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 Endless Possiblity, Tag: Open
ROXANE LALONDE Sam They/Them PST Offline
12 posts
fandom Homestuck
age Forty-one
occupation Astrophysiscist
species Human
prefers She/Her
award cabinet
love is a dangerous game

The last time Roxane had been to a party, her daughter had been conceived.

Though she didn’t like to dwell on what had led up to that night, the results had brightened her life in ways she hadn’t realized it had needed brightening. Her aunt was wonderful, but had been getting on in years. And René, while being her soulmate in a platonic sense, had always been more independent and more reserved than Roxane. With Rose, love was completely unconditional and unrestrained on both sides. At least, it had been, until Rose had been old enough to convince herself that Roxanne had no sincerity and was simply passive aggressive. The judgment had hurt, but by that point everything had been in shambles anyway, and no amount of extravagant gestures or drunken attempts at closeness would have been able to fill the gaping void between them. Roxane regretted her failures as a daughter and sister every moment of her life, but she regretted her failures as a mother far more. After all, Her brother and mother-figure were dead, and Rose wasn’t likely to ever forgive her.

Shaking her head to clear it of her dark thoughts, the blonde woman took in the festival around her. She was studiously avoiding any sort of alcohol, and doing her best to try and have fun. The astrophysicist didn’t know anyone here, really, not yet, but she wasn’t going to let that stop her. Having been something of social butterfly during her summers and twenties in New York, it wasn’t too difficult, even if Roxane still knew keenly how it felt to need to be alone. Something that tasted like a corndog in hand, but didn’t exactly look like it, the blonde ate as she walked. For the sake of comfort and practicality she had foregone her usual attire, trading in her lab coat, tights, and heels for a pink skirt, leggings, sneakers, and a white knit sweater. Her scarf was present as always. Make-up was minimal, with only lipgloss and mascara/eyeliner defining her features. Wide pink eyes darted around in curiosity, the forty-one-year-old woman feeling lighter than she had in a very long time.

Hopefully, tonight would be fun.

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