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Posted by: DEIMOS Mar 30 2018, 12:45 AM
.d-top {font: 7px playfair display; text-transform: uppercase; letter-spacing: 1px; line-height: 190%!important; text-align: center;} .d-top2 {font: 30px playfair display; text-transform: uppercase; text-align: center;} blockquote {margin: 20px; border-top: 1px solid #ccc; border-bottom: 1px solid #ccc;} blockquote p {text-indent: 10px;}whisk away your heartsighdeimos There was a maelstrom in your eyes; I once asked your nameyou told me it was Drowning;then you pulled me under. basics the basics full namedeimos age23occupationmercenaryspecieshumanpronounshe/hisusergrouppandorafandomstarfighter the powers no magical powers or anything, but he's a fighter--in more than one sense of the word. where he comes from, the 'fighter' portion of the team is the one that controls the weapons on the ship, so he's pretty technologically sound. deimos is also mute, by choice, and can speak but normally only whispers. he's been known to be a 'little mouse', since he's always scurrying around for cain and spying in general. deimos is quiet and sneaky and pretty much just a little bitch ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ the canon current canon, so basically spoilers because Some Shit™ happens. freestyle TRIGGER WARNINGS: VIOLENCE, BRAINWEIRD, MOLESTATION, SELF-HATRED, ALL THAT GOOD SHIT THANKS FOR COMING TO MY TED TALK.i.You hear the storyof the horrors done to my body,and you say,“We aren’t all like that, you know.Let me show you how gentle my hands are.”he spits the evidence of his violence out into the sharpness of snow. the heat of it melts an oblong circle, smatters white with lukewarm red. his skin is littered the same way. a smear of bright red against the softness of his lips, slashed onto his cheek from where he's wiped to the left. his lip is split, his knuckles bruised, but he's got the money he needs to make it through another day.being in elysion reminds him of being in the colonies. its bigger here than it was back there, more people, more things to do. its cleaner and more open, no one has to worry about solar flares or cosmic storms. he cares so little for the dingy home that was his colony, so close to new volga. he stares at the snow and thinks of the snow back home, of wicked storms, and going hungry. there's things he hates to remember more than others. most things he hates to remember.he wonders when it was that he really lost sight of himself. he's never truly been an individual, he's been nothing but a mouse for most of his life. he skitters through darkened corridors, alleyways, sewers, with the hope that he'll do enough to survive another day. its less frantic in elysion, things move at a slower pace, and there's no colterons to be getting revenge on. maybe that's the problem. he's fallen into anonymity, just another mercenary in pandora amidst a business that's all violent rivalries and absolutely no honor among thieves, depending on the work you do. the lazy ones, the "good" mercenaries won't get their hands dirty, not like he will. he's been showered in blood before and he made his first kill when he was only fifteen years old. back then it was a fight for his life, he was either going to survive or he was going to die; people would have loved to see him suffer first. back then, depraved men would do anything to get even a glimpse of the creature comforts of the rich. frankly, even the rich would do anything. it was not safe for young boys to wander around unattended and kidnappings were commonplace. at one point, he would have had to worry. had he not been so artfully trained to take care of himself by the time he was a teenager, maybe he would have fallen victim. however, even mice can take on cats, if they have the right tools.he never thinks back on his first kill, or his second, and by now his hands are bloodier than he could have ever imagined them being. this isn't the same as destroying colteron warships. this isn't the same as defending yourself from people that may want to take advantage of his silence and small stature. this is straight up, and unequivocally, murder. it doesn't bother him like he thinks it should.ii.It’s not your fault, you say,that your teethare the same shapeas his teeth.But I was swallowed wholeand they asked what I was learn to do anything for money.once upon a time he may have sold parts of himself that depraved old men would pay top dollar for. its simple, its easy, and you don't need an education to do it. you don't even need to enjoy it. here he doesn't need to do that, here he can use his stealth and his cunning, the ability to fight as he's so learned. granted, he's perhaps not the best fighter, and his world is ruled by darkness and silence, the ability to be as small as possible, as hidden as possible. however, he carries with him hidden blades and all manner of techniques he's learned from cain--of which cain is not a strategic fighter when it comes to his personal battles, but he has learned enough from cain to know how to spot the weaknesses of others. all those cracks in their the colonies he felt like he was being devoured. like the weight of the world had fallen on the shoulders of a sixteen year-old boy and there wasn't much he could do about it. never before had he been much the ruler of his own fate. his parents taught him what they knew and taught him to never trust another living being. he surely doesn't trust and he's not about to. he doesn't trust cain and he is wise not to. cain is a flurry of color and sound, of wild antics and the hint of sharp teeth behind a libertine smile. cain is a wolf that will tear him apart, and he knows this, and accepts it anyway. their relationship is beneficial, he thinks.its something more like a disaster. at first a promise of protection, that anyone that dares lay a hand on him would have to answer to cain in all his bombastic glory. its enough to make him consider the partnership. he's never been a religious man, but the longer he spends with cain, the more he thinks that he could get down on his knees and worship at the other's own personal altar. there is nothing good about cain and there is nothing good about the havoc he's going to bring. there's nothing good about his manipulation or abuse, about the way he uses people, about the way he uses his own little мышонок to stalk the navigators he is assigned.he knows all about this plan, this 'project thebes' and he hates the very idea of it. he never really wanted to be a fighter, he never quite wanted to fight against colterons and risk his own life for the good of mankind. what did he care about mankind? what did they ever care about him? however, when you're faced with the prospect of death for your crimes--of which include stabbing an alliance officer or three--or an offer to join the alliance as a fighter, he knows what the better option is. there might be a little bit of a coward in him, he takes the easy way out and joins an organization he doesn't really care about. the colterons already took everything from humans, what else has he got left to lose?iii.I was swallowed wholeand they said,“That’s what happensto little girls who climb in bed with monsters.”most people wouldn't notice the way their emotions get the better of them. cain is emotional and his emotions usually translate to anger and a desire to destroy. that's what he does to people, he ruins them. as much as he doesn't care about cain's new navigator, he does know that cain will ruin him. he will take the thing that is good and pure right from him and crush it. if abel were to ever find out about project thebes, it would be his undoing. cain is that black stain that you try so eagerly to wash out but that only continues to grow. he's like a leech, a spot of mold on your kitchen's wallpaper. for all the time he has known cain, he has only known him to cause more harm than good.he is already ruined and so cain has nothing to take from him.but even in his ruination, where he lay stained and tarnished, he knows that abel does not deserve this. for as much as he hates the bright-eyed child that cain now has to pretend to be interested in, he knows that really no one deserves the darkness that is cain. he considers himself in close competition, an easy second to cain's destructive force. at one point he thinks it might be better to upend cain's attention, to distract him from going so brazenly for abel. he uses himself to try and lead cain away, for he knows he's willing and easy. if cain needs someone to spread his legs, he already has this covered, and surely he's so much better than abel.jealousy is a very bitter pill to swallow and he doesn't know quite how to take it. he doesn't know how to sort through himself long enough to realize that he's come to trust another person and its going to be his undoing. because that person is cain and he's already lying to his navigator, he will lie to the world if it means he'll make it out alive. there's nothing good about cain, there's nothing inside him but a cold-hearted desire for self-preservation. the little mouse knows he's not much different. he is a tool, a construct, something for others to use, and so he really has no say in the matter. but he thinks about what it would be like if he had half the things that abel had.what if he hadn't grown up in the roughest part of his colony? what if he'd been showered in love from the day he was born? what if he had a father in a position of power that, though angry, still loved his son? what if he had the love and admiration of half the navigators and fighters of the alliance? what if he were just better; softer, kinder?would cain want him then?would anyone want him then?iv.The moral of the story is,I will gut you if I need to.I will carve my way outwith only my teeth.the thing about being alone is that no one can tell you what to do. you can figure it out by yourself, you can learn to take care of yourself in more way than one. he'd been listening to cain's orders and getting nothing in return; now he can make his own choices and find his own way. he wonders if cain will have knowledge of the fact he was stabbed in the back by his own little mouse. it was the right thing to do though, wasn't it? or was it selfish?he had no feelings for abel, perhaps might have liked to see him suffer, but he saw the changes in cain and hated them. he hated how gentle he was becoming. that wasn't cain, that was someone else wearing his face, someone that had the time an energy to fall in love. and he should have known better, that love wasn't going to help him, that love was just going to ruin him too. he, like phobos, would mourn the day his other half died and become useless to project thebes. it wasn't for selfish gain. it wasn't. he already knew, from the start, that cain was terrible. that cain would never want him because he was nothing but a mouse. it doesn't really stop the notion from stinging. he couldn't be good enough for even cain, he couldn't be good enough for anyone. he was always just not enough and even his own navigator didn't like him. who really did? he knows he doesn't need people, he has no friends here, he doesn't need friends here. people are a hindrance and he's better off living with the little mice, which is really where he belongs. he welcomes solitude like an old comfort, those russian songs his mother used to sing about the wolf that would come, steal him from his bed, and drag him under the willow root if he stuck too close to the edge.he wonders, as he stands over a corpse spreading blood out in the snow; can a mouse learn to be a wolf? shipper summary deimos is a boy that grew up in fairly shitty circumstances, spent a lot of time learning how to defend himself, and probably not enough time learning how to interact positively with people. early on he was taught that he should be neither seen nor heard, as that could be dangerous in the slums of the colony they lived in. he lost his parents in his teenage years and was on his own since then. he learned how to take care of himself, how to fight, how to hide, and how to stay alive. he learned quickly that talking wasn't really necessary, didn't do him any favors, and so he never really tried to talk again. he's been pretty much nonverbal since he was very young and had to be quiet while his parents worked and helped him survive. eventually, after a lot of struggling to survive in a world that he probably didn't belong in, deimos was taken in by the alliance after being observed for a while; they offered to wipe his record clear if he agreed to join their cause to fight the colterons; the main reason why humans are so scattered and living conditions are pretty bad. he was renamed and given a partner, phobos, and assigned as the fighter on the equinox. he met cain when he as just new to the alliance and cain saw in him the ability to spy on others, to have a man inside that no one would notice, so he used deimos' insecurity and quiet nature to get watch over the navigators he was assigned. deimos knows all about 'project thebes' and felt some sense of duty to the only person that ever paid attention to him, so he agreed, backing cain up when he wanted to be the top dog amongst fighters. cain sent him to consistently spy on abel and deimos was the first to notice that things were getting way too serious between cain and abel and he took drastic measures to ensure things did not go any further. that lead to him actually teaming up with his own navigator to expose project thebes to abel. what he's doing here now is basically trying to live as his own person; he doesn't know cain is around, and he's likely not going to let cain tell him to do anything, and pretty much distance himself from people. he's attempting to seek out his own self-worth, and is mostly failing, but he's working as a mercenary right now, generally killing people, and he's sometimes a void fighter. more or less, deimos is silent and he is always in the shadows. he hides away often enough to have been given the nickname мышонок (myshonok or 'little mouse') by cain, and that's essentially what he is. you won't really ever know he's around unless he reveals himself to you, and he's quick and quiet and efficient with an absolutely shocking violent side. he has no qualms about hurting others, or killing them even, if it means that he will live and that he will achieve his goals. he seems to be very stoic but uses his body language and expressions most often to communicate. he can speak, but its normally through whispers. all in all, deimos is sneaky and cunning, dangerous, but altogether not very confident that he really even has any business being alive. he's always felt he was never actually good enough for most things, but he continues on with a general sense of 'i exist, therefore i have to live'; frankly, he wouldn't really mind if he died. platonic you will not be making friends with deimos if he can help it. he's someone that other people often ignore, especially since he doesn't speak, and he's kind of catty and shitty half the time. he definitely pushes people away, oftentimes because he doesn't think he's worth it, and also he's convinced he doesn't really need anyone but cain. or, was convinced of that, at least. regardless, he's very hard to get to know, as he is incredibly guarded and will never tell you anything about himself if he can help it. what you get is deimos at surface value, and that is a kid that spends his time spying on other people, hurting other people, and generally keeping to himself. being friends with him is likely going to be a little mouse chase, as he's never really had them before and doesn't quite know how to interact with people on a normal scale. there are two options with deimos. number one, the people that are rough and tough, those that are the kind to put other people in their place, as deimos has a bit of a submissive streak; so, people like cain. OR the ever cheerful, bubbly, persistent types, because they're the types that won't leave deimos alone for even a second, likely despite his threatening them. he does not like innocent types, or anyone that reminds him of abel, so don't bring those his way. antagonistic i mean, the world. deimos doesn't go out of his way to make enemies, but he'll likely have them. his silence is often taken for arrogance and, i mean, he's a little bit arrogant, but only because he knows that he's pretty adept when it comes to fighting. he carries around hidden blades with him and is pretty much ready to throw down at any moment. he's been training himself since he was young, growing up in a shitty part of his colony, so he knows what he's doing. deimos himself doesn't really care about enemies, and sure he doesn't like abel, but he doesn't really consider anyone important enough to be an "enemy". i don't doubt that he'll be on a few people's shit lists, and that's fine, he doesn't care. right now he's kind of trying to stay out of the way, as per the usual, but let's be real, he's bound to get into it with someone. romantic not a virgin by any means, he did some questionable things for money when he was younger, but other than that its just all been for fun. he's really indulgent and quite enjoys sex; he's super gay, so obviously only gentlemen for him. he does flings and one-nighters, so those are all open, but likely don't expect anything more than that from him. he uses sex to de-stress and then he's done with you. as far as anything long-term goes, i'm very much into the praxis/deimos ship, because nothing says 'i'm into you' more than a blade to the kidney, right? maybe not. but either way! praxis has a thing for abel, and deimos has or has had a thing for cain, so there's a shared sort of misery there that i think could totally develop into sloughing off those feelings for cain and abel--since they're not breaking up, no matter how hard deimos and praxis may try--and turning them into more positive feelings for one another. deimos is not easy to get to know, he keeps it that way, but praxis is just a good enough boy (while not being too good) to get under his skin and make him finally feel like he meant something to someone. a relationship with deimos would be all about trust and, right now, he doesn't trust anyone. so if you want random encounters with deimos, just hmu! other than that, uh, someone make praxis for me, thank you ❤ ❤ ❤ player the player aliaslauztimezoneestpronounsshe/hermature contentyes, but only with of age partners. notes i'll RP just about anything and that includes gore, violence, drugs, sex, just about everything in between. if you want to ask what sorts of things i'm into, drop me a line, i promise i won't be disturbed. i do love darker things (and smut, i RP a lot of smut) that i never get a chance to play out, so if you want to do something dark--AU or otherwise--just let me know!

Posted by: EFF Apr 9 2018, 02:47 PM
whisk away your heartsigh
congratulations on being accepted and welcome to heartsigh! now that you've been accepted you should definitely go,, and! make sure that your mini profile is also filled out properly. once you're done all that, maybe you'll want to so we can learn all about you! we're so excited to have you ❤
welcome to the site

Posted by: HELIOS Apr 11 2018, 01:18 AM
deimos + helios
It kind of works though, since Helios is essentially the new Fighter on board. I'm good with either scenario, Helios is just relieved to know he has some teammates here. Even though Abel is probably the nicest teammate he'll ever run into, aside from his own Navigator. Helios is kind of persistent with Deimos, he's just curious about why he's so sneaky and ends up wanting to help him because he's a nice guy like that. So in Pandora, he'd probably run into him and want to sit down and talk with him (but it will fail horribly because he doesn't know Deimos that well). I think it's better they start off as not knowing each other well. Deimos hasn't met him yet, and Helios has seen Deimos around but doesn't know him very well. I think it still works out, maybe they can end up becoming allies and working together. Because they're both Fighters and, surprisingly, Helios isn't an asshole like most fighters. He's happy to work with his fellow fighters and not fuckin butt heads unless someone is nasty to him.

And as for hooking up, well ... that kind of depends on how soon Bre takes Selene hahaha. I know he's been missing his Navigator boyfriend and he'll be devoting most of his time to him, and he'd feel bad about even thinking about cheating once he knows Selene is here. I was thinking he'd hook up with others because he's lonely and upset, and then he'd feel guilty about it later. That's before he even finds Selene again. When he finds out Selene is around, he'd probably stick with him. Of course, AUs are always nice and I'd be down for that. He could also kind of get to know Deimos and they end up kissing but not quite getting that far because he'd feel guilty. I just don't know how bad I want to hurt myself because of relationship drama if he hooks up with Deimos and then Selene comes back into the picture and he goes back to him ;;

Posted by: ANNA Apr 11 2018, 05:58 PM
anna + deimos
yesyesyesyesyesyes she is not impressed still >.> but she is willing to give him a chance bc of their shared home. i still have absolutely no idea what i'm going to do with her after she's out (def not around children y i k e s), but i had been considering something like bounty hunting?? even if she doesn't end up doing that or anything vaguely similar, i'm sure we can still find a way to have them meet up. anna does like the idea of being able to speak her own language (rather than struggle her way through english bc that's a fun thing that she's STILL trying to figure out LOL). she would prefer if he was a adorable little girl, but she's considering taking him underneath her wing bc the russians got to stick together >>

Posted by: AXEL Apr 12 2018, 08:05 PM
demios + axel
okay so axel is attracted to little lights cause he sucks BUT he def would be better off with someone who falls more into a moral grey area. and lol of course all for him getting with more cute boys regardless. ax has done some fun spy work and is kinda doing it here. but mostly he's just looking for roxas and prolly juts does lowkey stuff so he doesn't starve xd. he probably would spot a spy from a mile away. i def would like to see their dynamic <3 wish this had more susbstanence but i'm running on very little sleep I DID IT TO MYSELF BY TRYING TO BE EVILL. well u saw. anywayssss idk xd lets let these two have some canon sexy timesssss

Posted by: ABEL Apr 13 2018, 09:54 AM
deimos + abel
Due to Abel's canon point, he'd be pretty confused to the way Deimos will react. For all he knows, it's out of jealousy over the fact that Deimos had always been attached to Cain's hip. Granted, Deimos knows that it's more than just that so their relationship is going to be pretty rocky even from the start. I'm not really sure how Abel would approach Deimos here, but he'd probably try to start a conversation. Even if it might be one sided throughout the entire time. It isn't exactly knew, considering he knew that Deimos is the quiet type, but maybe he'll try to work around that and get to know him a little more? Dunno', but hopefully they can somehow coexist at some point in time?

Posted by: AXEL Apr 22 2018, 09:08 PM
demios + axel
ATM I have no ideas but you know I love my porn so go for it if you’re up for it ;3. I’m sure they can figure crap out

Posted by: NOH-VARR Apr 24 2018, 08:12 PM
deimos + noh
first, he's offended because he's not trashy. second, hey friend, welcome to spidersilk even though you left! i think noh would definitely have been curious about where deimos disappeared too, would want to make sure that he didn't get mixed into the wrong crowd or into trouble. he cares ok even if deimos is shitty to him >> also yeah let him do the freaky alien shit to him because no one else lets him rip. anyways. don't talk shit about his cute bf, he's difficult, but he likes adachi for some reason and he doesn't need deimos telling him to dump him lol. he hears it enough from adachi ;-; but yes i support them being friends and being sorta... cute at least in the way that deimos can be soft lol.

Posted by: NOIZ Apr 24 2018, 08:21 PM
deimos + noiz
tbh just plotting noiz with all the starfighter boys so here i am. i think these two would be pretty interesting though. they're both rather stand-offish and reserved, though noiz is sort of like a new born baby and experiencing things for the first time. so maybe they run into each other at some bar/inn in pandora and noiz is just like freaking out over how good this food tastes and deimos is like wtf chill. idk man i think they'd be an interesting duo but i have no ideas how to put them together rip.

Posted by: AMÉLIE LACROIX May 2 2018, 02:16 PM
i like where this is going in that they're both trained killers and all that, but deimos your soft spot is gonna get you hurt one day lol, but luckily i guess widow would be able to tolerate him more and more as they spend more time together. she's not going to see him as a threat at the outset and unless he pushes things with competing with her, she'll find him at least bearable and things can improve from there. i'd like for them to work together and i would imagine that widow would come to depend on his silent and sneaky self a lot too, because as much as she would like, not all things can be done solo! also some french vs. russian exchanges would be really cool so hit me up with deimos tailing widow around town during work anytime!!

Posted by: AMÉLIE LACROIX May 8 2018, 10:04 PM
dang deimos is so cute?? widow's totally not the doting type but i'd like for him to bring out a softer and more approachable side to her as well! lol they'd make a pretty unstoppable team wouldn't they? killer looks and killer instincts! and widow is definitely not above using distractions so yeah be ready for distraction duty deimos!! and sure if you have an idea already you can start unless you want me to, no rushes at all ok!!

Posted by: KEELER May 10 2018, 03:17 PM
deimos + keeler
so really, navigators don't seem to spend too much time with fighters, that aren't /their/ fighter. even the cafeteria is kind of segregated without trying, the fighters eat with the fighters and the navigators eat with the navigators. the one time cain and deimos ate with able and porthos, phobos and his friend were kind of like wtf. but i assume that keeler knows phobos and would know deimos because they were partners. well, know of him. he has probably heard things, because i just feel like keeler was easy for his navigators to talk to or ask questions to, and that he did so in return, asking about so and so and what their niche was or whatever. so he probably at least knows deimos on sight and knows that he doesn't talk much. i know demios isn't someone who is easy to get to know, but keeler is also really charming without trying and endearing, and while he wouldn't push deimos to be his friend, he would make it clear that he could be there for him if ever he needed him.

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