Weapons, you will give Sephiroth the Materia he needs to take the world that left him behind underfoot, and then your purpose will be done as you join the Lifestream, the land of the dead.

you don't...

you don't remember much after that. you're told after the fact that you'd been found...somewhere. that you weren't moving. Mako poisoning, they said. you and Aerith had found a guy in the the slums together who suffered from Mako poisoning. you'd thought it weird that all he could do was groan.

you're out of that now, though. you're saved.

a part of you kind of wishes you hadn't been.


that's what you turned out to be.

Tifa helped you see that.

as the two of you fell into a crack in the world, it became more apparent who 'Cloud' really was - and who he was not.

you never made it into SOLDIER. in fact, you'd been an infantryman at most; and not only that, but you'd faced a hard truth: you're not only a nobody, but a nobody who'd failed.

during the Nibelheim Incident, you'd been powerless as you watched your village burn. you'd followed after Sephiroth and did your best to help and protect Tifa. but not only had Sephiroth not died, not truly, but she'd needed to be rescued by someone else in the end as all you wound up doing was losing consciousness on the stairs.

you'd been taken in by Shin-Ra's lead scientist, Hojo, and experimented on. you don't really remember that so well, even now, but you do know it'd been four years. you could have died. in fact, you should have.

but your story has a real hero, and it's not you: Zack Fair.

the actual First Class SOLDIER, the one who'd been the son of the couple you'd met in Gongaga, and...a close friend of yours. but it's not his grand accomplishments in SOLDIER, big as they are such as ending the Wutai War, that make you long for his return, that make you wish it'd been you instead.

he'd been captured, too. he'd been at the Incident, too. he'd been the original altercation with Sephiroth...and when the two of you were locked up, he saved you. he freed you from Hojo's clutches and went on the run, for a year, for your sake. he protected you, fed you, talked to you. and that sword upon your back? the sword you just used like a toy and quickly replaced once you obtained something better? the Buster Sword had been his, a sword that he gave you in order to protect yourself.

and it had protected you. you're lucky. you're alive.

but he hadn't been.

of course it takes you returning to Shin-Ra Manor, the location you'd been experimented on in, right within your own town, for you to remember him at all. a man whose identity, and even whose girlfriend (you remember now that he'd been dating Aerith at the time, and he even told you that he thought she'd like you if she met you) you stole and shamelessly used to protect yourself...a man you witnessed being shot in the back for your sake, to protect you from infantry in pursuit of the two of you, and a man whose body you screamed over as you finally gained awareness for the first time in five years and realized the one person who still seemed to care about you was gone.

you know, after all this, that you can't let Sephiroth get away. but not because of anything like the planet. you do care about it; you're not in denial of that. you're not in denial of what you want and what you need. but your reasoning behind wanting Sephiroth gone is more selfish than that: you needed to end this cycle. you needed your story done, and over.

after what Sephiroth did to Aerith and Zack, the two most wonderful people on this planet, the only ones who might've been worth anything in the planet aside from your own couldn't let him get away with it anymore.

you returned to Midgar to face Hojo and consult on him for Sephiroth's location, as well as to get into the North Crater. once you did that, you and your weathered friends joined you. you'd told them before to find a purpose behind fighting besides pure altruism, that you couldn't expect them to follow him to the end if they weren't fully in it.

Sephiroth had become a one-winged angel, a god. was he really an angel, or a devil? you didn't know, but you didn't care. you weren't going to make judgment calls on that. as far as you were concerned, this was for Nibelheim, for Zack, for Aerith. you're a survivor, and you're using your survival status to end the cycle of suffering.

you finished him off with an Omnislash deep within the planet. and the planet spoke back with Aerith's final wish, the one that you sought to allow to come forth: as she prayed to the planet and to the 'useless' Materia she had from her mother from the beginning, the Lifestream acted to protect the planet from Meteor. Midgar was destroyed by Meteor, but the planet was safe...thanks to Aerith.

it's almost poetic, romantic, how Aerith and Zack both sacrificed themselves for worthy causes.

'i want to meet them in the lifestream.'

that's what you say, in the end. you wish you ended in a sacrifice, instead of continuing on with a trail of blood and tears in your wake.


that's what you're going to be.

you're going to do your best to help with clean-up of the planet and continue on the legacy that Zack had. he told you that, that you're his living legacy. everyone else probably thinks that it's virtue or a torch that Zack was passing on, but you know better than that.

people like Zack and Aerith may not be remembered. they paid the fullest price, and yet everyone moves on as if they'd never been on the planet in the first place. you're not Zack's living legacy because you're carrying his torch - you're his living legacy because you're the one who will carry on his memory.

you failed him, then, and there's not a day that goes by that you don't hate yourself for it. you're sorry, you're so sorry to them both that you have to be their legacy. they could have protected so much better. hell, they could've lived, even. you know they both deserved it more.

you're so tired. but your need to not fail them at this, at least, to carry on for their sake... it's the only thing that's keeping you going.

you know why you wanted to pretend you didn't care when you were ex-SOLDIER, and it wasn't just to look cool.

it's because love hurts. and it seems, to you, that all you ever do is ruin those you love. and maybe, just maybe, you could protect everyone else if you don't love again.


cloud strife is a very traumatized and broken individual. having gone through his identity crisis and, on top of that, losing just about everything that he loves, he's gone on an emotional downward spiral for quite some time now. it helps that he feels as though the one thing that he managed to succeed at, he'd done so too little, too late; everyone counted on him, and he'd gone and let them down... further, he'd even gone and stolen, quite literally, the life of the one person who allowed him that second chance to protect everyone around him.

his mental instability is one that he doesn't openly address, mainly because he's hardly got the faculties to at this point. he's suffering in murky waters and he has been for a while now.

that isn't to say that cloud is an awful person, or that he's difficult to deal with; certainly there's difficulty in how closed off he is (and not by intention, mind you), but he's genuinely kindhearted and really simply craves to settle down somewhere and just make something good in the world for once, rather than appearing to burden everyone and bring a personal conflict to those who aren't involved. in his youth, he had anger issues, but they have only turned into a deep self-loathing; he is virtually harmless otherwise.

cloud is also a very passionate individual and cares deeply about what he does indeed care about. he used to play the part of the cool-headed ex-SOLDIER who didn't let anything affect him, but he knows now that's not who he really is. he's not sure who "cloud" is in general, other than someone weak-spined and too emotionally swayed, but that doesn't change the fact that he is willing to support others around him the best he can, and he wouldn't wish the significant pain he endured on anyone.


cloud definitely needs friends, and lots of them. just don't be deterred by what may be perceived as a standoffish disposition - even before trauma, cloud was a little shy, but upbeat. after trauma, he's become more closed off than ever, and as a result can be rather quiet around other people. that being said, cloud is a very loyal friend and once he becomes attached to someone, he's more than willing to dedicate his life to them.

currently, tifa lockhart counts as a friend of his, but their relationship is a strained one as a result of their shared history.


cloud is going to be immediately antagonistic toward anyone who threatens those he cares about and attempts to destroy the world. other than that, cloud is a pretty docile person by nature; it'd be difficult to get on his bad side unless you're generally just a bad person. that being said, it's certainly not impossible, and cloud is someone with a very vengeful streak; he holds grudges, and he won't stop until he's exacted punishment against those who have wronged him, to the point that many years after the first altercation, cloud will still chase sephiroth down and fight him if he has to.

cloud is very much a lover more than he is a fighter, but he won't hesitate to stick up for someone if he feels he must.


cloud is in a pretty delicate state when it comes to romantic relationships. after his last love lost in the form of aerith, it's difficult for him to move on and be able to love again. on top of that, given how much of a broken person he is and can be, he has a hard time knowing what to do should romantic feelings arise in any way. it's not impossible to start a relationship with him, but at best it's going to be a pretty slow burn.

he feels pretty obligated toward tifa lockhart due to the fact that he had a big crush on her, but ideally she won't be his end-game. it's likely that their relationship will come to some sort of head as cloud doesn't really meet the expectations that she needs.

i'm particularly biased toward shipping cloud with zack or aerith, but i'm open to developing it with others if they prove to be compatible!

the player

alias catherine
timezone us pst
pronouns she/her
mature content sure!


a cute little note for the staff? um, okay. make sure to brush your teeth every day, twice a day!

NOTE: parts of this app are also posted on other sites. I can assure you that it is my own writing. If this is a violation of policy, let me know and I will rewrite it. I can validate that it was written by me if need be.


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Posted by: LAUZ May 2nd 2018 05:08PM
whisk away your heartsigh
congratulations on being accepted and welcome to heartsigh! now that you've been accepted you should definitely go,, and! make sure that your mini profile is also filled out properly. once you're done all that, maybe you'll want to so we can learn all about you! we're so excited to have you ❤
welcome to the site

Posted by: VASH THE STAMPEDE May 2nd 2018 10:49PM
vash + cloud
Hello! I'm Taxi, it's nice to meet you!

Ah, so I have Vash here who relates far too much with Cloud's inner turmoil there. Guilt and pain are definitely no strangers to Vash, though he kind of goes in the opposite direction personality-wise and instead covers up his own inner turmoil with a very loud and eccentric persona.

As a quick summary of who Vash is: he's an inhumanly fast gunman from a desert planet called Gunsmoke, where humans crash-landed a century and a half ago after they'd left Earth trying to find a new planet to settle on. (Vash knows this because he was there.) Vash is most known in his world for destroying an entire city, giving him a huge bounty on his head and the reputation of being a mass-murdering psychopath. Vash, though, is actually a devout pacifist and will do literally anything in his power to prevent loss of life from anyone (including the bad guys). He's a very gentle soul.

I think Vash might be drawn to Cloud a bit, because he can usually sense when people have deep sadness/turmoil within them, and he really tries to do all he can to help. He's kind of humanity's goofy older brother - and he absolutely shares his warmth and love with absolutely anyone who needs it.

What do you think?

Posted by: VASH THE STAMPEDE May 2nd 2018 11:57PM
vash + cloud
Nice! Yeah, Vash will definitely insert himself into people's businesses when it seems like they need a friend. He's persistent like that, and he is totally down with making a complete fool of himself if it puts other people at ease around him.

Currently I have an open thread up, where Vash is being a waiter/cook/everything for a cafe by the beach; but I'm also planning to make an open thread with him at the Refugee Camp in Pandora, because he'd definitely lives there. Feel free to take that first one, or the one coming up, but if you want something more specific, or in a certain area, I'm down for that too! lmk!

Posted by: FELICIA HARDY Jun 13th 2018 05:21PM
felicia + cloud
alright!!!! so felicia in all honesty needs some friends. she isn't the greatest when it comes to making them to be completely frank. and she totally gets the whole trauma thing, as she's been there too. they seem similar when it comes down to it and maybe it's through these similarities that they become friends? they're abrasive towards those that they don't know well and both very loyal, which could work out in both of their favors. felicia is a good person, for the most part, as she still kind of like robs people but i promise that she's good deep down!! sorry if this isn't super great but i def want something with your boy!!! <3

Posted by: ZACK FAIR Jun 19th 2018 06:29PM
zack + cloud
So obvious plotting is obvious.

Zack's mind is going to be straight up blown when he comes across Cloud again and cry some ugly tears because he was so worried about you. He'll be so sad too to see how he's not that smiling kid he remembered going on missions with. Zack is determined to help how he can because I don't have to really say it but Cloud is so damned important to him.

100% down for some romancing too when the time is right

Posted by: BLAKE BELLADONNA Jun 20th 2018 12:22PM
okay so first off just let me say that cloud is a precious sad boy who needs to be protected. and now on to plotting. this is blake, idk if you know rwby but basically she is a black cat faunus who has done wrong in her past and tried to make up for it, but it resulted in getting those she cared about hurt, so she ran away from her problems, and that wasn't the first time. so she is dealing with believing herself to be a coward as well as all this guilt and what not. that being said, first blake would def comment on cloud having an strange name, but she'll like it, even more so if he ever told her all that he has been through, she'll think it's fitting. while shy herself, blake is also someone who is lowkey tuned to people, she can read a face well even if she doesn't know it, and she is a good listener. she's in halcyon now, which is where they could meet, maybe, but she might soon turn into a wayfarer, so perhaps they travel with one another from time to time in the future, becoming better friends~ lmk what you think/want

Posted by: ZACK FAIR Jul 8th 2018 05:50PM
zack + cloud
i can get a thread going for them and i'll tag you. honestly zack does like to explore on his days off so they can meet pretty much anywhere and it'll work.

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