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you're probably wondering where you are and, well, you're not alone. wherever you came from, you should probably forget it, because there's no way to get back there now that you're here. elysion is run by mayor octavius fleetwood and his five representatives from the other sectors around what is known as the capitol. each sector has its own theme, its own wonders to offer, so you should probably go grab yourself a brochure and figure out where you want to live. the capitol is the largest and the most urban of them all, a veritable concrete jungle full of people. there's terminus, the sci-fi world of your dreams; halcyon, the sector of magic and wonder; zephyr, the wide open range of natural charm; cascata, full of beaches and houses on the sea; vesper, a sector like something out of a gothic victorian fairytale; or maybe you'd like to be a wayfarer, traveling from place to place. finally, there is pandora, the outskirts of the hospitable areas, and we definitely don't suggest you go there, unless you're itching for a dangerous time. don't worry though, there are plenty of people like yourself here, and you'll fit in as well as the rest. welcome to the world of elysion, this is your new home.

we are a canon only, animated panfandom site.

whisk away your heartsigh

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