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 taste of desire [m], open
ASADA SHINO eff she + her pst Offline
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fandom sword art online
age 16
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it was hard to find someone who could handle shino in bed. not because she was some wild tigress, but because she was an ice elementalist. being what she was meant being super cold to the touch, usually it turned people so far off there was never going to be anything happening between she and them. in the rare cases that she could find a vampire or other demon type to stay with for the night, it was alright, but not great, not what she wanted. with vampires, they were cold, so her cold din't effect them but it left much to be desired on her end. in truth shino wanted someone to come and warm her up, set her aflame, and burn alive for once in her life. but she was beginning to think that something like that was never going to happen. elementals were getting rarer and rarer, she was one of the last of her kind. the one kind of person she knew for sure could do what she wanted was fire elementalists, and those were even rarer than ice elemantals. there was always the option of finding a dragon, but dragons were so prideful, so guarded, and just haughty, that was an unlikely bet too.

so shino had all but given up on the kind of sexual encounter she dreamed of having. then she had met them. the blue haired beauty had not believed her ears upon hearing that they were a fire elemental. she had thought that surely they must have died out because in all her years she had never encountered one, and she had walked the surface of the earth for a long time. the great thing about this meeting though, was that shino was not the only one who had been looking for someone who could handle her intense cold, they had been looking for someone who could handle their intense heat. the icy woman knew that sometimes she could cause cold so extreme that it felt as though it were burning one's skin right off, but actually burning one's skin off with fire was completely different, or at least she imagined that it was, she wouldn't know because obviously she had never been burned alive. back when shino had stuck to hanging around her own kind, they had all gave her weird looks for wanting to have a partner who made her feel warm, when it was who they were to be cold.

but shino wanted to feel so warm she felt human for a moment. that was what tonight was all about. thankfully shino was attracted to this fire elemental for more than just their fire. they were good looking and like most people they found shino physically appealing as well. tonight was about the two of them connecting, and feeling something that they had never felt before. for some reason shino had found herself getting slightly nervous as she had gotten ready for this event. she supposed it had to do with the high expectations she had built up in her head and hoping that this went the way she had always dreamed. if it didn't, well saying she would be disappointed was an understatement. she had rented a hotel room for this, they were strangers there was no point in taking the other home and making things weird for the morning after, if there ended up being a morning after. clad in icy light blue silk lingerie, her blue hair falling around her shoulders, shino went waited on her 'date. their key was waiting for them at the front desk and they should be here soon.

when shino heard the key click in the door she perked up. she hadn't been super honest with herself about this whole thing. there was more than just the hope of reaching a goal she had long since been aspiring to achieve, more than just a physical attraction between them too. there was a spark, an innate need they shino was sure they both felt the moment they were in a room together. it had happened the only other time they had seen each other, they had made eye contact and the instinct to jump bones had been instantaneous. a shiver ran down her spine in anticipation for that feeling once more as the door opened up.

725. almost finished this before, being so close made me want to restarts it. so someone take this please i'll be eternally grateful, envisioned a guy for this one. ...but i won't be super picky about gender.

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