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 KING OF SHEEP, bungou stray dogs / teddy
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age 22
occupation BOUNTY HUNTER
prefers HE/HIS
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mature triggers contact
played by TEDDY
timezone gmt+1
prefers he/his
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whisk away your heartsigh


the future is bulletproof,
the aftermath is secondary.

the basics

full name nakahara chuuya
age 22
occupation bounty hunter
species human/vessel
pronouns he/his
usergroup capitol
fandom bungo stray dogs

the powers

chuuya’s power is a gifted ability called For The Tainted Sorrow. with that power he is able to manipulate gravity. with this ability, he can alter the gravity of anything by touch as well.

however, there is also a second and incredibly dangerous ability known as Corruption, and can only be activated by saying specific verses. with Corruption, chuuya loses control over himself and becomes an entity known as arahabaki, the god of calamity, and destroys anything around him. he has no control over Corruption and continues destroying things in this state until he dies, unless someone dares to nullify it.

the canon

post cannibalism arc, after freeing himself from poe's book.

king of sheep

chuuya was an orphan, it is not known what has happened to his parents but he used to live in a little village at the countryside of japan, adopted by a distant relative of his family. he was raised bilingually, which explains his knowledge of the french language. he could speak both japanese and french fluently; he spoke french when other relatives were around, and japanese when he wanted to civilize and socialize with the people in his village.

chuuya was very socially active, he liked spending time outside the house and playing with the children in his village as well.

one day, however, chuuya, seven years at that time, disappeared without a trace. the boy went missing and everyone of the village was looking for him.
truth to be told, the military had kidnapped him, most likely for human trials. chuuya got drugged and experimented on, turned into a complete puppet (vessel) for the military.

that time, his joy and pleasure in life faded away, mostly because of that fact. he tried to fight back but there was no chance. he lost the reason to live at that point, he did not know what reality was nor the concept of being alive at all. they broke the boy.

the military wanted to test if a human being is capable of holding a strong power from a different source, in that case arahabaki. arahabaki was still sealed when arthur rimbaud appeared. what he didn’t know was that chuuya was ready to merge with the power of the god of calamity. rimbaud had triggered such event before the military could even proceed; he technically finished their job, reluctantly of course.

when chuuya woke up, he found himself back in his village, having no memories of what happened before he merged with arahabaki. he knew, however, that something was in him, something that he was, surprisingly, able to control. he was no longer a human being but a vessel to a god with it’s own will. being aware of that, he tried to keep on living as a human, knowing that this circumstance will come back at him sooner or later.

the next morning, chuuya was found in a small shack and brought to his adoptive parents whom he couldn’t remember at all. his cheerful self was no longer present and he was anxious yet lethargic. he had no idea how he would go on with his life.

chuuya went through therapy after this, and his behavior had changed drastically. he became more rebellious to the point he left the village and joined sheep later on. the once so cheerful child had turned into a rebellious soul, unaware if this change was himself or a little part of the god of calamity controlling him.

fifteen— it was a year where everything could change. it sounds pretty much unrealistic at first, considering that chuuya was pretty much a rebel himself, but that one was just pretty much a big step.

never would he have thought that destiny would play bad cards for him. he had joined sheep, a group of rebels and he was pretty much known as the trump card of sheep. it sounded unrealistic at first, but his ability, the manipulation of gravity, was a good help for the group it self. and what could chuuya say? he enjoyed it. he called sheep his “family”.

however, tables have turned when he ran into a boy his age, named dazai. chuuya did not understand first, but it was sure confirmed that this kid had pissed him off. he was just irritating and annoying, calling him a brat (even though chuuya called him a brat first). they sure didn’t like each other from the beginning and they wouldn’t understand one another ever.

arahabaki… it was something chuuya had heard tales of, and dazai seemed to knew more than chuuya about it. this damn suicidal kid shall spill the information; chuuya spared him because of that after all, right?

chuuya would never work for the mafia, but karma had been kicking his face and he was, more or less, forced to do so. he had to work with dazai against his will. sure, they’d have the potential to be a powerful weapon, but would two guys, that couldn’t stand one another, fight against one another? it didn’t make sense. but it was for sheep’s fate as it seemed.

dazai wasn’t as harmless as he looked like. chuuya knew it so well. but why would someone like dazai shoot at a corpse so mercilessly and laugh about it. witnessing that made chuuya not only sick to the stomach, but he was certainly not amused to see that either. it was one of the reasons chuuya wouldn’t like to work with someone like dazai. that kind was the end of him after all.

arahabaki comes first— chuuya needed this information, and it seemed like someone knew about it more than anyone else. dazai had some information about it, but there would be a reason why they were teamed up and why dazai had to find chuuya. whatever the mafia knew, it was odd. the mafia knew too much.

finally, arthur rimbaud was the name of the guy who spread the rumors of arahabaki, and even chuuya was aware of his existence. it took him actually a long time to confirm it himself, but the puzzle pieces fit together. why would dazai have been sent to look after chuuya or arahabaki? why did rimbaud know about it? rimbaud was the first person chuuya could actually remember, he was the one who triggered the event and turned chuuya into an entity of calamity.

rimbaud was after chuuya, he wanted that power for himself but in the end, he had to pay with his own life for it. chuuya ended his life, it was his job after all, right? but his words, rimbaud’s words were something that were stuck in chuuya’s mind. chuuya would live as a human and spare the lives of those that deserve it. of course it would be hard, considering that chuuya was an official mafioso, but it simply implied that chuuya carried on this legacy for the sake of rimbaud, even though the latter wanted to kill chuuya first.

later on, chuuya was given the hat that rimbaud had been wearing, and since then, he would wear it.

the life as a mafioso was something chuuya got used to very quickly and easily. koyo was his superior and taught him things while dazai was his partner in crime. both chuuya and dazai were known as “double black” and formed a powerful duo that was doing jobs for the port mafia.

a few years later, dazai left the port mafia. chuuya didn’t know much of the details but after having heard the news, he decided to celebrate it with a good glass of wine. nothing could be better, right?

however, certain circumstances caused both men to reunite forces again after one important port mafia member had been kidnapped and held captive by the so-called guild, an organization. dazai was part of the armed detective agency, which had also gotten targeted by the guild. both men were able to save the kid that was held captive and chuuya was able to show his potential as arahabaki once again; losing control of himself and destroying everything close to him. dazai was the only one who could stop him since he could nullify any ability, even chuuya’s “corruption”.

chuuya never really expected to run into a former guild member, edgar allen poe, who kept him captive in a book, since poe’s ability was able to transfer poeple into the novels he would be writing. chuuya would try everything, out of rage, to get out of the book until he suceeded.

a few weeks later though, he found himself back in elysion. maybe it didn’t look so bad, being on “vacation”, right?


chuuya appears to be smug and suave, having arrogant applications to his personality as well. he does have a short temper and does not hesitate in presenting his pride to anyone. he would not kill anyone for fun and would not go for a cruel and brutal way to kill his victim. he knows when it’s enough it’s enough, and he would spare the victim if necessary, which is a thorn on the port mafia’s side. in fact, he has that much pride and honor that comes from a past event in his life. he does not like being made fun of or getting ridiculed for his pride, in fact he does not hesitate to antagonize anyone who dares to irritate him in some way.

chuuya’s past wasn’t always nice as he struggled with identity issues. he didn’t really know who he truly was nor did he have a place in humanity to stay. he’s glad to have found a way thanks to a man (arthur rimbaud), who he once killed after said man attempted to kill him.

aside from this, chuuya’s known to be a very skilled fighter who goes for combat moves.


befriending chuuya isn't a good idea, considering he's a mafioso who only forms relationships or friendships for the sake of business. he's a bit misanthropic and therefore doesn't trust anyone easily first. chuuya is a bit of a difficult person and even his friends could turn into rivals first. however if someone would be able to understand him, then a simple friendship would be possible at least.


it would be a lie if chuuya wouldn't have any enemies or rivals, even though it's confirmed that he cannot stand his former partner dazai since the beginning. it sound like mere irony, since they were both partners working for the port mafia but would totally fight one another. chuuya is antisocial, he has short temper and does not hesitate in injuring someone if they would piss him off. considering the promise he had given to rimbaud, he would only kill people that deserve it, and no matter dazai did deserve it or not, chuuya would kill him on the spot.


i have been role playing chuuya for a few months now and it's confirmed that i can only imagine him being romantically involved with dazai. ANYWAYS, i wouldn't call chuuya a tsundere on the spot, but he is shy and fights it off with being mean, but he doesn't go for the whole "b-baka!" or something like that.

if chuuya falls for someone, it is often handled with shyness and questioning his feelings. he would often try to approach the other, slowly of course. he does not like rushing things but would observe the other and how they would act towards him. however, chuuya falling for someone is really hard and he has to know the person first. and by that having a certain bond that he wouldn't have with someone else.

if someone would confess to chuuya, he would reject it unless he feels the same. he is that cold.

the player

alias teddy
timezone gmt+1
pronouns he/his
mature content i mean sure, go off i guess.


pictures of body horror/gore and eye horror/gore, pictures of rotten food/food mold, pictures of clowns and pictures and mentions of cockroaches and tiny bugs are my trigger.

i'm actually very nice but a bit shy too. i'm a slytherin at heart and i want to try my best at anything.



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whisk away your heartsigh
congratulations on being accepted and welcome to heartsigh! now that you've been accepted you should definitely go claim your canon, claim your occupation, and member directory! make sure that your mini profile is also filled out properly. once you're done all that, maybe you'll want to post an introduction so we can learn all about you! we're so excited to have you ❤
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Chuuya + phosphophyllite
Hiya! I think it would be interesting for Chuuya to meet Phos. Phos would be quite peeved and uncomfortable by Chuuya being smug, suave, and arrogant. But if they spent time together, I would like for Phos to better understand Chuuya and maybe be unlikely friends.

I do have another idea that since Chuuya is a bounty hunter, it would be plausible for him to be interested in the materials which Phos is made out of - phosphophyllite - and maybe try to get a hold of that? Also Phos' arms are made out of a gold and platinum alloy, so that'd be pretty valuable too.

What do you think?

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