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 REQUIE[M] -- ", open - guardian angel au
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sitting on the roof was a normal thing for him. the small angel dangled his feet over the edge, the tiles underneath him were warmed by the sun as the breeze brushed locks of dark hair around his eyes. haruka remembered very little from the time he was alive. school children playing with one another in the early morning light, on their way to school, bags strapped to their backs. a little girl with bright blonde hair walked on her own, her bag heart-shaped and red, her skirt plaid, stockings up to her knees. haru could remember this, just vaguely, from when he went to school. did he live around here? he couldn't remember. the neighborhood seemed familiar, something about the trees and the way they swayed in the wind, dropping pink petals along the ground. it triggered something inside him, but he didn't know what. when he went out, wandered around town, everything felt like he'd been here before. people, however, didn't notice him, and that was both a perk and drawback of being a guardian angel. he was easily forgettable, even if people recognized his face, and it was meant to stay that way for everyone but his charge. he wasn't here for anyone else but him.

as the day wore on and haruka lay up on the roof, watching the sun roll across the sky, his charge finally woke up around noon. in the distance a bell rang. spreading his small wings, he leapt from the roof and fluttered in the air before landing daintily on the ground. he'd been an angel for so long that returning to a life as a human was impossible. besides, he wasn't really there in so many words, since his presence was easily ignored. oftentimes he wondered why he'd been tasked with protecting this person in particular but, in some odd way, it seemed fitting. like this was someone he'd known in a past life, for his soul reached out bit by bit every day. it was like he was trying to remember something he'd long since forgotten. in that regard, haru spent a lot of time staring with big blue eyes, almost boring into the back of his human's head. there were so many things he never got to experience before he died. he was almost too young, only thirteen, he couldn't even remember what took his life in the first place. had he been sick? was it a tragedy? did people mourn him? did they still? he, however, was dead, and he wasn't allowed to know such things. he'd been warned numerous times before coming back to earth that he was no to seek answers. he was just to do his job, so that's what he did.

their day was slow, uneventful, and he was not allowed out of the house alone. when they did go out, and it was to get dinner together, he cloaked his wings and halo, acted polite and like any young child should. there was a certain loneliness to be had with this job. why he was guarding this particular human, he didn't know, just that he was ordered to, and it was important to stay with your charge until you were no longer needed. when would that be? haru wondered a lot why he was here, just what it was he was supposed to be doing for this person. it'd been a few months already and he couldn't figure it out but, to be honest, he was just glad to be here. it provided something more colorful than where he resided now, something sweet and comforting. his charge's presence was soothing, in its own way, and he wasn't sure if it should be. but the longer he was here the more he thought about all those things that he never did. he had no experience going on dates, of being in love, and the more he was here, the longer he watched couples in the park as they walked through it, the more curious he grew.

at home his charge went to shower and haru remained in the living room, quietly watching the world pass by. days seemed so short when you were dead. so he reflected and he considered. could he do those things, now that he was here? ah, but his charge surely wouldn't be interested in him, an angel with age and maturity to him, but the body of a thirteen year old boy. there were niche markets for that sort of thing though but, from what he knew of his charge, he wasn't like that. maybe he'd do a favor for his angel, though. when the other reappeared, fluffing his hair with a towel, haru stared at him blankly for a second before he sat up straight on the sofa. "the waitress seemed interested in you tonight," he spoke up, boldly and uninhibited. "are you not interested in women? i've never seen you show interest in anyone." he crossed his legs and leaned back, staring at the ceiling. "those couples in the park, they looked happy. its too bad i'm dead."

hi so i made a guardian angel au! so here's the deal, its all sweet and whatnot, but haru is really fucking curious about sex ok? he's a guardian angel, tasked with protecting your boy, but he died when he was 13, so he's still got the body of a kid, but he's 100% an adult in mind and maturity. so if that's not your cup of tea, look away. anyway, so i feel like i want this boy to be a friend he had when he was younger, maybe that crushed on him even, and haru can't remember him, but he remembers haru? i thought that'd be cute! so haru has been dead from when your boy was 13 to however old he is now.


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