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Posted by: NEPTUNE VASILIAS Jul 19 2016, 10:12 PM

whisk away your heartsigh

neptune vasilias  

even though i’m afraid of the ocean i’ve always felt weird longing for it. i feel like it’s calling for me.        

the basics

full name neptune vasilias  
age 18
occupation model
species human
pronouns he/his
usergroup capitol
fandom RWBY

the powers

like all the nerds from RWBY, neptune has a weapon that was formed as a manifestation of his own aura. he, personally, has yet to figure out what his own semblance is, but he has tapped into his aura. his weapon has four different forms--compact, gun, glaive, and trident. a such, it can be used as a ranged weapon as well as a melee weapon. other than that, he has been trained in close combat with his own body, should his weapon not be available to him, but he definitely prefers his weapon. his weapon has an electricity based discharge.

the canon

from volume 3 right after his and his team's fight against team NDGO.
user posted imageuser posted imageuser posted image
the god of freshwater and the sea in roman religion; eighth and farthest planet from the sun in the solar system. fourth largest planet by diameter and the most dense.

naming you neptune is, perhaps, the cruelest ironic twist of fate that life has ever had to offer you so far. coming from a long line neptunes, you're not even the first; your father, your grandfather, his father before him. you're the fourth in the line, though never before have you ever called yourself neptune vasilias the fourth. it sounds far more pretentious than you're willing to be. its not a name that's easy to say as a child and the friends you gathered have all called you 'nep' for most of your life. perhaps it wouldn't be so bad if not for one little thing--you're terrified of the water. large bodies of water, generally, but after your accident, even seeing the bathtub too full would send you into full-on panic attacks. that takes the meaning of your name, in the religious sense at least, to a whole new level of stupid. you'd be better suited being called mercury for all its worth, even zeus wouldn't have been so bad. your father, with the same name and semblance, says not to worry about it, a name doesn't make you who you are. but honestly, being afraid of the water? stupid. your father is part of the staff on the mistral trade route, so you grow up securely in mistral, despite the fact that others may beg to differ, seeing the state of your kingdom. its homey and its simple and its all you'd ever known for a long, long time.

water is your greatest fear and its crippling. for the most part, people believe you're afraid of the water because of the nature of your weapon. finely crafted, just a piece of your soul forged in metal and dust. the first time you hold it, you're just a young child and its heavy, despite its compact form. its a thing of beauty, an obsession for all those in remnant that want to fight the monsters and protect the peace that the great war brought. you grew up with those stories, as most children did. your grandfather fought in the great war, had so many battle stories to tell and, of course, more racism than a child should have to be able to handle. his disdain for the faunus population leads you, at first, to sharing his disdain. as a child, you're impressionable and innocent (maybe you still are) and like a sponge, anything said to you seeps right into your head. when he says faunus are terrible, you believe him. when you see faunus around mistral, when you see how they're treated, you begin to wonder if that's at all true. it can't be right to treat people as less than human when they looked so much like you. they were a little different, so what? thinking for yourself in the vasilias family is dangerous, because the vasilias family is perfect and what papa says, goes. so you keep your opinions to yourself.

disappointment is what you've seemed to bring your family. the true nature of your fear stems from the one incident you've never been able to forget your entire life. it was the first time you found yourself independent of those around you. mistral is full of swampy marshes and bogs, water all around, and a whole ocean to contend with. training on your own was stupid, you always think about it, replay every mistake you've ever made in your entire life. this one keeps coming back to you over and over, and nightmares of drowning replay in your head even during waking hours. it was the first time your aura truly helped get you out of a precarious situation. you don't tell a single person about the day you almost died in a swamp in the middle of the forest. you try not to recall the feeling of choking, being completely smothered by water--you hadn't thought it was as deep as it was, and your ability to swim was subpar at best. your parents don't even question why you come home soaking wet, they're too busy with themselves to notice their pre-teen son just experienced his first brush of death. so, no, you don't tell people why you're afraid of water. its a sore point, its not at all cool, and all you've strived to be in your life was the suave, debonair man that your father and grandfater want you to be. a spotless mark on the vasilias family tree. but that's not what you are. that's not it by a long shot. your father and grandfather are disappointed in you for you haven't found your semblance yet, you haven't done even half the things they accomplished before they turned fifteen. maybe you're just a late bloomer. that, somehow, sounds even worse.

user posted imageuser posted imageuser posted image
the star around which the earth and all other planets in the solar system orbit; the light or warmth received from the earth's sun; the most important source of energy for life on earth.

meeting sun is the best moment of your entire life. a faunus with a long golden tail to match the color of his hair, he hangs from trees and--stereotypically--eats bananas. sun is a rough and tough kid, the guy that won't take any shit from anyone and would definitely give it back tenfold. hailing from the more open region of vacuo, he comes to mistral to attend haven academy. there were very few faunus at haven academy and the ones that were there, trying to live their lives, were always very subtly bullied. you could have done something about it, had you been a braver person. this is what sun does for you. sun makes the best friend you've ever had, the literal love of your life (though, you know, you'd never tell him that in so many words), and the one person that really makes you strong. you're cool because he thinks you're cool. you're distrustful of him when he first shows up because of all the things you've been told about faunus; they're terrible, they're thieves, they're animals. you're a more quiet, laid-back person, so unlike some of the people choosing to pick on the few faunus that exist at haven, you chose to just ignore them. ignorance, as they say, is bliss. you wanted to fight, to learn to be a hunstman, to get your partners, form your team. haven was going to get you there and if you made friends along the way, that was just a perk.

he becomes your friend before you find yourself on his team. watching him in action, shooting down the bullies that were so bent on breaking him down. you were popular, you always were, for you are charismatic and friendly. people just seem to gravitate towards you, people just want to be your friend--a family trait, maybe, though you can't imagine your grandfather making friends as easily as you do. whatever drives you to walk over to the group, with sun in the middle, and interrupt them, you'll never know. you're bold, but that goes far out of your normal comfort zone. sun turns to you, gives that big grin of his that makes it feel like you're literally the coolest person in the world, and claps you on the back. he acts like your friend long before you're even friends. things just seem to fall into place after that. you find the two of you have a lot in common from your flirtatious tendencies to your love of comics (i'm not a nerd, i'm an intellectual). faunus are not bad people, they're literally just people like you, trying to be something great and make their lives worth living. his reasons for wanting to be a huntsman are different from yours. sometimes you feel you just want to get away from an oppressive family image rather than protect the world. but then sun starts talking about being a team, about fighting together, and you sigh and smile fondly, because that's definitely the best idea anyone's ever had. you meet sage and scarlet during your first test and click with them immediately. its a funny thing, to just know when people are going to wind up meaning a lot to you. its a sort of instinct that you've kind of always had.

SSSN is your team name. team 'sun', lead up by your best friend in the entire world. sage and scarlet are immense fighters and you feel somewhat intimidated by them and all your shortcomings. you're not graceful like scarlet. you're not a powerhouse like sage. hell, you're not even as nimble and agile as sun. you don't let your doubts and the knowledge that you have a lot of training ground to cover. its definitely best that sun is your leader, because you wouldn't have been able to do it. independent you are, but following also seems natural, especially alongside another dominant personality like sun. sage and scarlet seem to share this opinion and, as a team, you've never fought. you don't start out as the dream team you are now, no way, you start out on a lower rung. there are definitely teams out there that outshine yours. that's what training is for. learning to work with your teammates to the best of your abilities. that's where you learn that while all the others have their strong suits, you are not the weakest link. sun says that you have adaptability and you're good at changing your method of attack to account for your opponents. you can work alongside each team member, use their abilities to compliment your own. besides, you're too cool to doubt yourself. self-doubt is decidedly not cool.

user posted imageuser posted imageuser posted image
a fire or light set up in a high or prominent position as a warning, signal, or celebration; a person, act, or thing that warns or guides.

friends have always been the thing to guide you. no one can live a life without friends. you notice a similarity between you and weiss the moment you see her (not an ice queen, but a snow angel) and you can just feel that she's also an outlier in her family. you're not sure how you can tell, but sometimes to gravitate towards like-minded people. she's so stoic and graceful, she's trying to live up to the schnee name; an impossible task for someone like her. she's not all ice and sharp edges, but she's soft on the inside. she has her shortcomings, but so do you. she's cool and that's what draws you to her. being flirtatious and leading her on probably isn't the best way to do it. the whole RWBY team is a force to be reckoned with and you're absolutely better for having known them. they're going to do great things and you're lucky that you're someone they can depend on. you are, aren't you?

beacon academy is way classier than haven. at least, it feels that way, sometimes. not...necessarily when you're watching the RWBY girls and team JNRP having a food fight but, well, it strangely sums them all up. the vytal festival is fast approaching and your home academy is coming in to make preparations. you make friends from every other academy, flourish in this thriving utopia of pretty girls and boys alike, and you feel at home for the first time. maybe you could transfer to beacon? would the rest of your team agree? sun already seems to have made connections here. frankly, his connection with blake makes you somewhat jealous...but you could never lose sun, right? he'd never chose her over you...would he? thoughts like that are decidedly uncool, so you ignore them, you throw yourself into flirting with weiss. you know its probably not a good thing to do, seeing as how you're not really sure you actually want to date her so much as just get the attention--seeing her face light up, seeing her trepidation and seeing that sharp mask of hers melt away is reward enough. that's why you refuse her invitation to go to the dance. the fact you have no rhythm and can't dance is just on reason, its just something you can use to your advantage rather than really breaking her heart. you watch her there, enjoying herself with her friends, and if it wasn't for jaune's interference, you wouldn't have hung out with her much at all. frankly, you're just not sure if you can be tied down so easily, and the thought frightens you.

RWBY is just an adventure waiting to happen. you're there with sun when the train crashes through the city followed by a hoard of grimm. you're there to fight, to act like true hunstmen, and get your first taste of what saving the world might feel like. it leaves you thrumming with the knowledge that you're on the right path in life. things rocket forward and fall into place and before you know it you're standing in the arena with your team, staring up at an adoring crowd and the cutest team standing opposite you. girls, you've found, hit harder than boys. and when half the arena is made up of water, well, you're at a significant loss. you suppose you should have expected sun--and sage and scarlet--to know you're terrified of water. doesn't make you deny that you're terrified even less. when you fight, you want to think ahead, you want to watch your team, lend your aid when you can. fighting is quick and your thinking has to be even quicker. in a flash you're missing scarlet and sage and sun is calling for your help. can't let a friend down, can't let your teammate down. putting fear aside is essential, you've learned, because you can't be a successful huntsman while you hold onto that fear. fear calls grimm, perpetuates more fear, and that's why you stab your trident into the water and electrocute the rest of team NDGO. victory tastes delicious. unfortunately, victory is also short-lived.    


neptune here is a big, water-fearing dork of a man. he's been in elysion for about a year--hence his age of 18 harhar--and works at the host club where he makes a killing cause he's so ~suave~ and also at the planterium because he's a nerd intellectual. neptune was born the 4th in a long line of men named neptune in his family and he's also something like the family disappointment. hsi grandfather fought in the great war that almost splut remnant apart and raised his son to be a huntsman, and together, they sort of forced neptune into thinking that's what he wanted out of life. he has an insane fear of water after almost drowning as a teenager and coming home to find his parents didn't ask where he'd been or what happened, just ignored him. so he's tried to fit into a mold most his life and never really seemed to get the hang of it; hence why most of his personality is a big cover and he's actually kind of awkward and self-doubting in secret. he was mostly a dork until he met sun, who thought he was just the coolest person ever, so neptune adapted and became the coolest person ever. he went on to forming a team with sun and his two other friends in the hopes of becoming a great hunstman and protecting people; also to get out from the oppression of being a vasilias.


neptune is really easy to make friends with, to be honest. he may be kind of a nerd and dweebish or whatever, but he's a really good guy, and really loyal, and helpful. just a little bit of a creampuff, in the long run. but he's also kind of....ridiculous LOL anyway, he's very smart, and, as sun describes him, amazingly cool. like, the coolest. he's suave and knows the right things to say...usually. in any event, he opens up to people he considers friends, close friends, and you get to see more of the fact that he's still cool, but also a dork. but he totally needs his closest friends, team SSSN, and also probably RWBY and JNPR.


he tries to not make enemies if at all possible, but he's kind of an idiot sometimes, so its not at all unreasonable that some people won't like him. he can be kind of cavalier and self-absorbed enough to be insensitive to other people. ergo, i don't think he'd make any 'wow i want to kill you' enemies, but i can definitely see people disliking him because he acts like an insensitive prick.


alright well! neptune is not a socially awkward person, he absolutely flirts around with all women that he can see, though he has very little intention on following through. so, as far as my personal preferences for neptune goes, he's bisexual but just hasn't really come to terms with the fact he could go for guys also. so i mean, i'd love to finally get a really flustered neptune out of this, so come hit on him. as far as overall shipping, i am a seamonkeys fan, so i hardcore ship him with sun (and neptune has internally claimed sun to be the love of his life before, but just to himself) and bre has helped me ruin my life with this ship. so endgame is taken, but flirt with him and stuff until then!

the player

alias lauz
timezone est
pronouns she/her
mature content yes


i'll RP just about anything and that includes gore, violence, drugs, sex, just about everything in between. if you want to ask what sorts of things i'm into, drop me a line, i promise i won't be disturbed. i do love darker things (and smut, i RP a lot of smut) that i never get a chance to play out, so if you want to do something dark--AU or otherwise--just let me know!

Posted by: BRE Jul 24 2016, 05:01 PM
whisk away your heartsigh
congratulations on being accepted and welcome to heartsigh! now that you've been accepted you should definitely go,, and! make sure that your mini profile is also filled out properly. once you're done all that, maybe you'll want to so we can learn all about you! we're so excited to have you ❤
welcome to the site

Posted by: SUN WUKONG Aug 7 2016, 10:14 PM
neptune + sun
bro. the most holy of bros.

sun wants to know if you, neptune, would take his hand in holy matribrony? what do you say?

jk. he's not that confident. or suave. in fact, he's a total loser, but neptune knows that already. this time, i have sun as not only an entertainer, but also a thief! his entertaining is still his acrobats/stunts/slight of hand tricks. and i imagine most of his thieving is like.. small things. like how in canon he stole aboard the ship for a ride and he stole the apple. just small things like that that no one will really miss, but he sometimes uses his shows as a front for that. like those slight of hand tricks? watch him pull a card from behind your ear to distract you from his hand stealing your watch. so idk what neptune will do about that, but i imagine when sun moves in with neptune and gets a real job doing.. something, he'd stop stealing from people. just love your fur baby, okay??

Posted by: BOKUTO KOUTAROU Aug 30 2016, 11:27 PM
neptune + bokuto
first. wow, sun doesn't appreciate others flirting with/being flirted with by neptune. bye. get that shit out.

anyways!!! lmao. here's bokuto and wow he's kinda like sun, but more extreme and extra. also model buddies???? and come to the zoo and be his friend too. just. lol. you know bokuto, i think he and nep would hit it off easily and i think bokuto would really like neptune too. just like he'd always be like NEP-CHAN~ or something. gross friend nicknames.

Posted by: BLAKE BELLADONNA Dec 8 2016, 10:10 AM
neptune + blake
i feel so rude that i didn't get up in here and plot with neptune sooner. i mean blake is the obvious choice but i also could have thrown sytry at him because model buds, or alisa because she works in fashion. but i figured we should discuss the feels that this trip (needs to be a quartet) gives me. so neptune was suppose to have this thing with weiss and blake had this possible thing with sun and now here they are and neptune is in love with sun and blake is mourning [too harsh, lol] the loss of yang and she's a mess so she could really use sun in her life rn and i see that possibly rubbing neptune the wrong way if he just thinks they are hanging out and doesn't know about blake venting to him and what not. basically we are going to have another thoth/shizuma scene on our hands but this one could possibly be more awkward because like these two aren't as 'grown' as thoth and shizuma. so i just see neptune kinda huffing and puffing all sad like and blake is like 'what's your prob' and then being totally blindsided by neptune thinking there is anything going on with her and sun even though once upon a time there could have been? idk. sun and blake things are happening so neptune and blake things should follow soon~

Posted by: KISE RYOUTA Oct 20 2017, 10:56 AM
neptune + kise
model buddies are great!! kise will be happy to have a friend in the industry, especially because it is a really hard one to be in and a lot of people are really fake and there's always a constant pressure on kise's back to be perfect. like, even when he started modeling as a kid, he took it really seriously, and while he started doing it as a hobby and didn't expect to get too far with it, he really ended up enjoying it and now it's what he does primarily aside from doing commercials and promotions and media stuff. he definitely feels the pressure of the industry though, he watches what he eats, you know, he's careful about how he looks all the time, so idk if you think they'd have shoots together or what? idk what you mean by the more 'normal boys' so i'm not sure if you mean he wouldn't have shoots with kise or he wouldn't, but i think yeah kise would appreciate being able to have normal conversations with someone that's outside the realm of modeling or having to act less intelligent than he is. i mean, don't get me wrong, kise can be an airhead at times, but he's really in touch with his emotions and understands a lot of things and he likes having intelligent conversations, even if that means he's learning something new. i think it'll be good for both of them to have a friend in the business that understands what its like, for sure~

Posted by: WEISS SCHNEE Feb 11 2018, 05:59 PM
listen ur stuck with me as weiss now for the foreseeable future so sorry bout it. but yeah i want them to be friends too!! it was one of the first things i thought about while watching rwby and getting through vol3 so i'm all about it! tbh i feel like at first weiss was a little sour about it during the time that it happened but since going back home and then leaving again she prob hasn't thought very much about it since bc you know no time to think about it while being abused again so she might come at him at first being like "hey maybe don't do that" and stuff like that - she might still be a lil shit sometimes oops - but once they talk it out a bit i'm sure she'll be forgiving. it'll be good for her to have that kind of closure since the last time they saw each other he had flirted with another girl and she was like UM EXCUSE U. she'll want details on how things are going with sun tho jsyk. she feels like she's owed that much since she was part of that deflection. :/ i just feel like she'll be more happy for him than anything else once everything gets sorted out. plus there's other boys and girls oops for her out there for her anyway. rich kid friends tho? fucking good. he can help her pick out dresses for her recitals and they can just go around being fucking gucci together. it'll be perf. i want weiss to have so many good things okay she deserves them after all the bullshit she's been through. ;;; so hell yeah give me all of this i need it in my life.

Posted by: NEPTUNE May 1 2018, 04:10 PM
honestly you weren't the only one who had been thinking about this, but tbh i didn't have a concrete idea either. lol. whoops. she would definitely think that he was pulling her leg and not believe him at first and be like prove it and when he does she would be like "well damn" xD i would be more than happy to see how these two interact. i think that him just being able to deal with her in all her sassy glory would earn him brownie points in her book and she would think his hair is cool and lowkey wonder who dyed it for him. she would think he was gorgeous and seeing as he is a model she would also high key want to use him as an in seeing as she is trying to become a make up artist for people like him! so there you have it, i'm not much better and its 2pm here so whoops. oh well.

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