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beyond the shore
it had been too many years since he'd gone to the beach of his own accord. vacations with his father usually meant that he'd be stuck around the hotel room while his father and the new woman were traipsing around doing "adult" things. he stopped going on vacations to exotic places with his father for that very particular reason; he didn't want to be left behind. in the end, that's what it all boiled down to in his life--a fear of being left behind and the notion that no one in the world was going to understand how he felt. that was mostly true, because no, no one can ever understand anyone else's particular problems and hang-ups. however, jumin couldn't say that he didn't feel like people couldn't accept that part of him. mostly, he was just afraid that no one would want to, seeing as how he was a much bigger mess than he portrayed himself to be. going on vacations with his father and his flavor of the week was never an appealing thing to him anyway. jumin didn't go on vacations on his own, however, always felt like it wasn't really useful. as much as he used to shirk his responsibilities at work, he still did enough work that would call for a vacation. he was just not interested in going anywhere that would remind him of shitty vacations with his father.

however, when in rome, one usually acted accordingly. he'd been on a business meeting in cascata, had closed up a deal, and was going to be on his way home soon enough. usually, he didn't opt for these things, not that he couldn't travel, but it was just easier now for him not to. besides, he hadn't taken the time to really learn about cascata or the other sectors in depth yet. obviously the first thing one should do when exploring the city by the sea was going to the beach. the sun was starting to streak vibrant colors across the sky when he stepped into the sand, suit jacket caught in his hands as he threw it over his shoulder. fishing around for his phone as he wandered through the warmth of sand that was going to start cooling as night fell, he flicked through it a bit. when he hit the harder sand, compacted by being beaten by the waves that ebbed and flowed along the shore, jumin widened his stance and paused to bring up his texts. there were very few people here at this hour, so he didn't feel so strange standing here in a suit taking a picture of the skyline. his camera adjusted a few times, resulting in one or two blurry shots; he growled and steadied it for the last one which came out crystal clear, showcasing the orange, pink, and yellow of the setting sun on the water.

carefully slotting it into a message to zen, he locked his phone and shoved it back into his pocket. maybe they should come here one day, actually do things out on the beach that normal people would. jumin had always been confined to hotel rooms, busy with books or playing on the internet, watching television, while his father wined and dined. he could have been left alone, the servants would have been enough to take care of him--jumin had always been a very well-behaved child and then teenager, he didn't need to be "watched". though, he supposed, he did need someone to help him out with that pesky eating thing every now and again. loosening his tie, jumin figured he shouldn't hang out here for too long, just long enough to take in the scenery because, honestly, he was eager to go home.

open this boy has rarely gone to the beach before. anyway, come disrupt him in a hilarious way tbh??? jumin just really needs to get interacting with people, he's a fucking mess.

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