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Posted by: CHOI LUCIEL Dec 15 2017, 05:48 AM
If there was a part on, he was always going to be there! The great SEVEN ZERO SEVEN never missed a change to PARTAYYYY! Or at least.... that's what he wanted people to think. In all honesty the idea of a party reminded Seven of the one that was going to be hosted by her. Actually... it probably was hosted. Just... just without him. Not that anyone would actually need him to be there anyway. Considering he was their hacker, he was probably the least important person of all the RFA who would need to attend. As long as she, Zen and Jumin was there the party would have been a guaranteed success. Unlike those three, Seven had never been good at talking to others. Not really anyway. Considering he joked around with everyone so no one would get too close, it was pretty hard striking up conversations with random strangers that he didn't actually have to talk to.


The Winter Gala was a great chance to mingle with all sorts of crazy people. Maybe even find a few new ones he'd find it fun to mess with~ Seriously there was bound to be more than one super naïve person attending. OK so none would be on the level he was used to messing with but surely someone had to come pretty close. At the very least there should be someone who had decent enough internet security so he could have fun hacking in then messing around with whatever socials or emails they might've sent. Hehehe yeah that would be fun~

Stepping inside, the redhead would look quickly from left to right as he tried to take in his surroundings as quickly as possible. Yeup! It was a good thing he'd managed to buy that suit not long after he arrived~ Why? Force of habit more than anything. With all those parties that the RFA used to host Seven felt weird not having one suit tucked away in his wardrobe. That... and it'd been weeks since he'd changed from his usual clothes. They were beginning to totally and completely stink up his joint. Which wasn't anything new. He'd done the same thing back home. Although there weren't anymore Honey Buddha Chips to be had anywhere in Elysion sniffsniff.

Well so far... nothing. He was already bored, leaning up against a wall looking down at his phone. It suuuucked. Seven wanted to be doing something interesting; the champagne was waaaay too fancy for him anyway. For a minute, his finger hovered over the messenger app he'd coded ages ago. Since settling into Pandora, he hadn't once tried to open the app out of fear. No one would be there. No one would get his messages. Hell he doubted he'd even be able to read the messages that'd already been posted. Maybe one day he'd take a look at the app again. It was the same phone so maybe there was hope that someone else was here... maybe they could chat on the messenger again like always.

But 'maybes' weren't good enough for God Seven. He needed certainties.

Sighing he would stuff the phone back into his pocket and look out over the crowd of attendees. Representatives and their Guardians were gonna be here from the information he'd gathered. So obviously there was gonna be completely boring political talks. Hah... the entire setting reminded him of Jumin more than anything. Didn't Mr. Trust Find Kid drink that brand sometimes? Eh what did Seven know? All his fortune was spent on his babies, Honey Buddha Chips and Ph Dr. Pepper~ Although he barely had money for that anymore thanks to this change of setting.

"Might grab a decent meal while I have the chance~"

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