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 dining in the dark, open
JOSEPHINE MONTILYET Cascade she/her Pacific Offline
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fandom Dragon Age: Inquisition
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Well, Josephine could say one thing with certainty: coming to this restaurant wasn't the best idea she had. At first, everything seemed fine. When she had walked inside, the place was lit up beautifully and soft piano music played in the background. There was a little bit of energy there, but it wasn't too busy. She didn't have to wait long to be shown to a seat, and the bread offered at her table wasn't bad at all. Her waitress came by and took her order -- Josephine had decided on a filet mignon -- and was courteous and kind. All in all, Josephine would readily admit that everything was quite lovely.

And then the people started pouring in. Complaints of their favorite restaurants suffering from power outages and being unable to serve them were plenty, and it was clear to see that several of the new patrons were not happy at all. As more and more individuals flooded in, many of them were seated with other parties. The staff must have decided that it would have been better to stick strangers together for maximum profits rather than turn away potential customers, even if said customers seemed particularly angry. The logic wasn't quite sound to Josephine, but she made no comment on it. She simply hoped that her food would arrive soon.

Things would only go from bad to worse. Just as someone was being escorted to sit at her table, the lights flickered one last breath of life and promptly shut themselves off. Anguished murmuring and muttered curses quickly followed. The staff was quick to try to remedy the foul mood of many of the customers; the head chef announced that he could continue cooking, as most of their food was cooked outside on an outdoor grill anyway, and several waiters and waitresses frantically ran to tables where they plopped candles on each one and lit them, profusely apologizing for the power outage the entire time. Despite the reassurances, there was still some doubt and uneasiness from many of the customers, and that in turn made Josephine feel a bit anxious.

Her attention turned to the newcomer now sitting at her table, illuminated by the candlelight put between herself and the stranger. Cautiously, as she was unknowing of what kind of mood her fellow patron was in, she decided to speak to them.

"Hm. These power outages seem to be quite the problem lately, don't they?"

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fandom CAMP CAMP
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power outages were not a problem for him! so used to camping as he was, david didn't really mind a lack of light, as he always had a flashlight on him anyway, since that was just good practice, and various other tools that would help in certain situations. unfortunately for him, he'd just come from work, and was still in his uniform—it was a lot different from his camp uniform, but he still wore his yellow bandana around his neck. all in all, david didn't look quite the part for the restaurant he was shuffled into at the other owner's behest. he'd gone somewhere else first, just intent on getting something he could eat at home so he could relax and unwind from a day full of dealing with the best animals in the world. he could see that the power outages were something of a big hindrance to most, and a lot of the food that was cooked couldn't be done au naturel apparently. so as the power started rolling out, every restaurant, and store for that matter, started trying to filter their patrons into anywhere else that still worked. so, when it'd been insisted by the manager of the restaurant he'd gone to, that he go across the street—all but pushed by her—so that he could, and he quotes 'get your skinny behind something to eat'; except that wasn't the terminology she used, but seeing as how he was who he was, he wasn't going to repeat it.

so that was how david wound up here, still in uniform, still kind of roughed up by the animals he was taking care of, in a restaurant that looked way too good for him right now. he was given very little room to protest as everyone was scrambling around to double up on the tables and its occupants. attempting to speak out every time, david fell flat, not to mention, flustered. everyone was friendly, even as they ushered him to a table with someone already at it, even as he tried to awkwardly protest. they were all apologies as they sat him down and david didn't even get a word in edgewise before the lights overhead flickered and died. he glanced upwards immediately, watching as the light bulbs dimmed; at least no one could really see how much he certainly didn't fit in here. nervously tugging at the collar of his polo, david was also glad he didn't really get a super good look at who they'd sat him with. candles were distributed and he got a better look at her, feeling even more underwhelming in a matter of ten seconds. but, david was david, so he bolstered all his courage and charm, and laughed sheepishly. "not too much of a problem, if you're prepared!" he chirped. the blackouts had been fairly regular, but he'd been certain everyone had generators these days; he knew his small zephyrian apartment complex had one, even fantastical as it was. "i wasn't really planning on dining in either, i was somewhere else before this. ah well, guess i can get food anywhere, right? so here's as good as any!"

JOSEPHINE MONTILYET david needed a thing so, like, why not????

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