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Posted by: KAGAMI TAIGA Aug 10th 2016 12:18AM

kuroko no basuke

hello nerds! here is an ad for just a few of the characters from knb; these aren't necessarily the "most important", per se, but they're mostly kuroko and kagami's high school team + the other generation members and whatnot! they're some pretty important players but if there's anyone from knb that's not on this list that you want to make, go for it!!! we have 4 of the main boys here, kagami, kuroko, kise, and aomine (bre, lauz, christine, and eff) and they'd love their friends and teammates and stuff~

kiyoshi teppei

sector job open

kiyoshi is one of the founders of the team itself. he is mature and kind and has a ton of love and affection for his teammates. according to hyuuga, he is an 'honest player'. he's also super modest. however, he's also kind of a snarky little shit, as he says things to deliberately provoke people that he doesn't like; but he does it so slyly you could almost miss it. he's willing to support and care for his team, even if it means sacrificing something of himself.

hyuuga junpei

sector job open

alright so hyuuga is a gigantic nerdbomber. he's also the seirin's team captain. he's collected and calm and kind of scary, to be honest. creepy, i should say. he has a lot of pride and wants to be a good captain, he really does love and have faith in his team. when it comes to clutch time, watch the fuck out, cause he gets rude and heated. absolutely terrifyingly driven, to be honest. but he's still a nerd.

koganei shinji

sector job open

this child is a mess he's so dumb look at him. he's super friendly, super chatty, but also a big dork. he's kind of a scardey cat as well, but holds great respect for powerful opponents. so he looks like a doofus, and he is, but he's super serious when it comes to game time. look at him, he's a cat. he also complains all the time, especially about training. he's literally everyone's best friend.

izuki shun

sector job open

this huge fucking dweeb. so, on the outside he's really calm and collected, very 'cool', as they say. he's super smart and is an excellent strategist. however, he's the master of puns. they say its an 'unfortunate hobby' and he's literally the fucking worst. like, if you like puns, he's the boy for you. he's literally a big loser, i love this child.

aida riko

sector job open

every sports anime has one, here's the hostess with the mostest. riko here is queen and she's much more than the shows token chick--mostly cause she's not the only one anyway. due to her father being a sports trainer, she's learned how to see the potential of a person just by studying their bodies. she's also the team's coach. she's a little bit scary, frankly, and she works her team really hard, but they love her. she tries to act feminine, but in the end, its not really for her. she's also known to be violent.

midorima shintarou

sector job reserved

this kid is so precious?? like he believes that things rely solely on the luck of the universe. to sway the universe, he carries with him the lucky item of the day as well as carefully wraps his fingers when he's not playing. anything he can do to increase the odds in his favor he can do. kagami is really fucking impressed with this guy though. like midorima can hit every three pointer and the whole court is his field - he can make a basket from the other net. he's cocky without trying, though that's more of just knowing that he's skilled at basketball. however, like midorima becomes this like begrudging friend to kagami so please.

murasakibara atsushi

sector job open

the purple giant! so mura here is...weird, for lack of a better term. he acts super aloof and childish and he's strangely sadistic. he acts like a big child half the time and acts foolish in serious situations which pisses people off. boy loves candy and spends like all his money on candy all the time. supposedly he doesn't like basketball and its bored him to the point where he's become a bit listless and less aggressive than when he was younger. he's also a follower and prefers just going along with what others decide for him.

seijuurou akashi

sector job open

basically this boy terrifies pretty much everyone and he's got a really intimidating and condescending personality. he's got a strong winner's mentality because of how he grew up and he views himself as like an absolute power and always wants all the control and thinks everyone should just bend to him. he has a split personality that's just hella intense and all about his own hubris and looking down on people.

momoi satsuki

sector job open

another queen!!! momoi here is aomine's childhood friend and they're best friends and they're super cute friends alrighty. she's got a huge crush on kuroko and its cute, even though kuroko just loves her in that way he loves his friends. she's bubbly and and out-going, sometimes flirty, and super sweet. she looooves basketball and aomine can oftentimes bring out the really D< part of her.

himuro tatsuya

sector job open

alright so not a miracle, but he plays on a team with one? but also like.. very very important to kagami. this guy is the one who got kagami interested in basketball in the first place. they grew up playing basketball in the states and then even got their own personal wnba coach, alex garcia. though eventually they somewhat drifted apart, kagami moving back to japan and ditched their deciding friendship game. he doesn't make an appearance in season 1, but he is in season 2! please make kagami's "brother".

Posted by: SHINTARŌ MIDORIMA Jun 20th 2018 05:02AM

I'm taking Midorima!

Posted by: KUROKO TETSUYA Jul 7th 2018 04:46AM
this want ad has been updated oooooo aaaaaaa <3333 also midorima my SON

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